Untangling This Mortal Coil

this mortal coilPutting together a life-threatening virus, a YA heroine with the skills to fix said virus and adding a few emotional spanners into the works is nothing new. And yet in This Mortal Coil it makes for a refreshingly different story.

Thrown into the off-kilter world instantly by an elegantly surreal opening, this seemingly simple plot is transformed by expert writing and interesting twists. Not only is the world building believable, the post-apocalyptic apparition we’re presented with carries the reader far beyond the bounds of our reality.

With an intricate design and turns in every direction, I was thoroughly entertained throughout. I especially liked the conflicts between characters brewing behind the scenes. None of the relationships were straightforward and that made for some interesting developments.

The one thing I wasn’t in love with was the protagonist and I sadly struggled to connect to her. Funnily enough however, my trouble investing in her actually made a whole lot of sense by the narrative’s final twist and her character arc ended up being the best thing about the book! I swear I never could have seen that coming!

Ultimately, this was one helluva wild ride and I’m curious about where it’s heading!

Rating: 4/5 bananas


So have you read this? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments!

32 thoughts on “Untangling This Mortal Coil

  1. Ooh, that’s intriguing about the protagonist’s arc! Can it be that this book pulled a Daenerys? 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed this book despite not fully connecting with the MC. Excellent review!

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  2. I’ve seen a couple of reviews for this book, but This Mortal Coil hasn’t really stood out for me enough to get me to add it to my TBR list. I’m really glad you enjoyed this one, I agree the concept is nothing new but it seems like it worked in this book, especially if you rated it four bananas despite not being able to connect with the main character! 😀
    Great review, do you plan on picking up the next book in this series? 🙂 ❤

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      1. As mentioned in my previous comment, I follow up with my own comments after reading this dystopian SF novel. It’s indeed a thoroughly researched example of world building and the main protagonist as well as her main antagonist are never completely good / evil but fluctuate through different shades of grey, with the protagonist on the lighter specter and the antagonist on the darker side. Have you tried to solve the puzzle of the poem that was hidden inside the bird’s DNA?

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  3. This sounds so cool!
    I got a copy of this one last year in the charity shop, but i kept putting it off ,not even sure why. I need to be in a certain mood for sci-fi-ish book, and so far it just hasn’t happened.

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  4. “The one thing I wasn’t in love with was the protagonist and I sadly struggled to connect to her.” I kind of had the same issue with this one. I still liked it and will read the next one though!

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