It’s My Fourth Bloggiversary?! 4 Ways My Life Has Changed in 4 Years of Blogging

wordpress 4 years

Wowee I cannot believe I’ve made it four years?! Not gonna lie, I’m in a bit of a state of shock about it. So forgive me if I’m gonna get all sappy and talk about all the ways blogging has impacted my life!

book loveMore bookish love!! Before I started blogging, I never would have thought there could be something that would make me love books MORE than I already did. Somehow, blogging has made reading even better. Sharing the book love has made me so happy and it’s one of the things I have enjoyed the most about blogging. Plus, thanks to all the SQUEEING online, I’ve discovered new favourite authors and pick up far more books I like!

choose books2Experimenting with different genres. Because of blogging and *you wonderful people*, I’ve branched out so much in the years since I started blogging. I read graphic novels, try more sci fi, dabbled in mysteries and even listen to audiobooks now. These are things I never thought to try on my own- so I owe a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone that’s inspired me to reach outside my comfort zone!

banana gifThings have gotten more BANANAS! From monkey babies to milestones to ARCs to bookish bingos and so much more- these last few years online have been a wild ride. So I gotta show some gratitude for the bananaholic blogging bonanza it’s been!


friends hugMaking fab friends!! I wouldn’t have made it this far if it without each and every one of you that’s made my experience so incredible! I know I say this a lot and everyone knows it to be true: the blogosphere is the *best* place to be online!

So all that’s left to say I guess is…

orangutan thank you

Have you had any massive changes in your life thanks to blogging? Over to you in the comments!

166 thoughts on “It’s My Fourth Bloggiversary?! 4 Ways My Life Has Changed in 4 Years of Blogging

  1. Oh my gosh, it is so crazy that we have the SAME blogoversary! Except you’re 2 years older and wiser, lol. I agree with everything you said, blogging has somehow made me love reading even more, though I never would have thought that possible. ❤

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  2. Congratulations! I am not a blogger in the strict sense of the word (rather a vlogger) but the major change that has happened is that I am more extrovert and I have met, both in the net and irl, a lot of interesting and great people like you!

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  3. 🙂 A happy fourth blogging anniversary to you.

    These days, a lot of bloggers are unwilling to stick with their blog as long as you have; which is why you should be commended.

    Anyway, in my case, blogging allowed me to be a much better writer.

    Also, do enjoy the rest of your day!

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  4. Lots of folks write book blogs and many write incisive reviews. But your blog is so much fun to read. Your personality shines in all kinds of fun phrases – “bananaholic blogging bonanza” – yeah, like that. Congrats on your 4th bloggiversary. Please remind me what time you’re serving cake and ice cream.

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  5. Happy 4th Bloggiversary 😀
    Blogging, has definatley changed a lot for me too. How I write and structure things, confidence in writing , it pushes me forward to take more chances.
    The ability to talk.
    The added bonus of bring able to take these new learned skills and apply them to everything from filling EHCP, to helping with homework.
    I hope in four years time to be a stronger author than I am now and grow.
    Love reading your blog.
    May you continue for many more years.😀💖

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    1. Thank you!! 😁
      I really get what you mean and you put it so well 😊
      And I do really agree about learning new skills.
      I’m sure you will grow more and more.
      Thank you so much!! That’s so kind of you 💖


  6. Happy four years!! What an accomplishment! 😄 I fully agree with all of your points, and even though I’ve only been blogging for a little over a year, it has definitely impacted my life for the better. And your presence in the blogging community has made it so much better too! 💕

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  7. Yay! Congrats on 4 years blogging! What a huge milestone in your blogging journey. I have been blogging 3 years, and I love it just as much as I did when I started. I’ve experienced many of the same benefits of book blogging that you have. Before I started blogging, I mainly read historical fiction, classics, and some literary fiction. Now I read across most genres and target age ranges. My eyes have been opened to books & authors I would never have read before blogging. I’ve also become part of a community of people that love books just as much as I do, which is something I was seriously lack in my real life.

    Cheers to many more years blogging 🙂

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    1. Thank you!! That’s so kind of you!! That’s so lovely to hear! I really feel the same way. I completely get what you mean about experimenting with lots of other genres and I love how you said that! I really agree 😊

      Thank you so much! You too!! 🙂


  8. As soon as I saw this title I knew there would be a lot of comments 🙂 So congrats.

    Before you’d started blogging back then, were you just on devilreads? Were you active there? If so, what led you to start blogging separately? I’m just being curious 🙂

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    1. Hehe thank you!!

      Haha well I had a devilreads account, the same as I do now- I just use it as a giant database, not for reviews. So I started pretty separately. I’d considered blogging before, tried out a post or two, but in the end it was just one of my brothers suggesting I do book reviews (I took him up on it when I read a terrible book I had to vent about 😉)

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  9. Congrats Orang-utan Librarian ❤ ❤ That is amazing that you've been book-blogging for 4 years! That takes an immense amount of dedication!! You are such an inspiration 🙂

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