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Hello all! Wow I can’t believe it’s been two months since I’ve done one of these- time has flown by! Anyway, as always I am delighted to share some more marvellous bloggers- who you may or may not have run into!

What Jane Reads Next– Jane does such phenomenally thorough reviews. She has wonderfully varied tastes, so there’s plenty of different books to sink your teeth into. Plus, she recently did a lovely list on how to read more– which I think I can safely say will interest most bookworms, since we’re always trying squeeze every second of reading time out of our day 😉

Stephanie’s Novel Fiction– Stephanie not only has fabulous recommendations, she’s also a gem of a person and so fun to talk to. She covers all sorts of genres, most notably: mysteries, thrillers, historical fiction and women’s fic. As someone who’s taught English at university, she most certainly lends her expertise to her reviews!

Mary Drover– with awesome reviews, lists and *wonderful* writing, Mary runs such an exciting blog! Best of all, she has some really interesting discussion pieces on writing, which are particularly thought provoking. I especially liked her piece on letting go of old projects and found it very relatable!

Liis @Cover to Cover– where to start with Liis’s amazing blog? Aside from being great fun to talk to, Liis also has an EPIC collection of reviews- ranging from classics to thriller to sci fi/fantasy and MORE! I have personally found so many incredible recommendations from her over the years. This is all the cover to cover goodness you could want!

Eustea Reads– a tea lover and bookworm- a girl after my own heart! I love her extensive reviews and friendly personality! Plus, not only is she an absolute expert on talking tea, she also spilt the tea recently, writing an amazingly in-depth piece on non-fiction reading habits in Singapore recently. It gave such a fascinating point of view on assumptions made based on reading tastes (and was so well researched!)

Beware of the Reader– Sophie brings her bubbly, vivacious and enthusiastic personality to her blog- and that’s why I absolutely love visiting Beware of the Reader (also that is a great blog name, don’t you think!) She has an eclectic collection of lists, reviews and discussions- so worth visiting!

Nicole @Sorry I am bookedSorry I am Booked boast a great mix of lists and reviews. Nicole doesn’t stop there though- she also gives me plenty to mull over, exploring unusual topics of discussion, like whether reading impacts your dating life? I know that’s something many of us want to know!

Deborah @The Reading Chick– Deborah has such fun book reviews, with really excellent romance recommendations! On top of that, she also hosts the Blogger to Blogger series, which she very kindly invited me and many, many other bloggers to take part in. It’s a wonderful tool to get to know other bloggers and find out more about us!

Ali @I wuv books– I absolutely adore how Ali does the WWW Wednesday meme- I swear no one does it quite like her- she gives such incredible insights into what books she’s reading and I often feeling like I’m following along with her. I also always enjoy her riveting reviews- they’re so discerning and detailed!

Raven @Dreamy Addictions– Dreamy Addictions is a such a great place to get the lowdown on a lot of popular reads- I especially find her blog helpful if I’m trying to figure out whether the hype for YA books is real! She’s fab at finding intriguing paranormal and romance reads too!

Lotte @The Reading Hobbit– well, with a name like that, Lotte’s bound to attract people with excellent taste/fans of the Hobbit like me 😉 And of course, since she does have terrific taste, she also picks fun reads for her excellent reviews and lists 😊

That’s all for now- if you’re looking for more bloggers, feel free to check out the previous posts in this series:

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Obviously there are loads more bloggers who deserve *all the attention*- so who do you think I should be looking out for? And do you know any of these bloggers? Will you be checking them out? Let me know in the comments!

40 thoughts on “Bloggers who deserve more attention #4

  1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I am quietly dancing at my desk at work right now, THIS IS SO SWEET! All the hugs and love to you! ❤

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  2. AWESOME BLOGGERS! I haven’t hard of some of these lovely people, so I’m going to have to explore a bit. I love Beware of the Reader and Stephanie’s Novel Fiction!! They’re both amazing bloggers with epic content! I’m glad to see them on this list!

    Great post 😀

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Aww, thank you so much! Honestly, you have no idea how much that means to me. I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps about my blogging lately, but this post and your comment has really made me feel wonderful! xoxo

          Liked by 1 person

            1. That’s true-I’ve been here before in the 2 yrs I’ve been blogging. It’s just been a tough time personally over the past few weeks, so that trickles into everything. But blogging and writing does help. I’ll definitely be sticking around. 😉 xoxo

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  3. Wholely guacamole book reviews! So many book reviewers, so little time. And all the clever blog titles to boot – they’re all a hoot! These folks are not only readers and reviewers, they’re obviously thinkers and writers. Like you, Miss Orangutan.

    I managed an A to Z series of favorite books on my blog (once!) and that took months of reading, research, and writing.

    So I’m off to check out these sites and find the other books I should be reading.

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    1. Thank you so much for the shout out. I woke up in Australia this morning to new followers and wondered what had happened. Then I saw your article. Thanks for your kind words. I love your blog and style of writing. I’ll make sure to pay it forward and follow the bloggers you have suggested. 😊💖

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  4. Awww thanks for mentioning my blog!! I’m glad you liked the piece on non-fiction in Singapore! I just wish I was a student again so I have more time to look at the data!

    Going to check the other blogs now – I found some really great ones from your previous posts so I’m excited to find more!

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  5. What a nice appreciative post!! I love Nicole’s blog already and yeppp it’s truly exciting. Thanks for letting us all know about these wonderful bloggers, I’m looking to connect with everyone over the vacations. Have been MIA for so long, I miss this loovvveee

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