What makes me pick up a book?


orangutan list

Well, the simple answer is that it is book shaped and contains a story 😉 Just kidding! I have all sorts of *actual reasons* (beyond just that bookworm impulse to see books and shout GIMME!!!)

book love belleCover Love! I’m just gonna get this out the way first because a) we all do it and b) I’m as guilty as the next person 😉 And boy this can set off the book lust!


book loveA sexy blurb– naturally. As I’ve mentioned before, I can be tempted to read pretty much any genre, and a compelling blurb will definitely do that.


Yall of youou guys! It’ll come as no surprise that I take reviews very seriously. I definitely pay attention to what other bloggers are reading/what I might have missed/what’s lived upto the hype. Speaking of which…


book pusherRegular peer pressure also works. As much as I like to tell myself it doesn’t, hype can definitely push me towards a book. And that’s not the only type of browbeating that can get me on board. Nagging family, friends, a persistent librarian, a list titled “must read before you die”, a throwaway comment… if someone insists loud enough that I should do more reading, who am I to argue? 😉


choose booksAlso, I can’t resist books by my favourite authors. I mean this one’s self-explanatory- if I love a book by an author, I’ll keep coming back for more 😊 I could say the same for genre, but I think I get a bit more specific there…


dragon gifMythical creatures capture my attention! But most specifically DRAGONS! Granted, this can be hit or miss, because let’s just say I’ve been burned before 😉 Still I can never resist hoarding shiny new dragon books!! And it’s not just magical creatures that tempt me…


magicMAGIC will always lure me in! Beyond all the creatures, I can’t get enough of the worlds, the quests, the spells… I am here for it all!! The whisper of magic will have me intrigued; a bold new fantasy system will make me want to shout from the rooftops! Although, I’m not gonna pretend to have the most discerning palate all the time- a good banana is a good banana no matter where it’s been imported from 😉 While I do appreciate a little different, I’m gonna be happy if you put that banana in a banana split or banana bread 😉 (jeez that might be the worst analogy I’ve ever used 😉) Point is fantasy is my jam, whether it’s something wildly different, or something samey done well.


lily and jamesRomance– errr yeah I’m gonna admit to being one of those readers who prefers a hefty dose of love in my literature. Though I won’t say I need it in everything I read, a little romance is always a plus for me 😀 Speaking of romance, I can never say no to a few…


Beloved tropes– aka romantic tropes I die for. I absolutely adore hate to love and fake boyfriends in particular- and they’ll definitely have me reaching for a book!

And finally…

shameIt’s been on my tbr so gosh darn long that I’m beginning to feel guilty… although this isn’t always the most compelling reason 😉 (see all the books on my tbr I’ve failed to read glaring at me).


So do you relate to any of these? What makes you pick up a book? Let me know in the comments!

70 thoughts on “What makes me pick up a book?

  1. Oooo … I agree with basically everything on this list ha-ha! One thing I’m truly happy about with joining the blogging community is it’s helped me open my reading genre horizons! If it wasn’t for the reviews people post, I wouldn’t have picked up HALF the books I own and love.

    And covers are my kryptonite … IT’S SO BAD!

    Also … I love that #read the book GIF! I’ve used it multiple times as it makes me ACTUALLY laugh out out!

    Wonderful post!

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  2. Great post, the cover is a big motivator for buying a book as it’s what draws me in first. Mythological creatures and magic are also big reasons for me reading a book as well as sapphic relationships 😀💜💜

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  3. I hate to admit it but I used to rely so much on covers a few years ago. Sometimes they were just too beautiful to pass by 😂 I’ve definitely become more of a synopsis person though and use them alongside reviews!

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  4. We seem to like all of the same things in books – I am trash for anything with magic and mythical creatures too! I do enjoy getting to ‘ship’ a couple, unless it pulls away from the point of the book e.g. determined characters suddenly strops trying to do stuff and just moons over love interest, etc. I really like ‘enemies to lovers’ and ‘fake dating’ too 😀

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  5. I relate to each and every one of these!! I generally don’t care too much about the cover…EXCEPT, the only type of cover that turns me off is usually the romance type ones with models on the front….I just really, really hate them for some reason. Great post!!!

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  6. Sometimes I’ll read a page in the middle to see if I like the writer’s style (if it’s a hard copy). The beginning doesn’t always follow through, given the emphasis on starting your novel with a hook.

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  7. How is it that you manage to capture my entire thought process and so eloquently word it complete with gifs? I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU on all of this. Especially the cover love. And hype. And magic. And mythical creatures. And romance. And, let’s be honest, everything you said.

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  8. I love a short snappy book blurb too, but a good book cover is also a draw. It’s very important with indie/ self published and some vanity press published books because a poor / homemade book cover can suggest that the author has also not had the work professionally edited and proofread, which, I’m afraid, is a must these days.

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  9. So THIS is why you read about 5 books a day!

    I try to read the first five pages to determine if I like the style and am intrigued by the story. Definitely like some mystery and great art on the cover. Pay attention to what my friends suggest and to certain book bloggers (ahem, Ms. Orang.)

    Just finished “A Bend in the Stars” by Rachel Barenbaum – an eclipse over Russia in 1914, a forbidden love, the proof to Einstein’s theory of relativity. Hurry up, Ms. Barenbaum – I’m waiting for your next book. Yeah, it’s like that with me. If only I could read while sleeping…

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  10. Many of your reasons mirror my own. I’m less into mythical creatures and more into ‘fresh start’ tropes. Also, setting makes a huge impact upon whether or not I’ll pick up a book. I live in Canada, but I’m obsessed with novels set in the United Kingdom. If the book is a police procedural, or includes an old manor house packed with family secrets, then it is certain to capture my attention.

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  11. I relate to all of these–including often judging books by their covers. When I first started working in a library my job was unboxing new books as they came in and it was so hard not to write down every title in hopes I could read them all.
    Also I’m reminded of an interesting observation by Terry Pratchett about how all authors, regardless of genre, construct their own worlds. He said, “Almost all writers are fantasy writers, but some of us are more honest about it than others.”

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  12. Such a great list, and I honestly relate with almost all of them – especially cover. I am guilty of not even giving a book the time of day because of the cover, despite seeing it everywhere (I literally saw Sadie reviewed a billion times in my reader before realizing it wasn’t a contemporary story but a murder mystery… and I loved the book).

    I don’t succumb to peer pressure though! The more hyped a book is, the more I tend to avoid it because I’ve been burned so many times by my unrealistic expectations as a result.

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    1. Thank you! hehe I totally relate! I completely get what you mean lol- I’ve done that before too. (glad you loved it!!)
      Oh I wish I was better at that! That actually makes a lot of sense and I am getting better at that… some of the time 😉


  13. I defo know & read more books since i started blogging. Often try to remember how i used to find books to read pre-blog… 😀 Nowadays most books that catches my eye are brought to my attention by bloggers 😀
    A good cover can certainly make me think i want that book…

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  14. OMG same same same! I started to realise I needed a little bit of romance to keep me interested in a book too… Doesn’t have to be too much (that will completely turn me off) but if done well, it can do wonders to any story :
    I’m also a sucker for overdone tropes, as long as they’re well written and add something new to the table you know? Can never get tired of them!

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  15. I find that if I am not particularly drawn to the cover it is really hard for me to start reading a book. I know one should not really judge a book by the cover, but at the same time it is the first thing that I see of a book…

    I am still kind of figuring out what kind of books that I like to read, so I tend to look at reviews and blogs about what other people are reading to find some suggestions for when I do not know what to read next (or just add new additions to my ever growing TBR list)! 😀


  16. I love the gif of Melissa McCarthy throwing a book at the guy. I have been doing that to friends and family for years and it almost never works ha ha! But I can’t help myself. Whenever I read a good book, I become a book evangelist.


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