One Word Kill *SLAYED ME*

*Received from Netgalley in exchange for review, but the limitless gushing is all me*

Me a month ago: “wow, the book of the ancestor was probably Lawrence’s best series.”

Mark Lawrence: HOLD MY BEER!

one word killThis is one of those pieces you just have to stand back and marvel at. All the exquisite intricacies, the intriguing ideas and the time-bending concepts come into view. And even with the full picture you are blown away.

Let’s back up a minute. This is a book where dungeons and dragons playing teens get embroiled in mystery and high stakes drama. It’s a book so deliciously dorky and endlessly entertaining- plus it made me want to plan more D&D 😉 I enjoyed every second, from beginning to end- not least the heartstoppingly cute last line!

But, if you think it’s just fun and games, don’t be fooled! This is Lawrence’s most sophisticated work. Something about this book switched the lights on in my brain and wouldn’t let me switch them off again. For all its seeming simplicity, there are resonant messages beneath the surface and an abundance of genius to keep a reader preoccupied. Forgive me, I am lost for words: this book was simply brilliant, beautiful and meaningful.

And that’s to say nothing of the writing. It was sharper than ever and witty to boot. The descriptions were incredible and the thoughts insightful. It was so gorgeous that I highlighted way too much and consequently had a difficult time going through my notes 😉

While there is a sense of pervasive sadness to the mood, given that the main character is deathly ill, I was amazed at how often there is light to offset the darkness. The atmosphere is ever-present and yet not overwhelming. Thanks to the distinctive voice, the reader can see both the beauty and the humour, even when all seems lost.

Personally, it was this main character that drew me into the story. Unlike so many figures in fiction, he has a toughness that is all the more admirable, because it doesn’t form in his fists. Not that I don’t appreciate that- but is characterisation hit me hard, because it rests on mind over matter. This protagonist, together with an incredible cast, makes it impossible to not to get heavily invested.

Ultimately, if I could give more than 5 bananas I would… *hang on a minute*… Let me work some magic…

dungeons and dragons orangutanOk I called over some more monkey mes from a parallel universe so we could pool our resources- this should do the trick…

pile of bananas.png

So have you read this? Do you plan to? Let me know in the comments! 


71 thoughts on “One Word Kill *SLAYED ME*

  1. Ok; since I will give it a try since it’s available in Kindl Unlimited. I’ve downloaded and read a couple of pages. It looks promising although usually I’ve little empathy with this kind of teenage protagonists. But the mountain of bananas kind of impressed me.

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      1. Finished part 1 meanwhile . The concept of the story line is a kind of downtrodden path, with an ending that reminded me of the Dark Tower saga by Stephen King. The characters were lovely and well developed, with a kind of relatively mature acting teens in a compelling setting of a pre-internet London of the early eighties.

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          1. There was an illogical loophole though. The main protagonist is a witness narrator who wants to influence the future by erasing some events of his memory. But what with his friends and girlfriend? He also keeps narrating as if the whole process didn’t happen to him.

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  2. Holy crap, I was practically shaking with laughter when I saw on the bottom of the page where you usually post your rating and saw a mountain of bananas! That good, eh? I have a copy, looks like I need to read this one ASAP!

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  3. I got it as a “prime first” from Amazon a few months ago but haven’t read it yet. I did, however, finish reading Grey Sister last night which I enjoyed very much. I would definitely read anything else Mark Lawrence writes!

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  4. I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve never read a Mark Lawrence book! After hearing so many good things about the Book of Ancestor series, I thought Red Sister was going to be my first ML book, but this one is calling to me… Do you have a recommendation for where I should start with ML?


  5. Damn, I better get my bum in gear and get started on this series! I have never been a player though so do you think I’ll miss out on some of the ‘fun’ here as my knowledge of D&D is, well, zero?

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