Let’s have a quick spring fling… fluffy fun books!


orangutan list

It’s been a hot minute since I talked about purely cutesy reads- in fact, the last time I talked about fluff and nothing but fluff was 2015! So I think it’s safe to say that list could do with a little updating. I know I’ve definitely read more sappy reads since then.

the hating game

The Hating Game– let’s start with something that has hate in the title, shall we? 😉 If by chance you haven’t heard of this book, don’t be deceived by the title, this is one helluva of the sappy, rewarding, funny read AND I LOVED IT.

night of cake and puppets

Night of Cake and Puppets– it’s no secret I am a MAJOR fan of Laini Taylor’s- but I don’t feel like I go on about this book enough, because it is less in the fantasy category and more in the OH MY GOODNESS THIS DELICIOUSLY SWEET BOOK JUST MADE MY HEART MELT! So yeah, I think it’s a good contender for this list 😉

love and gelato

Love and Gelato– speaking of sugary things- this has all the ingredients of a fun contemporary! Ice cream- check! Romantic Italian location- check! Love- double check!

180 seconds

180 Seconds– I don’t feel like I mention this book enough, but it takes the MEET CUTE/love at first sight trope to a whole different level. Unexpected and surprisingly emotional, this is one romance that will capture your heart in record time.

simon vs the homosapien agenda

Simon Vs the Homosapien Agenda– everyone that’s read Albertalli’s modern romance must surely know how perfect it is for this list! It scarcely needs introduction at this point- so if by chance you haven’t checked it out yet, definitely push it up your TBR, cos you won’t be disappointed! And be sure to check out the movie as well if you’re not quite satiated!

carry on

Carry On– while this does have a satirical edge, Rowell is the master of CUTE romance and this has all the best components of a fun read. And with the second book coming out this year I COULDN’T BE MORE THRILLED!


Forbidden Wish– I really should talk about this book more, cos it’s a perfectly charming Aladdin retelling. Beautifully told and delightfully romantic, this is a lovely YA fantasy.


Nimona– yes, this may technically be a book about a supervillain BUT I can safely say this delivers on the fun, humorous side enough to qualify for this list! Plus, I defy you to not fall in love with spunky, bonkers, hilarious Nimona!


Anne of Green Gables– would you believe that 4 years ago I hadn’t read this gem? Naturally I had to rectify that and I’m glad I did! While it does have some dark themes (which the Netflix show decided to run with much to its detriment) Montgomery lends such charm to her writing that all you come away feeling all warm and fuzzy inside (but also a little heartbroken).

secret countess

The Secret Countess– keeping to more classic of cuteness, you can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned Eva Ibbotson book! Now, I’m often biased and name this one since it’s my favourite- but that shouldn’t mean you rule out any of the others! They’re all perfectly gorgeous, gilded with the same fairy tale feel and worth picking up.

So have you read any of these? Do you plan to? Let me know in the comments! 

60 thoughts on “Let’s have a quick spring fling… fluffy fun books!

  1. I live for fluffy book recs!
    I haven’t read Forbidden Wish yet, but it’s something I definitely want to check out while waiting for the new, live-action Aladdin movie to come out!

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  2. What a terrific list! I’ve read 180 Seconds, Simon, and Carry On, Nimona, and loved them all. I also just read Anne of Green Gables for the first time this year, and can’t wait to continue the series. I’ve read a few of Eva Ibottson’s children’s books, but only one that was more grown-up/romance, The Company of Swans. I’ll have to check out the one you mention as well!

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  3. What a lovely and fluffy list! 😄 Becky Albertalli’s books fit perfectly for this, and Carry On is such a cute romance! And omg, I haven’t heard anyone talk about Eva Ibbotson in FOREVER! I don’t think I’ve read that specific book, but I loved a lot of her books when I was younger!

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  4. I love Anne of Green Gables! It’s been a while since I last read the series, but the warm “spring”-ness of that story definitely shouldn’t be forgotten. 😉 I plan on reading Hating Game as well as Love & Gelato one day btw! I’ve similarly heard they’re cute fluff. ❤

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  5. Oh Night of Cake and Puppets is such a perfect spring read. I love all things Laini Taylor as well and this book is just a perfect example of her work (it’s a quick read but jammed full of romance and magic. I love it!). Also yes Carry On is just an ultimate all-time favourite of mine. I am so excited for Wayward Son it is unreal. I’ve had it pre-ordered for ages now and I’m counting down the days until I have it in my hands! 🙂
    Great post. 🙂 ❤️

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  6. I really want to read Simon Vs the Homosapien Agenda. I have heard nothing but amazing things about this book and I can’t believe that I haven’t read it yet, especially since I already own a copy. Hopefully I’ll be getting around to it soon! 😀 I’m very happy to see The Forbidden Wish and Carry On on your list. I’m sooo exited for Wayward Son to be coming out this year! 🙂

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  7. Unexpected and surprisingly emotional is the best way to describe 180 seconds. I loved this book SO much! and yay for The Forbidden Wish, so happy to see it here on your list, this book has all of my heart ❤
    Lovely list! 🙂

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