Monkey at the Movies: TV Roundup!

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Don’t worry, for all of you who are afraid of more Game of Thrones rants, I’m pressing the big PAUSE button on that! Instead, I wanted to talk about some shows I’ve watched in the last few months that I actually liked. Now, it takes quite a bit for me to finish a series/continue watching a programme these days (I’m a serial TV show quitter) so it’s no surprise that what I did finish got *all the bananas* from me! Starting with…

The Last Kingdom (Series 3)– once again, I am half monkey, half Dane! It’s no secret after my post last year how much I FRICKIN LOVE THIS SHOW! It is an excellent example of an adaptation done well. Still, I managed to forget how much this packs in. The story is both eventful and emotional and just keeps getting better and better! Certain promises from the writer in earlier seasons (though not all) are delivered with fatal blows. *This* is exactly how you give the audience what they want; this is the best example of set up and payoff in TV right now. It was even more twisty and exciting than the first two series- and that’s saying something, given how much I loved those too! Once again, the characters are amazing and worth getting invested in. I especially love that Uhtred doesn’t always do the right thing- he’s smart, but impulsive, and he often pays the price for that. It does wrap things up rather well, implying there wasn’t going to be another series- but luckily for us, it’s been renewed and there is plenty of room to continue. Forgive my boundless enthusiasm, but this is the kind of show that makes me squee every time! The only *frankly appalling* thing about the Last Kingdom is that every season comes to an end and I WANT MORE. No doubt I’ll be renewing my Netflix subscription just in time for season 4 😉

Umbrella Academy (Series 1)– this was one hell of a wacky, fun, bonkers ride- and I loved every minute of it! I don’t even know where to start with this show. The moment I knew I *had to* watch this series was when I saw the dance like no one is watching clip on Youtube. It so aptly sums up what makes this show so bloody marvellous- the humour, the poignant emotion and the characters. My goodness- the characters! They are so fabulously original and I think everyone can find someone to root for here- my favourites were poor old Klaus and dubious Diego. Oh and 5 is awesome!  From the hilarious script, to the brilliant soundtrack and world-ending plot- this is definitely one of Netflix’s best new additions. Definitely worth checking out if you like superheroes/are looking for something a little bit very different.

The Good Place (Series 3)– this is another show I’ve mentioned on my blog before. I discovered it through Kat’s amazing blog and I REGRET NOTHING. I will freely admit it’s not as good as the first season, or even the second, but it is always worth a watch regardless. Super thought-provoking and funny, this is one of those rare shows *everyone* (and I do mean EVERYONE) can get something out of- and I don’t say that lightly. I’ve seen people of all different backgrounds and beliefs coming together over this philosophical sit com- and that is quite the testament to what a work of genius it is. I’m also incredibly proud of myself because I figured out the twist for this season 😉

Angel (Series 1-2)– this might come as a bit of a *shocker* but I haven’t actually seen this before- despite rewatching Buffy many times. I know, I know, I should’ve given it a chance sooner, but I never cared much for the character of Angel or had much interest in the (seemingly) minor ways it linked up with Buffy. Well, I stand completely corrected. This show is great! It ended up being super emotional, action-packed and with fab characters! All those people you think “eh what do I care about them?” after they leave Sunnydale, suddenly get a new lease of life in LA. I really liked the evil law firm as Big Bad as well (and the minor antagonists along the way totally work!). I’m glad I finally watched this and look forward to sinking my teeth into series three!

So, have you seen any of these? Do you plan to? And have you watched any amazing TV lately? Let me know in the comments!

52 thoughts on “Monkey at the Movies: TV Roundup!

  1. I dont know if you’ve read The Golden Compass, but if you have theres a trailer out for an HBO series – His Dark Materials. It looks phenomenal! Slightly off the subject since its not a show that’s out yet, but I cant stop geeking out over it.

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  2. I am a diehard Umbrella Academy fan. I can very clearly remember waiting in line to get my grubby little high school hands on the comic books and then carrying them everywhere with me. I even had a set of figurines that had a place of honor on my bookshelf! Suffice to say, I was over the moon when this was not only announced, but then it was freaking awesome??? I am so in love with this show.

    Your monkey with the cloak reminded me of Lucifer, which recently got picked up by Netflix for a fourth season and is really quite spectacular if you’re looking for a laugh. I also recently devoured Sex Education, which was both poignant and hilarious (and British).

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    1. Ah so glad you like it too!! Oh that’s really cool- I can imagine that was so exciting to see!! 😀 Me too 🙂

      hehe I didn’t think of that! I have been meaning to check out Lucifer for a while- so that’s really good to hear 🙂 Oh cool- I’ve heard good things about this too!

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  3. I love The Good Place. I’ll have to check out the others.

    I recently discovered Schitt’s Creek which is just a lot of silly fun. I’m currently watching The OA which is weird but interesting. I’m curious to see where it goes. I also watched the first season of Discovery of Witches which I found kind of “blah” but that was my opinion of the book too.

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    1. Great!

      Oh I’ve heard such good things about it- I definitely want to check it out. Ah I also watched discovery of witches (but that was a while back) and was surprised to find I really liked it- even though I really disliked the book (so I can understand not liking it- I just thought they did it much better- less eating toast 😉 )

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  4. YAAAAS OMG I LOVE THE GOOD PLACE. I started watching it during my finals and it was such a stress reliever for me. The acting and the humour is superb! However I’m on season 1 only though so idk the twist yet 🤔🤔

    I will watch The Umbrella Academy next after finishing What/If. Have you seen it??

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  5. I love The Last Kingdom- but I wish they’d stop trying to cram two books into one season. There’s enough content in one book for a whole season! I think the show is doing pretty well so I’m not sure what the point is. They are going to run out of books in one more season and then I’ll be disappointed. 😦

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  6. Oh yes, the moment I saw the dance set in the first episode, I knew I had to keep watching The Umbrella Academy! (I’ve only see the first three episodes, but will finish up one of these days…) Oh wow, Angel! I love that show. Different than Buffy, but still wonderful and worth watching! And I love The Good Place as well. 🙂 Great post!

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  7. I watched an episode of Angel recently and my days the nostalgia was real. Angel (the show) is the reason I refuse to chose between him and Spike, I adore both of them.

    The Umbrella Academy ♥️ that dance scene is forever my favourite. I can never get the image of Tom Hopper ‘dad’ dancing out of my head haha. I’m intrigued by Ben and I hope we get more of him next season.

    YES, THE LAST KINGDOM! The third season is actually my favourite because it felt like we’d gotten back to that core theme of identity with Uhtred and this love/hate dynamic with Alfred – who is my MVP of the season – will remain to be a highlight. I know they’re filming season 4 now and I am so excited to see how the change in political landscape affects Uhtred and the gang.

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    1. Ahh I so understand!! I love Spike as well!

      It’s amazing!! YES!! ❤ hahaha me too!! Really agree!!

      ahh yes!! I so agree- I'm really glad they finally fulfilled the promise of exploring how he doesn't really like him a lot of the time. It was just incredible. Me too!! I think it's gonna be incredible!!


  8. Well for one I’ve been loving those rants 😉

    I adore The Good Place and think it’s a refreshing show. I did like The Umbrella Academy but I couldn’t stand Luther and Alison. Klaus was just the actual best (he just needs a hug) and I have such a soft spot for Diego and Number 5. I even loved Ben from what we saw of him and his and Klaus’ dynamic was adorable.

    I can’t believe you haven’t seen Angel until now! It has some wonderfully clever, wonderfull dark episodes. It does jump the shark in later seasons (in my opinion) but I remain eternally fond!

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    1. hehe thanks! 😉

      Really agree!! Ah that’s fair. Klaus is definitely the best!! me too!! Oh yeah I’m so curious to see more of their dynamic in the future as well.

      I know- it was really silly of me. But I’m glad I finally get to watch it- and it’s nice seeing it for the first time as well. That’s good to know!


  9. What a blast from the past, always loved Angel (both on Buffy and the spin-off).
    I really enjoyed the evolution of Cordelia from standard issue snarky cheerleader.

    It is hard to compare Umbrella Academy live action to the graphic novels, with the visual style in line with that of Sin City or the Hellboy series. I really enjoyed the use of music references across the season. The casting was excellent, but I could never get past Ellen Page being cast as Vanya, who I clearly see being played by Nina Dobrev. Her performance was very hollow in comparison to the other stellar performances of relatively unknown actors.

    If you enjoyed Umbrella Academy I definitely recommend Deadly Class (from Syfy) It is probably the best graphic novel to screen adaptation I can remember, and the casting was out of this world. Both series use the music of their respective eras as the backdrop for some really strong emotional scenes.

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    1. Ah I’m glad you loved it too!! And Cordy’s evolution is the absolute best thing about the show! I always liked her character from Buffy, so it’s been wonderful watching her grow.
      That’s understandable! Oh that would’ve been an amazing casting, so I can see what you mean there. That’s really fair!
      Oh brilliant- that sounds really great- thanks so much for the recommendation!!


  10. I haven’t watched any of these yet except for Angel – and that one I loved!!! 😄 I have to confess that I used to have a crush on him when I was a teen, but then came Spike!!! 😉 Had to change focus then. 😉
    I’m currently watching ‘Preacher’ which I find just amazing – have you heard of it? 💕

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  11. I’m very happy to see that you ended up enjoying The Umbrella Academy! That show is just so much fun. 🙂 My favourite characters are Five, Klaus and Ben. I can’t wait for the second season to come out, I’m very curious to see how the story is going to continue. Great post! 😀


  12. Gah! I love The Good Place and I’m yet to come across someone who doesn’t like it. Just feel good, great characters, humour and philosophy and it’s COLOURFUL and the concept is amazing. Hope Tahani and Michael get together cos they have the best chemistry on the show.


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