The Last of the Starks *DUN DUN DUNNN*


Sorry for the melodrama- but I gotta admit when I saw the title for this week’s episode it scared me a little 😉 (okay a lot!)

game of thrones freak out

And there’s a fair amount to be theatrical about here. *SPOILERS AHEAD* The episode has a strong start- beginning on the same note the battle of Winterfell ended on (I swear the people who do the music need a round of applause!) The goodbyes were poignant- especially Sansa pinning the Stark sigil on Theon.

Buuut it very quickly went downhill from there and I ended up mildly frustrated. While I guessed this would mostly be setup, it was vastly overshadowed by its powerful predecessor. It was as I feared: after the big battle nothing feels as awe-inspiring. Believe me, they tried spur on the momentum- I just wasn’t feeling it. For me, it was like all the energy had been sucked out of the show and it didn’t strike me in the same way. I think this line ended up summing it up:

game of thrones quote.png

I mean, don’t get me wrong- it’s a strong statement, but it’s also the crux of the issue. You can’t kill the Night King and then expect Cersei to look even half as scary. Worse still, Euron *STILL* comes across as a pantomime villain (and is too thick to realise he’s not the father of Cersei’s child?!) It actually angers me that he’s given this Great Villain status.

I may as well address the dragon-falling-into-the-sea symbolism. This did not have the effect I’m sure the showrunners wanted- cos I AM PISSED. And not in the “oh what are those Game of Thrones folks like”- I’m just annoyed that this is the lamest way for a dragon to go. Maybe if Lena Headey had turned up and personally shot it out of the sky I’d have been more impressed. Or Qyburn. But Euron?! Ugh. (Perhaps I’m just in the *RAGE* stage of grief though- we all know how I feel about dragons!)

I’m guessing this is major symbolism for Jon to NOT GO SOUTH! (as if poor Ghost’s whine when Jon doesn’t give him a pat on the head isn’t enough). Really though, it feels like they’re axing GRRM’s “the dragon has three heads” storyline. I could be totally wrong and maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I’m not convinced the books are heading in this precise direction (at least I’m hoping Martin’s not so cavalier when it comes to his dragons- please Lord of Light no!)

And I know people are coming at my QUEEN Sansa for leaking Jon’s secret, but I just think she knows how to twist the situation to her advantage and this is a sensible strategy. To paraphrase what Varys said: of course the man that wants the throne the least should have it.

Roping in the Lannisters was a nice stroke on her part as well- not just because a Lannister pays his debts, but because the Lannister lion is a protector of the realm and won’t stand by to watch Dany destroy King’s Landing. At least not without consequence. Of course then, Jaime is headed to get himself killed in the crossfire, yet it also looks to me like Tyrion is about to betray Dany for love.

Dany looks like she’s about to have it coming. She’s acting jealous, selfish and a little unhinged. Sure, she’s trying to play the game, making Gendry a lord (called it) and is understandably upset about Missandei (also called it), BUT that doesn’t give her the excuse to roast the citizens of King’s Landing alive. There’s pretty much no way she wins this fight without coming out the other side a monster. So I guess kudos to the writers for pushing her into this corner.

Relationships are fraying at every edge of the board. Disappointingly, Tormund has cleared off to the North, leaving Brienne to share a brief moment with Jaime (sadly the teased Tormund/Brienne union was just a distraction after all). Gendry and Arya ended as I suspected. And let’s not even get into the old Bronn-Lannister bromance. Still, Sam/Gilly shared some cute moments. I also liked Arya and the Hound going south together- what a great parallel to draw with the old seasons.

Forgive me if this was a bit more muddled than usual: there was a lot of going up-and-down Westeros to get players where they needed to be this episode. They’ve definitely decided to resurrect the whole time-jumping, news-travels-fast, who-cares-about-pacing style from last season. Plus, I’m beginning to have the sneaking suspicion that they’ve jammed two storylines together that don’t meld well (aka I’m thinking the whole North storyline is likely to be in Winds of Winter and the south might be in a Hope for Spring… though perhaps more on my guesswork there another time). Needless to say, this wasn’t the tidiest of episodes.

So what did you think of this episode? Were you let down after episode 3 or did it capture your attention just the same? Let me know in the comments!

47 thoughts on “The Last of the Starks *DUN DUN DUNNN*

  1. I had some mixed feelings about this one as well. Dany is beginning to WORRY me, whereas Sansa is proving herself to be a GREAT leader one day. Arya is totally fulfilling her destiny; Bran is FINALLY becoming slightly less annoying! I love that Sam and Gilly made it, and that Ghost will be going somewhere he’ll be safe. (BUT, DAMN IT, JON, HOW THE HELL COULD YOU LET THAT WOLF WALK AWAY WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A SINGLE PET?!?!?!) Tyrion is still a favorite in my camp, and I really hope he has the strength to do what’s right – because I actually agree with Varys on something – Dany is not ready to be queen, and if serving Westeros is what Varys finds most important, then, yes, serving the realm would mean selecting a more fitted ruler.

    But – KILLING ANOTHER DRAGON?!?! WTF, HBO!! When I first saw the shot fired, before I could see who was on the ship, I went, “YOU BASTARD!” Then, when I realized who was behind that harpoon, it was immediately, “F***ING GREYJOYS!” The lot of ’em, I tell ya!!!!

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    1. I really agree. I’ve been #TeamSansa for a while. And that’s fair. hehe yes Bran is a little less annoying. Me too! I can’t believe Ghost didn’t get the love he deserved!!! I can understand that completely.

      Oh my goodness- I’M SO NOT OKAY WITH THAT. hehehe well I’m not a fan of the greyjoys- but I just blame the showrunners for that one :/

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  2. I’m not sure how I feel about that episode. There were some strong moments but there were some weaker ones too. I can’t believe they killed another dragon but should’ve guessed when Jon was not riding it. Also Bronns actions seemed really out of character to me.

    What I keep thinking though is there are only a couple of episodes left so some of those scenes could’ve been the last for certain characters. Tormund for instance, is that it for him?

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    1. I completely get what you mean. Yeah- I just wish they’d not done it tbh :/ Yeah that’s true about Bronn- tbh I just think he’s outlived his usefulness.

      I’m so disappointed with how so many characters have been treated to be fair :/


  3. Jon Snow does not deserve Ghost. I can’t believe the way he snubbed him after EVERYTHING that wolf has done for him. I am still fuming.

    I find it hilarious that people are still hating on Sansa, especially now that she’s “betrayed Jon’s trust.” It’s ridiculous. All Sansa has ever done is to protect the interest of the North and her family. She was the only one that thought about the well-being of the exhausted soldiers, and she even admitted that recovery time for wounded/exhausted soldiers was not her speciality so it’s better to consult with the ranking officers. She is the only one that’s thinking logically at the moment.

    One of the lines that really irritated me was when Dany said to Jon that Sansa was not the same girl because of “what they did to her” as her case for not telling them the truth about his parentage.

    I have mixed feelings for this episode overall. It had its bright spots but also had some frustrating narrative choices. We’ll see what the next episode brings.

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    1. Definitely agree there! Poor Ghost!!

      YES!! She’s completely not betraying his trust- she’s looking out for him and the North. I’m so shocked people don’t get that. And yes!! She’s thinking the most strategically.

      Ugh yes, I really agree with you.

      I definitely get what you mean.

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  4. I was pretty much disgusted with the entire episode!!!!!

    #1. Jon not giving his wolf a more affectionate goodbye. WTF????
    #2. Brienne crying over Jamie. She’s stronger than that.
    #3. The poor dragon!!!!

    I am REALLY GLAD Arya said no thank you to Gendry.
    I am REALLY GLAD Jamie is headed back to Cersei. Whether to help her or kill her is unclear.
    I am REALLY HAPPY that Arya and the Hound are riding together and bantering.

    I am GLAD that Sansa humored stupid Jon so that he would tell his big secret and I don’t blame her one bit for not keeping the secret. She’s a lot smarter and more clever than he will ever be.

    I thought the whole Bronn thing was weird.

    Hated all the drunken disgustingness at the big dinner.

    Am looking forward to seeing what Dany and Cersei’s next moves are going to be.

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    1. Totally understand that!!

      Poor Ghost! Poor Brienne! Poor Rhagal!! There’s really no justice in Westeros :/

      Very much agree about Arya/Gendry. I was sort of glad about Jaime- it did make some sense. Arya/Hound going off together made me pretty happy.

      Yeah I really agree about Sansa!! She did the most logical thing from her (and the North’s) perspective.

      The Bronn thing was weird.


  5. I had mixed feelings about the episode. I was excited to see it after the previous one but I didn’t expect much. Oh, Ghosts’s whine made me tear up. Animals jut get to me. People (characters) meh, dogs etc. break me.

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  6. I don’t like how this last season is going.
    There’s no way you can are going to convince me that the Night King is less of an opponent than Cersei. That’s what the lead up was too me, imo. There’s no way you can convince me that Jon wouldn’t have pet Ghost, or something…What the? Some people said they forgot about Ghost and so just chucked Ghost in there and I have to agree.
    All of a sudden Danys is losing her mind and there is no way you can convince me they wouldn’t have done some recon before heading to Kings Landing. I kind of…kind of…understand going pretty much straight away. No recon though, at all? No way would that happen, not after you’ve just lost so much.
    I’m very over the Directors screwing up and blaming the fans.

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    1. Completely understand! I’m disappointed as well.
      I can’t believe they went in that direction- it’s very disappointing. And yeah poor ghost :/
      I did think that was a direction they would (sort of) take- but they haven’t done enough of a built up.
      Yeah me too!! That seems to be typical nowadays- people make a bad movie/tv show and then they blame people for not liking it?!

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  7. They’re so obvious about Dany getting estranged from her friends and allies, that it’s probably a ruse 😉
    But I don’t mind if it isn’t, I’m a Stark loyalist and don’t much care for the rest…
    I liked the way dragon was killed here, it was a surprise-and we don’t get that many this season, and it’s a sign of technology slowly advancing in Westeros, and this is one of my favorite tropes in aSoIaF.

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    1. Right?! I hope it’s like the storyline in the last season where they tried getting you to think Sansa and Arya would turn on each other, but instead they turned on Littlefinger. I hope that’s what they’re trying to do with the “Dany goes mad” storyline.

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    2. Tbh I thought it was gonna go in a similar direction regardless- I just don’t think they’ve set it up properly.
      Yeah I’m a Stark loyalist too.
      Ahh I really wasn’t happy about that tbh! I just felt it was done for pure shock value- and while I like shocks in GOT, I just also think it usually has more setup (mostly I just hate that it was Euron bloody Greyjoy to do it)

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          1. I feel strange about episode 5… production values were great, I like the general direction the show took, I just feel it’s soo rushed.

            Dany as Jon’s ultimate enemy – I actually love it, I always felt her type idealism was anachronistic, unnatural within this world, and her final change into a mad queen is, among other things, a result of her inability to understand Westeros. If she couldn’t learn from Tyrion and Varys… lets just hope Jon will prevail before she manages to destroy Sansa.


  8. To be honest right now I’m waiting for the last episode… There are so many things that annoys me with this season… Also I was looking forward to Sansa and Sandor to finally talk and it felt anticlimactic and it missed something…. And to be honest I think that in her mindset right now Dany would be a terrible queen…

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  9. It was a mad episode, I was so happy at the start (especially when Brienne and Jaime finally got together)! Dany has been getting on my nerves all season so I am team Sansa all the way. I completely understand why she didn’t keep the secret to herself, she’s worried about her people. I was so devastated when Jaime left, his levels of self hate are still sky high, he doesn’t feel that he deserves to be happy and a part of him still loves Cersei. I just wish he hadn’t broke Brienne’s heart.
    Why did they have to kill Rhaegal now? They just survived the battle!! That was cruel.
    And also the line Sansa said about all her abuse making her stronger??!! I was so angry, I still am, I already detest the writers and they just reminded me how awful they are with that line.

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  10. I think what bothered me the most about this last episode was the dragon death. They were in the air and didn’t see a small fleet of ships coming? Did they even bother to scout ahead? Also, said ships were close together, in a tight body of water, and can only fire one direction. Dany couldn’t think of flying OVER the ships and burning them? Instead she flew right into their line of fire and almost wasted her final dragon AND herself in the process.

    That combined with the horrible tactical decisions the week before (most notably sacrificing her entire cavalry on a blind, head-on charge into spears to start the fight) really makes me think they overlooked the whole strategy part of writing these scenes and focused solely on visual effect, which is kind of a shame when you’re going to go as big as they did for these episodes.

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    1. Yeah me too. How did they make such a glaring error?! It’s not like they forgot about the location of the fleet- they just mentioned it when they were looking at tactics!

      Oh gosh yeah that was a massive strategic blunder too- I’ve no idea why anyone thought that was a good idea. And yeah I really agree with you there, unfortunately.


  11. When Rhaegal first got shot, I shouted, “It’s a dream! This is a dream! Someone is about to wake up!” Because truly? I was shocked that that was how it was going to go down. And you’re totally right–Euron??? Seriously? That’s really who we’re going to have destroy one of the last remaining dragons? I’m also doubly pissed because of the dragon has three heads theory! It’s one of my favorites, and I was kind of okay with Viserion dying because I never actually expected Tyrion to ride a dragon, but now Rhaegal is gone, too?

    And I don’t know, I find A LOT of symbolism in which dragons are dying. First Viserion, lost to the frozen wastelands of the North, in opposition to his namesake literally being killed via melting gold. And it was such a big deal when Viserys died because we thought he was literally the only remaining Targaryen outside of Dany. And now Rhaegal dies just as we’re starting to talk about Rhaegar being Jon’s father? It just seems like we’re repeating history, wiping out the Targaryens until there’s only one left, and it’s leaving me with not a great feeling.

    I honestly didn’t mind most of the episode. It kind of felt relieving to just take a step back for a second, but I agree with you–after the Night King, I’m kind of just shrugging at Cersei. I’m curious what’s going to go down in the next episode, especially after that clip of Euron staring at the sky in utter terror.

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    1. Ah I really get what you mean!!! I absolutely loved that three heads theory too- but like you I was fine with them killing Viseyion cos I knew the showrunners weren’t gonna take the Tyrion route. Ugh, completely sucks about Rhaegal.

      I do see what you mean about the symbolism- it just troubles me a great deal- cos I desperately don’t want Jon to die!!!

      Yeah I really don’t think that they’ll convince me this was a good note to end on.

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  12. I was rooting for Dany, and while I still love her . . I think you’re right. She has compromised herself, and in so doing is no longer the feel good throne taker she once was. And the dragon scene was akin to the tiger scene in Walking Dead. You don’t take these magnificent creatures out that way. They deserve much better.

    All in all, I have enjoyed the lead up to the last two episodes though. Yes, the idea of Cersei being more intimidating than the Night King might not be plausible . . but I still prefer it with her as the main villain. The Night King seemed a lock to win it all, whereas now . . we really have no idea.

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      1. Everyone betrayed her, and now there is no turning back.
        I really have no idea what happens next Sunday, and I stay away from any conversation about the books since I haven’t read them.

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  13. I was wondering where they would go after last weeks epic episode – 3 in and the night king is dead (awesome leap from nowhere by Arya!). I still liked this 4th episode and I thought the 2nd dragon falling to its demise was shocking, although I agree it would have been better if Cersei shot it down. Dany seems to be happy to live a life of incest with Jon and now she is maddened by the death of Missandei, who knows what she’ll do, so I thought that was a good ending..I think she won’t allow ANYONE to take the iron throne from her! Lastly, all the characters are slowly dying one by one, I cant wait to see how they are going to end this last season, although I don’t want it to end because overall it has been one hell of a show and I will be going back to the beginning when it ends! Great review by the way!

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  14. I feel like after the third episode this one was always going to be a little disappointing, and compared to what I think are going to be two amazing final episodes this one seems like the filler episode of the season as well.
    I can’t believe there’s only one dragon left, it doesn’t give me much hope that Drogon is going to survive the season. Maybe by the end the dragons will be extinct again. There seems to be a lot of debate about Dany’s character at the moment (at least it seems that way based on the discussions I’ve had with my friends and work colleagues who also watch the show). Personally I don’t think she’s going to sit on the Iron Throne, but I can kind of understand where her rage is coming from in some ways.
    Also yeah, definitely not feeling Euron as the great villain or anything.
    Great post. 🙂

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    1. Yeah that makes sense. And yeah it did feel a bit like filler (and setup).
      Yeah me too. I think that’s most likely.
      And yeah there is a lot of discussion on that. Yeah honestly I never thought she’d make it to the Iron Throne.
      Me too!
      Thanks! 🙂

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  15. I had mixed feelings….Dany is defo becoming unhinged but I think she should roast the kings landing people, I mean they are the ones who cheered for Ned Starks head! 😂😂

    I could’ve cried when Jon didn’t properly say goodbye to Ghost…..I have a feeling that Jon will kark it….I mean the lord of the light bought him back for a purpose, and when he fulfills that purpose, its curtains!

    I’m hoping that Arya takes the throne!!!

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  16. Great episode review! I’m still trying to figure out why I don’t feel compelled to watch this. I made it through 4 seasons once (I think)? For some reason I’m just not that into it? And I feel bad because I feel like I’m missing out on this great collective experience that everyone else is having except me, and I feel super left out. 😦

    Thanks for stopping by at Hamlets & Hyperspace earlier!

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  17. I’ve never watched the show. I have read the reviews and different opinions about what is happening. I just wanted to say you are all such smart watchers, understanding what HBO was up to and at the same time admire the writers of the show. Excellent! ❤️❤️

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  18. I do think this episode was emotionally a downer, but I didn’t mind much since I got the sense it was setting up things for future episodes, and I liked that it captured that post-battle “we won but it’s not all rainbows and sunshine” feeling. As for the dragon, it was so awful… but on some level I could appreciate the effect of the suddenness of it. That it could just be cut down randomly instead of in a glorious moment made it all the more brutal and heart-breaking to me (and felt very GoT). I’m no Euron fan though… I agree he is a pretty caricature-ish villain (I’m not familiar with the book version). Perhaps the fact he was so unworthy of that ‘win’ made it all the more sad for me. It also is a huge blow for Dany, which when compounded with the loss of Missandei and Sir Jorah and her mistrust of Jon and Tyrion really makes you worry what she’ll do next.

    You’re doing well with your predictions btw! As you said, you called it with Gendry and Missandei, but reading through your reviews there’ve been plenty of other things too. I’m terrible at predictions so I usually don’t make them, but I’m impressed when people see things coming.

    Am looking forward to your review of episode 5!! 😀

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    1. I think that’s fair! I did like that it captured the “we won but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows” feeling too. I do get that- buuuut also I completely hated it haha! Euron is the worst villain they’ve ever had on the show- and not in a “he’s the most evil”, he just sucks.

      Thanks haha!! I’m actually really reluctant to make predictions in case I’m right and spoil things haha! (which probably makes no sense) but I can’t help myself sometimes 😉 I’ve seen some amazing theories out there as well though and I’ve been impressed at them too!

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  19. Whew. I think I much prefer the idea of Cersei shooting down Rhaegal – but I think that having Cersei do that would have made her come across as a bigger villain and as Euron comes across as very cartoon-ish, in the long run, it makes it difficult to take him seriously as compared to Dany. Make Cersei look good to make Dany look comparably terrible to really drive the message in.

    Not sure what everyone’s big tiff with Sansa is for revealing Jon’s heritage, it helps her political aims and I’m sure if Dany did something similar (which she is by asking Jon to keep his birthright to himself) nobody would be concerned or angry. Sansa did not go through all of that to give the North away. She did win back Winterfell and the North after all.


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