Aurora Rising was an *ASTRONOMICAL SUCCESS*

*Received from netgalley in exchange for review- but any into-the-stratosphere gushing and (bad) space puns is all me*

aurora risingWOW. THIS. BOOK. Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman are back with another space adventure and I am blown away by its sheer awesomeness. I don’t even know where to begin with this review to be honest. I thought I took tons of notes for this, but truth be told I had so much trouble putting the book down that all I really came up with was “oohs” and ahhs” (and the occasional “oh damnnnn”)… so I guess I’ll be doing most of this review on the fly 😉

Starting off with a hold-your-breath situation, this quickly escalates with heart-stopping intensity, until you’re taken through *every emotion under the sun*. See why I couldn’t stop reading? What’s incredible about this book is that it gets better and better, launching into clever storylines and introducing creepilicious villains. There’s edge-of-your-seat peril at all turns; there’s explosive twists and clever revelations.

I had such a blast with this book- not least because the concepts are amazing. At times it feels like sci fi, at times it has a fantasy feel and always it delivered on a sense of foreboding mystery. There’s an ever-present sense that the heroes have dug up a universe worth of problems- and that makes for some serious entertainment. Think how the authors created a sense of stakes and drama in Illuminae… then times it by a billion. I swear, this author duo got the formula exactly right for those books and then, dare I say it, took it lightyears beyond that.

Especially because the world building is so. darn. cool. Set in the future, with more aliens and more tech, you really get a more advanced civilisation feel. Aurora Rising certainly transported me *out of this world*. I also really appreciated how each element- including the dialogue- was designed to give a sense of the universe. The way each of the characters talk gives a sense of different peoples.

This is largely thanks to it being ridiculously well written. I mean, on the one hand it has beauty in the hypnotic stargazing way and then on the other it’s hilariously witty and intelligently plotted. Like the Illuminae Files, this has a lot of inserts and multiple voices- except that in this case it’s a lot less fragmentary and easier to get into. Not only did I like how the tidbits between chapters built on the story and world, I also *loved* how differing writing styles were used to characterise all the povs. From Kal’s more flowery voice to Cat’s sharp humour to Auri’s charm, the entire cast shines and you really get the chance to know everyone. Achieving this shows off both author’s skills and I was rooting for all my heroes by the end!

I could easily wax lyrical about the characters as well. Some were down to earth relatable, while other’s made me starry eyed. I particularly loved Auri- I mean she curses in baked goods- how cute is that?! I also really liked Kal and Magallen- but yeah, Auri is where it was at for me. And if that wasn’t enough, the romance also put me into orbit! Even in space, they can hear me squealing! (yes, I know, I defy the laws of physics!)

Sorry for the gush… except I’m not really sorry at all 😉 It’s pretty much impossible not to be enthusiastic about a book like this. Kristoff and Kaufman took their winning style and stepped up their game. As I suspected before going in, if you already love the way these authors work together, then you’re pretty much guaranteed to have an amazing time with this. And if you haven’t checked them out yet- what are you waiting for?

Rating: 5/5 bananas


We have lift off! Until next time…

monkey in space (2)

So have you read this? Or the author’s previous books? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments!

31 thoughts on “Aurora Rising was an *ASTRONOMICAL SUCCESS*

  1. I was tempted, but – not available in Kindl unlimited – so sorry. I suppose that’s what happens when your writings get snatched up by a big publisher. Maybe later, when the dust settles down or if I can find a printed copy at the public library.


  2. Great review, and this sounds AMAZING! I loved The Illuminae Files, and my brain can’t even cope with the idea of something having higher stakes and more drama than that :O But it sounds like I need this in my life!! And I LOVE the idea of somebody cursing in baked goods hahah. xxx

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  3. Keep on gushing… Now I want to this book in my kitty. On to amazon I go. Fantastic, enthusiastic, blastic review..
    It is 1am here couldn’t think of any ASTIC adjectives 🙈🙈🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😂😂

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  4. Okay, wow! So, if this book has a higher sense of stakes and drama than Illuminae then I will be floored by the end of it. I just barely survived the emotional rollercoaster that it was. I love how the characters each have a distinct voice, I think that enriches their individuality and I am so happy Kaufman and Kristoff has delivered the goods again! They are literally a powerhouse writing team.

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  5. Wonderful review, love! It’s so great to hear yet another gushing review for this one! These authors truly sounds like such a dynamic duo! I need to read this one and the Illuminae files asap! And, I think that’s the cutest thing how Auri curses in baked goods! I can’t wait to read more about her character when I pick up the book! ❤


  6. I’m glad you loved it! Honestly, your review made me want to read it even more
    ! I read the first two books in the Illuminae files and loved them 😍 these two authors know how to WRITE!!


  7. Excellent review! I cannot believe I have been holding off on Jay Kristoff’s works or the Illuminae Files (I think the hype is scaring me), but perhaps I’ll start with Aurora Rising? Your enthusiasm has won me over. 😊 Would you say you enjoyed this more than the Illuminae Files btw?


  8. I’m really glad you enjoyed this book. 🙂 I had to skim most of your review because I haven’t read Aurora Rising yet and I want to go in as blind as possible, with no expectations colouring my opinions, but it sounds amazing. Plus I loved The Illuminae Files so I’m pretty much already guaranteed to love this one as well. 🙂


  9. So glad this one is living up to the expectations. I’ve had mixed reactions to the authors (love Kristoff but am not as keen on Kaufman). But glad to see good things! I will have to check this out at some point.


  10. Well I’m definitely adding this to my list now!! I’ve read the first two Illuminae Files books, and will read the third at some point. While I did really like them, I wasn’t excited enough that I felt I absolutely had to pick up the next book (they were very suspenseful and well-written, but the ideas didn’t feel particularly new and it didn’t evoke wonder/intense emotion or leave me thinking about it for a long time, which is what I personally tend to look for in a sci-fi)… but I did enjoy them, so if you say this steps it up a level then I think I’ll have to give it a go!


  11. Great review! I just finished reading this one this week! Couldn’t agree more with you. This was such a fun read. I really loved getting to know all the characters so well. Sometimes so much POV changing can make things hard to follow but Jay and Aimee did such a good job. Bring on the next one I say!
    This book did give me major flashes of Star Trek at times (my husband is a big fan so we’ve seen a LOT of Star Trek) it wasn’t over the top, but I appreciated it.


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