The Iron Throne Did Not Sit Well with Me (RANT)


*Disclaimer: this post comes with SALT and SPOILERS*


I might have to do a Drogon. Ya know, I’ve just watched the thing I love get stabbed to death, so I’m gonna have me a little meltdown. Cos I. Am. Not. Happy.

Actually, to be fair, Drogon had the most sophisticated character arc in this whole darn series- though they did try with a few of the others. Dany so easily could have had an interesting descent into villainy and they made a compelling argument for her going mad after the fact. They also had a poetic reference back to her vision, where it’s explicitly shown she was the destructive force all along.

That’s nice and all- it’s just a shame they had to butcher Jon’s character in the process. We’re talking about a character that’s always known right from wrong, who has just witnessed someone murdering a million civilians and he still goes “yOu’lL aLWaYs Be My QuEen.” Yeahhh doesn’t stop him killing her- as I’ve long suspected. And to be fair to the cinematographers and everyone involved, it couldn’t have been more visually stunning. There’s even a beautifully poetic callback to “love is the death of duty”:

duty is the death of love

So why am I so unhappy with it? Well, glad you asked (though I’m sure you’re about to be sorry you did). Because after this beautifully shot scene and exquisitely executed moment, we fade to black, skip a few weeks annnnd then the story goes to shit. Because guess who gets to be king?

*Drumroll please* iiiiiit’s… Bran? Ugh. When I said Bran was underused, I DIDN’T MEAN THIS! Although at least I understand why the actor that plays Bran was the most vocal in saying don’t rewrite the ending 😉 (not that I’m signing any petitions). In all seriousness, it couldn’t have been a worse choice. Now, I know I’ve made no secret of my bias against him (I think he’s boring at best) BUT I have *a lot* of reasons beyond this general dislike to explain why this is a terrible idea.

For starters, this is what I feared the most: the writers choosing a patsy puppet ruler for *shock value*. This is clearly evidenced by the fact none of the reasons for doing so were logical- including the “no one is very happy which means it’s a good compromise I suppose” argument- a point always used to justify terrible decisions. To explain why that’s bad, I’ve done a little diagram:

happy or sad ending diagram

(apologies for butchering scatter diagrams to make my point 😉 )

To put it another way- going with No One Saw That Coming ending is wholly unsatisfying. It doesn’t fit with the *years* of Game of Thrones wisdom that someone who is fit to rule must be both clever and noble. It doesn’t exactly go with the underlying moral that awful things happens when some undeserving sod gets too much power. They try to convince us in double-quick-time that he will be a good ruler… because he immediately does a King Robert and abdicates all the dull responsibilities of ruling- YE WOT MATE?! Oh of course, because the fundamental message of the show is “the king can do what he wants” *insert all the sarcasm*.  

And on the topic of abdicating responsibility, you’re seriously telling me that the Lords and Ladies of Westeros will be on board with him for a ruler?! Apart from being the perfect person to sit in a chair (too far? I don’t care!) why would anyone support this useless prick? BRAN HAS NEVER BEEN IN CHARGE OF SO MUCH AS A GRAIN STORE! He doesn’t inspire loyalty- in fact he’s been a pretty diabolical when you think about it…

he's not the messiah

Because the one thing that supposedly qualifies him to rule is that he’s an all-knowing mystical magician figure. Only problem there is HE LITERALLY KNEW DANY WOULD MURDER A BUNCH OF PEOPLE AND HE LET HER DO IT SO HE COULD GET THE THRONE! He is complicit in mass murder!! WTF? If Jon is apparently no longer a valid choice, because he killed the raving lunatic that butchered a city, how in the hell is Bran suitable when he did nothing to stop the destruction of King’s Landing?! The little creep has been playing some effed up 4D chess, where he manipulated Jon into revealing his heritage, and then screwed him over.

making evil plans bran.png

And don’t give me that “he doesn’t want it” crap- the real reason Bran said “I will never be lord of anything” appears to be cos he was thinking “hahaha cos I’m gonna steal the throne from the rightful heir! Suckers!” Oh, what clever foreshadowing! *insert yet more sarcasm*. Again, this foreshadowing is the writers not bothering to actually do some damn character development, just putting a wink and a nod for their dumbass plans.

Also, Bran’s story sucked. No storyteller would think he’s the obvious choice. If you’re trying to find a legitimate ruler, maybe go for the guy who has the most legitimate claim AND put down the last bonkers ruler. Ya know, the guy whose story has come full circle and fulfilled his character arc. Think Henry Tudor coming in from nowhere and winning the war of the Roses cos he’s secretly the heir.

Now I do get some of the reasons to crown Jon. Truth be told, I was expecting him to abdicate in favour of a council and go north anyway. And there are some nice parallels with Jaime (ie not getting credit for doing the right thing) buuuut anyone with eyes will admit the way they concluded his story is insane. They’ve really done the dirty on his character. Let’s break down why:

  1. They removed all his agency by not making it HIS CHOICE.
  2. He didn’t even have an effing trial!! Psycho Bran doesn’t even try to get him off the hook!
  3. All the notes Varys sent out to reveal Jon’s heritage are never brought up. Why? BECAUSE FUCK YOU THAT’S WHY! (seriously, I am sick and tired of this technique that “you’ve been paying attention, you know what’s going on, so we’re gonna reward you with… A STORY THAT MAKES NO SENSE!” Thanks for slapping logic in the face I guess.)

I genuinely would’ve preferred the whole democracy ending- even if I thought it was trite and inaccurate for the time period. It literally couldn’t have been worse than this. Sansa had the right idea about getting out of there pronto (and Sophie Turner was right in bracing us all for disappointment). Seriously, she had one of the only ending I was satisfied with, because at least she’s proven a worthy ruler.

Oh, and Ghost finally got his pat on the head (we waited 3 episodes for that!) Which brings us back full circle to the fact that this had so many fantastic elements, so why oh why did it have to end like this? I didn’t want or need a happy ending- I was geared up for bittersweet as promised. If anything, this was too stupidly saccharine for words. Daft in a way that undermines so much of what had come before. So yeah after that criticise the LOTR ending again- I DARE YOU!

Sorry for all my RAGE- I might be over this in a few years (my wounds hopefully salved by GRRM’s book maybe?) but until then I’m going to sink into a depressed stupor take time to cool off. I was planning on doing predictions for the books, but there’s not enough room here and I think I’ve blown all my energy on this post. So, you’ll have to put up with one last GOT related post 😉

Alright, did you love it or hate it? Let me have it in the comments!

84 thoughts on “The Iron Throne Did Not Sit Well with Me (RANT)

  1. I actually liked it.😂 Jon going back beyond the wall, back to the Wildlings and Ghost was what I wanted for him regardless of whether he killed Dany or not. I said it to lots of people and was pleased when it happened. Ya know, can’t disagree with the Dany thing but Jon for knowing right and wrong has been clueless at times throughout the whole show.

    I’d guessed that Sansa would be queen in the North, she is like Carol in TWD and a character that I don’t like so I’d made peace with that and just let it be.

    I liked Aeya, she’s never been a lady, etc and she refused Lord Cockblock, sorry, Gendry to be a lady and be in the North so her going adventuring fit with her personality.

    Drogon was epic, loved him in the finale and carrying Dany away was cool.

    Bran, ah, Bran, useless plank he is. Didn’t want him to be King, didn’t deserve it but Tyrion and his speech sold him to me and I didn’t mind it in the end.

    Bron as master of coin, we need brothels, he has priorities.😂😂😂

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    1. haha okay fair enough- not gonna try and ruin it for you. I hear you about Jon- as I said, I did actually expect him to go North anyway BUT my main contention there is it should have been his choice. Having him exiled was an insult to his character.

      haha okay- Sansa’s the one bit I don’t mind, cos I like her character 😉

      Arya I don’t have an issue with either.

      Drogon did have an epic finale.

      Ahhh Bran- that was the bit that ruined the whole thing for me- probably obvious from my rant 😉 Even Tyrion could not sell me on it.

      hahaha that part I actually bought!

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  2. Yes! Whatever else my many problems the ending… I don’t even know what they were doing. No one wonders about Bran at all? I mean he says he’s not Brandon Stark anymore and everyone’s like cool kid whatevs. Want to be King? And what was that comment about why do you think I came all this way? Certainly seemed like he wanted it and knew what was going to happen. Oh and Bronn getting Highgarden and being the Master of Coin! Sure great pick there Tyrion. I sincerely hope Olenna is haunting the place and he winds up impotent or something 🙂

    I think they should have broken up the kingdoms at that point. You can’t convince me that once he let his sister go off and be Queen of the North Yara (who brought up independence with Dany previously) wasn’t going to be like me to bye and of course Dorne.

    I haven’t loved it since season 3 but I can’t say I hated it because Emilia Clarke was acting her ass off and Drogon 😦 Everything else I was pretty much resigned to!

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    1. I know!!! How could all those supposedly smart people have not put that together- especially when they had weeks to sleep on it?! hahaha I know! LOL!

      Brilliant point!! Breaking up the kingdoms would make a lot of sense. I so agree about Yara- why on earth would she want to stay?!

      Ah I really understand that. I did think that scene was so well done. The acting was incredible. But I wish I could be blasé about it all :/

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  3. (this comment is coming from someone who’s only read the books and has never watched the TV show but still follows it, if that makes sense)

    I feel like my biggest issue with this ending is that it was so. rushed. Like, Dany’s descent could have been really interesting. Bran, with more development, could be a great ruler. Mostly everything that happened //could// have been great with AT LEAST one season’s worth of development. Like, the actual ideas aren’t bad, per se, but they’re so underdeveloped that they make no sense.

    ALSO it’s so obvious that the writers just don’t care enough anymore. Like, the coffee cup in that episode, the water bottle in the last episode, the lazy killing of Cersei, Arya never actually using her abilities, all the random things that were thrown in throughout the show that are just hanging there now. The writers just,,,, didn’t care enough to make it a *good* and high-quality show, which sucks. It has the biggest budget on TV!!! It should be good!!!

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    1. Yeah that makes sense!

      I really, really get what you mean about it being so rushed. I definitely think that Dany could have descended into madness/become a villain. I’m more sceptical about Bran however. I definitely think that with another season it could have worked overall. I very much agree!

      Yeah that seems like an omen now- foreshadowing all the ways they just stopped giving a shit. I can’t believe they didn’t bother to use Arya (especially to kill Cersei!! It would have made far more sense than killing the night king, though I didn’t hate that at the time). It really is very disappointing that they gave up on it so close to the end. YES!!!

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      1. Exactly! The character of Dang deserves a better ending and Cersei deserves a better death. Why portray Cersei so evil and Dany so merciful only to switch them around for no apparent reason, it made no sense to me.

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  4. hahaha yeah from an outsider’s perspective I was wondering if he could see into the future why didn’t he do anything to stop the city from burning. I’m curious what you would think about, couldn’t they at least made Bran try to convince someone to evacuate the city? At least when you pick him for king you could argue while everyone was fighting for self-preservation and power, Bran actually cared for the little people marking a quality fit of a king something learned from maybe his journey. IDK it sounds like the tried to give each main character their moment and didn’t really care how we got there. Yeah, I didn’t really follow GOT but it’s been fun seeing the reactions, excellent read as always.

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    1. I know right!! I’ve no idea why he did nothing AND then was still considered heroic?! That would have made sense! And yeah it really did feel like they were just trying to give most of the main characters (especially the ones they liked) happy endings. Thank you!

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  5. My post was not so eloquent as yours – it was fueled completely by emotion, and there were more details I could’ve mentioned, but did not feel like it, because of lack of sleep following this STUPIDITY that infected all of us Sunday night. I nailed the main points – Dany’s sudden switch without concrete reason, Cersei’s pathetic demise, POOR JON, and Bran the IDIOTIC. Drogon broke my heart, and at the Council meeting when Bran said, “Maybe I can find him,” I thought, “DON’T YOU DARE, YOU CRAPPY SOD, LEAVE THE BOY TO GRIEVE IN PEACE!” After how much I was gunning for Jamie and Brienne, her filling out his entry in the book BROUGHT ON THE FEELS HARD.

    I will be upset to possibly my dying day about how Jon’s ENTIRE FAMILY turned on him. When the remaining Lords and Ladies were meeting (WHERE THE HELL DID EDMURE AND YARA AND ROBYN ARRYN COME FROM, ANYWAY?!?!?!), and Sansa and Arya and Bran KNEW JON WAS THE RIGHTFUL HEIR and NEVER OPENED THEIR FRICKING MOUTHS, I couldn’t believe it. It was the most pointless of all the pointless choices made by the showrunners between episodes 5 and 6. Not only did they do all this foreshadowing by revealing Jon’s true lineage well before the end of the series, he was just plain a logical character for this role – since the South would easily have seen him as a slayer of tyrants, and the Northern Lords and armies would’ve rallied right behind him, so there’s the civil war issue solved, as well as tying up the “proper child on the throne” storyline. Being MORONIC is NOT a “twist” or “surprising” the audience. I actually do have half a mind to sign a petition!!!

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    1. hahaha I really don’t think my post was eloquent, but thanks! 😉 I completely understand, cos I don’t think I’ve ever let my emotions go as much in a post (and that’s saying something!) I definitely didn’t mention everything either- I think it’s impossible to do so with so many mistakes and problems to comment on! I could spend forever doing it (but I don’t think I’d want to, because at some point I want to leave this behind 😉 especially cos I lost sleep over this stupidity too!) I couldn’t agree more with all your main points!! It’s *infuriating*!!! ahhh I agree- what is Bran the Idiotic (love that title) gonna do with poor Drogon?! The boy has just lost his mother- and had a very mature reaction to it mind- LEAVE HIM IN PEACE! I do agree about Brienne- I was just so angry by that stage, I kind of skirted over it.

      I very much agree about that- it’s so terrible how they turned on him and didn’t even try to help him! (well sort of excluding Sansa, who did threaten to go to war over him). YEAH WHERE DID ALL THESE PEOPLE COME FROM- AND WHY ARE THEY TRYING TO IMPOSE JUSTICE FOR THE WOMAN WHO JUST MURDERED A MILLION PEOPLE! It makes no sense!! Also, if people are saying “oh well the dothraki and the unsullied would kill people if they let Jon go” a) if the showrunners had remembered they’re basically all dead, that wouldn’t have been a problem and b) they all left immediately after anyway!! They clearly don’t care that much. And so, so many pointless things in it now- especially Jon’s lineage. Yeah who had the best story? JON SNOW! Everyone would have rallied behind him, story over. But noooo they had to be “clever”. I really get where you’re coming from! I do get that people are signing as an expression of anger and I do understand that.

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  6. I think in terms of ‘No One Saw It Coming’ endings there are good ways to do it and bad ways, and in my opinion GOT was a bad way. I feel like the writers were so concerned with being unpredictable that they went too far and threw too many characters and character development arcs out the window. I said a little about it in your post for episode five but I was so disappointed that after all those years building everything up THAT was how it ended! Still there were some good parts to the season, I did like Sansa’s and Arya’s characters and endings in season eight. 🙂

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    1. I very much agree with that! This was definitely a bad way to do it! I really agree that they were trying so hard to be unpredictable that they ruined the show and especially destroyed the characterisation they’d worked so hard to build. I very much agree with you! I completely get what you mean there- I was happy with their endings to be fair (even if I’m not sure the books will end on the same note).

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  7. I didn’t hate it but it was definitely disappointing. It was kind of OK until Dany died and the dragon flew off and then it went to hell.

    I fully expected Jon to die and honestly I think that would have been a better ending for him, although I suppose he wouldn’t have gotten to give Ghost a pat if that’d happened.

    The Bran thing really hacked me off though. I have hated his character pretty much from the start. He’s gotten I don’t know how many people killed, doesn’t care and does nothing. In what way is his story great. He survived because others carried him around and sacrificed themselves for him. Literally any other character had a better story.

    This whole series has felt rushed and quite a few of the endings for the characters have felt wrong to me.

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    1. I very much agree that it went to hell as soon as Drogon flew off. Until that point I didn’t have any real complaints (except for Greyworm magically teleporting to Dany before Jon could get to her- which ended up being so foreshadowed by everything else I didn’t even mention it in the review).

      I fully expected him to die there as well- I thought Greyworm would storm in and that would be it… or he’d survive and leave anyway. But either way- he deserved a better ending! (although I am glad he got to pet ghost too 😉 )

      Yep the Bran thing was the nail in the coffin for me too. I HATED IT. I’ve never liked him either and he’s got so many people killed. I have no idea how his story was the best when LITERALLY EVERYONE ELSE SITTING THERE had a better one.

      I very much agree- this was way too rushed and they sacrificed character arcs in order to get to the end :/

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  8. UGH. I didn’t love it, but I’m okay with it. There are a lot of things I didn’t like about this season as whole which made me have 0 expectations for a good ending.

    1. Danny.
    Instead of rushing her into whatever it is the writers were going for they should have invested time into this seasons ago. So it didn’t feel rushed.

    2. Jon
    Jon going to wall was perfect for me. I didn’t see a place for him anywhere else, he belongs in the north. That being said, they could have done better.

    3. Sansa
    Never liked her character from day one.

    LOL. I have invested far to much time in fan theories to be shocked by his lordship.

    5. The council
    Loved everyone who ended up there

    Much more to say but boarding a plane sorry for typos

    Excited for the book if and when it comes out. GRRMA said the ending would be different 🙂

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    1. I can understand that (although clearly I hated it 😉 ) I think that makes sense about having low expectations.

      Dany’s story was wayyy too rushed- it could’ve worked… had they taken time over her.

      Jon- I agree about him going North- my main contention there was they took away his agency and made it the council’s choice- when it really should’ve been HIS decision.

      Sansa- I can understand, I didn’t used to like her.

      Bran- I did expect him to become a lord (I could’ve dealt with that) but King is joke.

      no worries! Have a good flight!

      Yeah I really have to pin all my hopes on the books!

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  9. Glad you could rant. It is very therapeutic. It also makes me feel super good about myself for avoiding this series, book and tv and all the accompanying drama and plain old shitstorms.

    I’ll give you a consolation wave 😉

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  10. I think most of the plot holes and irritating lack of resolution for individual story arcs could be avoided if they let Jon abdicate. He kills Dany, he reveals himself as the rightful king, so that his killing Dany is an act of defending the throne from an usurper, and then he abdicates to go North like he always wanted. And then the decision of the lords makes sense; everyone knows Jon is Aegon, and everyone knows he decided not to be a king. And that’s why Grey Worm can’t really kill him as well, Jon being the ruler and in the right. The fact that nobody mentions Jon being Aegon in this scene just doesn’t make any sense otherwise.
    I though Bran couldn’t see the future? He’s supposed to live in the past…
    I agree with most of your points – I just find that I don’t care that much about it 😉 But wait until you get me going about Endgame… 😀 We’re planning to do posts on both GoT and Endgame soon 😉

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    1. That is exactly what I thought! I never thought he would be king- especially after killing the woman he thought he loved- but why take away his choice?! I literally have no idea why they didn’t mention he was Aegon? Was it to save five minutes??
      Well he seems to know parts of it- that’s the problem with his visions being poorly explained. But either way, he could have explained Jon’s perspective from visions, telling everyone why he killed Dany and therefore get him off the hook in any possible trial… buuuut there was no trial. Because.
      haha that’s understandable! Ooh I’m curious- I’ll have to wait till I see endgame though (I will do soon).

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  11. I have never liked Bran so I’m not happy AT ALL. Anyone but him!!!!! That was just lame.

    Too bad the dragon didn’t burn Jon Snow to a crisp. Never liked him, either.

    I would’ve like to have seen Dany or Cersei on the throne and then find out how in the world they were going to work with Sansa. Or not work with her.

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    1. Completely agree!! He was probably my least favourite character!

      haha well I wouldn’t have wanted that- I did expect it to try though (and then have him survive, proving his heritage).

      haha that would have been interesting!

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  12. There was precious little to like about the entire season 8.

    Which is why when I go back and watch GOT again in the future, I will stop after season 6.

    There was too much stuff to cram into six episodes, too. But my thing, as with you and most fans, is . . . why pave the road if you’re going to bypass it altogether? Which is what they did with all the story lines they left out to die.

    I would’ve rather they left NO ruler at the end of it all than to have left us with this totally unbelievable conclusion.

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    1. That’s exactly what I feel about it. I still liked it up until season 6- but this… nope!

      I really agree that there was just too much going on here. YES!! Why have so much setup for plot points that went nowhere and ZERO SET UP for the things they did do. Back when there were things like the Red Wedding there was setup for things that went nowhere (well the Karstark feud that ended up being important a few seasons later) BUT all the points about Walder Fray were still there- they were just embedded so that no one noticed. At the same time, it’s okay to have points that people figure out (like Jon’s parentage) without the writers feeling like they have to undo its importance because “people figured it out”

      Me too!

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      1. Welp, we got screwed this season. So in solidarity to GOT fans like us and the countless millions who helped make a fantasy series into one of the all time most popular shows, I say . . .

        To us!


  13. As I said, I don’t watch the show, but I’ve been entertaining myself reading people’s reactions to the end, and from what I DO know…yeah, this is all horrible and makes absolutely no sense. I haven’t seen a single person say they like it or even dislike it but see some kind of merit in it yet.


  14. I think The Iron Throne was the best episode of the season, which isn’t saying much. So, here’s my list of thoughts about the final episode.

    1. Dany – I’ve disliked everything to do with quite suddenly forcing the “mad queen” role on her. Like others have said, I would like 2 – 4 more episodes to build that up, but that could still be woefully not enough.
    2. Bran – I disliked the part where he immediately agrees to be king. “Why do you think I came here?” Puh-leaze! Tyrion had a great argument for making Bran the Broken a king, and it was very Tyrion. My problem is that it’s more reasonable for Bran to try to refuse at first. The way the show makes it happen is making him an arrogant prick, not that he isn’t, but it doesn’t fit the whole “I don’t want to be a lord” act. There should be more persuasion.
    3. Jon – I’ve had to give up on the man who knows nothing this season. I don’t care for the “romance” between nephew and aunt, and I don’t buy the way he worked through moral dilemmas this season. I’m a little irked that he didn’t get a dragon out of this. But I’m more upset with his heritage not being brought up once in the wake of Dany’s death. That is a valid reason to free him and/or declare him king. It needs to be brought up so that we can officially tie up that plot. But I am happy for Ghost. I’m not as happy that once again we didn’t get to set him on fire to see if he burns.
    4. Arya – I liked where this was going, but for all of this season, I’ve been annoyed at her not using her face-wearing talent for anything. I’m annoyed with the Eragon-like ending of her searching for another continent. I stand corrected about there being no hint at this, but that is a one-time instance that doesn’t come up again. I don’t believe that she’s been thinking about it this long.
    5. Gendry – I didn’t see him again, though I might not have noticed. He’s a lord now, so I think it would be reasonable for him to be at the king elections.
    6. The Iron Throne – I had no inkling that someone would destroy that throne, but I was cheering that dragon on as he melted it.
    7. Brienne – Why isn’t she still with Sansa? Now that she’s a queen, she’s going to need more physical protection.

    That’s all for my ranting. Thank you for sharing your rant with us.


  15. That diagram made me laugh out loud!
    Like I commented on your previous post…they knew we were expecting Jon to rule and then just to be surprising and edgy they came up with some shitty ending that doesn’t make sense. I don’t care it’s an ending I don’t like if it makes sense!


  16. IDK…there will be a post on our blog, and my co-blogger will argue along the same lines you do, and I will defend the general direction things went, while admitting there’s a lot of shitty writing and unforgivable shortcuts…but ultimately I believe that creators of the show just proved we need GRRM to really tell us how the story ended 🙂


  17. The scatter plot diagram is genius!

    Well… the books aren’t finished so perhaps they’ll be better (but I also heard that the main plotlines will be the same so perhaps not).

    Have you seen the article about how GOT switched from a pantser story to a plotter story (as they overtook the books) and that’s why it felt so off?


  18. I sooooo agree with you. Bran becoming the king was the most weird unsatisfying totally unnecessary thing ever I CANNOT. And like what was even the point of Jon being a Targaryen UHHHHHG. ANYWAYS 😊 Greaaaat post ❤💮


  19. I think I am the only person in the world who doesn’t regularly watch GoT. (I’ve watched through season 4 I think.) But when I heard there was uproar at the ending I googled the spoilers. And I actually agree with you- finding out Bran was crowned was super disappointing. His character never did much for me other than to show how awful Jamie and Cersei were, and what a good brother Jon was. He was more a plot device to me than a character. But what do I know, I’ve only watched half of it. Lol


  20. i hated the ending. It was unsatisfying. I read the spoilers a few days before the episode aired so I knew what to expect, but I was still upset watching it all unfold. Bran was a terrible choice and his character hasn’t shown any care for the people. I mean, he treated Meera like shit after she dragged him around for seasons and kept him safe. He’s a prick. I hated the way the writers wrote Jon this season. His arc was unsatisfying and merely a plot device. They rushed everything so we never got to see how big of an impact his lineage had on him. Finding out your father/aunt is not your father/aunt is a huge deal. Wish there was time to process that. In the end, his lineage had very little impact on the realm other than pushing Dany to her limit. Tyrion has been so washed up this season that when he named Bran, I wanted to slap him.He convinced Jon to kill Dany, but doesn’t give Jon a choice as the heir? Terrible ending.

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    1. Ahh I really agree! I don’t think even if I’d read spoilers I’d have been prepared for that to be fair. He really was a terrible choice and I completely agree with you about how he treated Meera (and Hodor and basically anyone he came into contact with). He’s a complete prick. Me too- his character arc was just to bring an end to Dany- not to actually reach the end of his own character arc. They really did rush everything. Me too! I can’t believe they didn’t even address that he was the heir after he killed Dany?! It doesn’t make sense! He really was completely washed up and I was furious for him suggesting Bran (and baffled everyone agreed with it?!) I agree it makes no sense and it was a terrible ending :/


  21. I have a lot of problem with the last two seasons. I’ve read the books and I know how much more D&D could’ve done with the plot. So many character arcs wasted! I feel the saddest about Jon, Dany, Tyrion and Jaime.
    Jon just lost his voice at the end there. Why the hell was he restored from death again?
    Dany, I can see her losing her sanity. But I wish we’d seen like a season of her slowly losing her mind and not a couple of scenes for that transition.
    Tyrion changed from the wittiest and cleverest character to a doormat by the end. His and Jon’s character arcs were the most disappointing.
    Jaime. What was going through his mind. He sleeps with Brienne, decides to stay back in Winterfell, and then decides to go to save Cersei after he learns that she’s winning all in one episode? What the hell? His character just gave me whiplash in that episode!
    There are so many questions unanswered, so many myths touched upon but not given a proper resolution. I can’t believe that they destroyed the best TV show on earth only by rushing!

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    1. I really agree with you! I’ve read the books too and there were so many wasted opportunities. I’m really disappointed about their character arcs too.
      And yeah Jon was a wasted character- can’t believe he was raised from the dead for this?!

      Completely agree that Dany going mad was possible- but it should never have happened so fast!! That *is* bonkers!

      Tyrion was a doormat- I can’t understand how they could waste his character like that.
      Jaime’s story arc was one of the most disappointing- especially cos it easily could have been better.
      and yes, there were so many plot threads left unanswered (it infuriates me even more that I recently learnt they chose not to put it in, because they’re doing a spinoff on the origins of the white walkers and ARGHH why couldn’t they finish this one and then make choices like that?!)

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      1. It makes me even madder that GRRM pushed for 10 seasons while the show creaters wanted 7. The Knight Arc should’ve taken 1 season to wrap up and Dany’s madness another season. So disappointed!

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  22. I have so many thoughts that are full of fury, but you’ve articulated a vast majority of them, and I thank you for that because YOU’RE RIGHT and also now I don’t have to rant angrily in the comments about how that was the worst season finale I’ve ever witnessed in all of TV.

    With one exception: the cinematography, because when Danaerys walked out and Drogon’s wings opened behind her, my brother and I were SCREAMING with delight.

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  23. I was also super disappointed in the character arcs, especially Jaime. I didn’t mind Dany so much because I felt like she should have went mad, but I hated they *way* that they did it because it didn’t make much sense. I didn’t mind Bran so much ending up with it because I think at that point I was sort of over everything? Like, at that point I’d already given up. :/

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  24. As I must have said in one of your previous posts, I haven’t watched GOT per se but watched it vicariously through my daughter’s screams and rants and …So I can tell you that you are far from the only one raging here! Totally understand LOL

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  25. I liked the finale more that I thought I would, all I wanted after the destruction of Kings Landing was Dany’s death (something I never thought I would root for) so I could breathe easy after that. The fact the Jon didn’t get offered the crown is insane, he has incredible leadership qualities, and he knows right from wrong, he just killed a psychotic mass murderer!! Sansa was definitely my next choice, so I was incredibly happy that she got independence for the North but again her leadership qualities are brilliant, she’s seen how corrupt royals can be and she has earned the respect of all the lords/ladies in the North and the Vale. The Bran suggestion came out of nowhere, I literally had to pause I was so confused. Some of Tyrion’s points made sense but like you’ve said he’s never been a leader and he doesn’t really care! I like that my Starks got ‘happy endings’ which is probably the only reason I wasn’t in a rage the next day (a good tactic by D&D perhaps?)
    I guess I had majorly lowered my expectations after episode 5 and after Cersei died (😭) and then the threat of Dany was gone a lot of my emotional investment left. It was aesthetically a beautiful episode though. All my hopes are on George now for a fulfilling ending!!

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    1. Well it’s good that you enjoyed it more. And I completely get what you mean about Dany- there’s nothing like genocide to permanently put me off a character. But the point the episode lost me was when Jon wasn’t offered the crown- that made no sense!! I completely agree with you. I can’t believe that people are judging him for killing a woman that just BURNED AN ENTIRE CITY?! Sansa definitely would have been my next choice too. I completely get what you mean about her. Bran as king did come out of nowhere- and not in a good “oh well that makes sense” way. Yes!! I do hear you about liking that the starks got happy endings- but it still irked me that this was at the expense of logic (and to be fair, they all could have had happy endings at this point without bran being king?!) I really think that’s fair! It was aesthetically beautiful for sure. Yes!! Me too!!

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  26. Up until this episode I was still trying to give this season the benefit of the doubt and ignore the problems and the rushed story in favour of the good stuff… but with this last one I finally couldn’t do it anymore. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. I was also fully prepared for a bitter-sweet ending… but this? This just fizzled. It really did not do justice to Jon’s character, and Bran was a terrible choice for king. He says close to nothing, acts rather creepy and antisocial, and suddenly we’re supposed to believe he’s the best person to rule? Your graph and your sarcasm sum it up perfectly. And I didn’t even think about the point you mentioned – that he basically knew Dany would kill everyone and let her! Also I felt it was a poor treatment of Tyrion’s character to make him give that speech. One thing I love about Tyrion is how amazing with words he is, but that fell flat for me – like they were forcing him to do something he wouldn’t. Actually that whole scene felt pretty contrived. I was also really annoyed by what they did with Greyworm… he whole-heartedly supports his queen and wants to kill everyone who defies her, and yet when she’s killed he’s just a bit angry at Jon and then leaves.

    This episode was SO rushed too – even more so than previous ones. It felt like they were just ticking off boxes: and this character went off adventuring, this character became king, this character became queen, this character went north etc… I think that was the problem at the root of most others: they didn’t give anything enough time, or take the time to set things up properly and sensibly. I hesitate to blame only the writers for this, as I feel like this was probably a cost-saving measure imposed on them: e.g. “finish it off in X episodes”… though I don’t actually know.

    This season had some incredible moments, and I never expected it to be perfect, but I just can’t believe they botched this final episode so badly. I expected to be really emotional at the end because the series had finally come to a close… instead I just felt hollow and disappointed, and switched to some other TV show straight afterward. Anyway, reading your rant made me feel a bit better, so thank you! 🙂

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    1. I completely understand that- I tried to hold onto hope that this season was going to work out longer than I should have (and when I had serious doubts earlier on).
      I think it fizzling is the perfect way to describe it. I definitely agree about Jon’s character. And Bran was the worst choice :/ (when they said “who has a better story” I thought LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE). haha thanks! It really was a betrayal of Tyrion’s character as well (although the showrunners have been making him do stupid things for a while). haha yeah completely true- I genuinely thought we were going to have a fight to the death over dany’s corpse.

      It was definitely too rushed!! Unfortunately I can say categorically it was their decision. HBO were happy (and begging) them to take it up to ten seasons- they were willing to pay for it. And GRRM also wanted it to be 10 seasons (this was before he parted ways with them and stopped advising on the show). They actually have talked about wanting to move onto other projects (the one they are doing next is a new star wars trilogy- god help us).

      I agree- I don’t think the whole series was terrible and I think that it was possible to salvage something- even with the lack of logic. I just think they ultimately went a few steps too far. I really agree. hehe thanks! I’m glad to hear it!

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      1. Haha yeah so true: literally anyone else has a better story!! And wow I had no idea it was the writers’ decision (despite being a fan I don’t read much about the show online) – I just wrongly presumed it was a money issue. 10 seasons would have been the perfect length to finish it off properly!! 😦 Sounds like they got sick of it and wanted to move on… and if so fine, but then at least hand it over to other writers who want to give it the time it deserves instead of doing a rush job of the ending! 😦 I’m not a big Star Wars fan so my first thought was “fine, go ruin some Star Wars films, but don’t ruin GoT first!” but I understand for people who love that franchise too it would be an extra-depressing prospect. Oh well… I guess what’s done is done now. A real shame. Like you said they just went a few steps too far. If they’d just given it a bit more attention and time and logic, the conclusion would have been a lot more satisfying.


  27. I’m living for your posts on GoT because they are wonderfully written but also so incredibly hilarious! If it’s any consolation I think most people are joining in the misery!

    Have you seen this really interesting fan made ending?

    I actually dig it massively (the alternative fan ending, NOT the actual ending) and think that for something so simple it’s incredibly clever and would have been a gut wrenching, smack in the face ending that would have felt so GoT. It also wouldn’t have destroyed the development of the characters we love. From now until the end of time I’m just going to pretend that’s how it actually went down.

    Well, I’m not surprised by how some of it actually did go down. I called it re. Jon and Dany but didn’t expect the whole Bran ending.

    Honestly I just…. I don’t know. I’m not against the concept of Dany being driven to despair and madness but not how it went down on the show. I found how Jon lured her with false reassurance and warmth was incredibly discomforting. I guess it was supposed to be a ‘mercy kill’ but it was the cold blooded murder of a woman and the way it was set up felt like we were supposed to go ‘poor Jon, keeps on killing the women he loves.’ Um…. nope.

    If he was brought back from the dead to do this then it was incredibly anticlimactic anyway.

    The ending of GoT somehow made me dislike the remaining Starks and I am 100% a Stark fangirl so at least that was something D&D achieved.

    I love the alternate version so much that in my mind it all goes like this (a mini fanfic ending):-

    x Bran died years ago and he is now the Three Eyed Raven who wants supreme power over Westeros but which will result in multiple loss of life over the years, worse than any other ruler
    x The Night King knows this and he also knows that the TER will warg into Dany and destroy Kings Landing
    x The Night King sets about raising his army and heads south to Kings Landing to battle the dragons
    x Dany ends up in Westeros and fights the Night King as per season 8 with losses and then heads to KL to claim the throne
    x Cersei decides to take a ‘if I can’t be Queen/ have KL then I’ll make sure *she* can’t approach’ and decides to turn wildfire on KL just like Aerys did and once again, Jamie is the one to stop the plan which he does by killing Cersei (and *that* is the mercy kill). Jamie kills himself immediately after.
    x Dany doesn’t need to do anything and isn’t going to do anything aside from claim the throne (no burning etc.)
    x The TER can’t have that and so wargs into Dany (he’s unable to warg into Drogon which is the only thing that causes him worry)
    x Dany, under the TER’s influence burns KL
    x Jon fulfils the Azor Azhai prophecy and kills Dany without realising she was warged into
    x Drogon takes Dany’s body and flies away
    x Jon is exiled to the Wall
    x ‘Bran’ is crowned king and Jon, finally knowing something is not ok takes his leave but not without letting Tyrion know
    x It’s mentioned that Drogon is flying to Volantis and it hinted that he will bring Dany’s body to a Red Priestess and that it may be successful
    x The game just keeps on being played

    Thank you for listening to my TEDtalk. Honestly, I’m going to pretend my version happened because it’s the only way I can keep from rambling to my husband about it. He doesn’t even watch the show poor guy!


  28. Drogon literally expressed everything I felt about the ending. Him burning down the Iron Throne was the highlight of the episode for me.

    Your Bran rant is spot on in every possible way. The only thing he did this season was getting Theon killed! That’s it. He has no ruling experience, and they say it’s about breaking the wheel but all they’ve done beyond “choosing” was restore thing back to how they were. It is infuriating.

    Sansa is Queen!! The conclusion of her arc was the only one done right, and her coronation was a thing of beauty.

    What was the point of revealing that Jon is a Targaryen cause it amounted to nothing in the end? It was pointless and had no lasting influence at all!! He was a literal non-factor in this season (besides killing Dany, that is.)


  29. You summed up my feelings incredibly well. I couldn’t believe that Bran got the throne. The guy who kept telling everyone he’s not Bran any more and would have known all those people would get slaughtered. Did he mastermind the whole thing? Also, poor Dany. They turned her into a mad Queen much to quickly. They should have taken another season to let that part of the plot develop. Also, what was the point of Jon? To kill Dany and then be banished for it. And why was Grey Worm given such a say about it? Wouldn’t he have killed Jon instantly upon finding out that he murdered Dany? Then as soon as Grey Worm left the country, why didn’t they just pardon Jon? I also feel bad about Jamie and Cersei. They deserved a better ending than being crushed by a pile of bricks. Sigh…


  30. There’s a case to be made that Bran made a better ruler of Winterfell in his one or two episodes of ruling than Daenerys did in her entire story arc. I think the whole point was abdicating responsibility to the many instead of the few – well, they tried to get there. I agree with the basic ideas, just a lot less rushing and downplaying how the ending was reached would have made the ending look a lot better. I think it’s unfair to place the blame on Bran because free will is free will and if it’s been foreseen and it’s meant fo happen, I don’t know how much he would be able to stop it. Plus, if he did, Dany would roast him anyway lol. And I just can’t see Jon being happy as king, it was the best ending for him, and he would have abdicated off resented the role and I don’t think he would have made much of a good king because he sure as hell does not know how to read people well lol. Those books better be coming one day. I actually loved the ending, but the D&D don’t have the capacity to truly flesh out these characters like GRRM does.


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