Favourite Fantasy Worlds I’d Love to go on Holiday To…


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So, this isn’t the first time I’ve thought of packing it all in and going off to fantasy land- I was feeling the wanderlust last month and went on a jaunt a couple of years ago in January 😉 With that in mind, I’m gonna try my hardest not to repeat too many destinations (and if there are any shockers missing from the list feel free to check out my other posts). Also, these are places I actually want to go- so no Panem or Westeros for me! I’m gonna try and play it safe- starting with…

Faerieland– okay perhaps not the safest first choice. However, I’m often captivated by faerie realms, but few are more intriguing to me than Holly Black’s take in Cruel Prince. I’ll just make sure I take some iron and rowan berries for protection!

Iwagoto– aka the world from Shadow of the Fox. I mean, I really want to go to Japan, but a fantasy version of Japan *with* Kitsune?! YES PLEASE! This mythical creation by Kagawa has set my imagination alight and I’d whizz off tomorrow if I could.  

Discworld– well, obviously 😉 My first stop would be the Unseen University, to say hello to say hello to my bestie and stock up on some books/bananas!

Lyra’s Oxford– let’s be fair: real Oxford is a very pretty city. But I have always wanted to have my own daemon and meet Gyptians and witches and armoured bears… so yeah I need to take a trip here. If only I could get my hands on a Subtle Knife…

The Night Circus– I think when people talk about fantasy worlds, this nearly always comes up. And there’s a good reason for that! The Night Circus is a whole other level of captivating magic- and I think most of us would give an arm and a leg to be able to go!

Ravka– oh Russia would be amazing to go to- but how much more so would Grishaverse Russia be?! Preferably with the Darkling as my guide 😉 (he’d be good for tourism, really sells the place 😉)

Narnia– I have to admit, I have checked many-a cupboard looking for Narnia. Alas- to no avail! One day though, I’m sure I’ll stumble into the land that is always winter and meet a friendly lion who will eventually crown me queen monkey… what? It could happen! (also, I wouldn’t say no to a few Turkish Delights- yum!)

Neverland– speaking of the classics, I’d quite like to pop off to Neverland sometime soon. I rather fancy going somewhere I can never get older (even if I’d probably fit in more with the pirates than the lost boys at this stage 😉)

Wonderland– this one might be more of a risk, what with the crazy queen shouting “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!” Even so, I think it’d be worth it to say hello to the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter. Plus, I could always make a beeline for the mushrooms of course…

Ingo– I haven’t seen nearly enough underwater worlds- and none are done as well as this. It’s the kind of story that has an utterly unique feel and I would love to explore it more for real!

Howl’s moving castle– Wynne Jones always had a magical way with her settings- and none more so than Howl’s Moving Castle. She (literally) brings it to life and I couldn’t think of anything more fun than bouncing round the globe in this awesome travel home.

Alright, I didn’t go to deep into the danger zone there 😉 What do you think of my list? Would you like to go to any of these worlds? Is there anywhere else you’d rather go? Let me know in the comments!

88 thoughts on “Favourite Fantasy Worlds I’d Love to go on Holiday To…

  1. I’m not sure about other places, but I think you just added to my TBR list! And now that I think of it, yes. There is a place you haven’t been that I think might interest you. I think far too few people have been there, in fact. I can’t provide pictures, but I can give you the address. If you start at Eboney by R. Kitt, I think you’ll see what I mean. She’s to be found on Kobo or the author’s own site at https://rkitt.weebly.com/eboney-book-1.html . Do hope you enjoy the trip! Judi

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  2. Ummm some of those still seem to be pretty dangerous to me. I think you’d need to time your trip very carefully to avoid the evil despots on the move. I probably would go to Panem but only if I could stay in the capital 😉

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    1. hehehe yeah they probably are- but what’s life (or daydreaming) without a little risk 😉 hehehe that’s true though. hahahaha yeah I can understand why- I considered putting that on here, but it felt a little too risky 😉

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  3. No Middle Earth?! You’d definitely want to go post-War of the Ring, but who wouldn’t want to check out the libraries of Minas Tirith, the treegarth of Orthanc, or the glittering caves at Helm’s deep?

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    1. hehe I was tempted, really, but it just seemed a bit too risky (even for me). Yeah I’d kind of want to go post-war- but by then all of the elves would’ve left and that’d make me kind of sad. Ahh now you’re reminding me of all the reasons I’d go there to be fair, but more of a fact-finding trip, rather than a holiday 😉

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  4. I love Faerieland, but I would probably pass out or die on my first day! 😂 Otherwise, it sounds like a great choice!

    And of course, Narnia sounds amazing as well. And I wouldn’t mind going to Neverland, either! I would love to never grow up, but I don’t think the lost boys read or even have books, so that would be a major problem for me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  5. Lyra’s Oxford and Narnia are HIGH on my list — it would be lovely to visit those places!! Neverland would also be great … though Peter and those lost boys can be trouble!

    I haven’t watched Howl’s Moving Castle in forever … that would actually be magical.

    Great list! I would probably add The Shire and Rivendall (I think I spelled that wrong …)! They’re so lovely!

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    1. Ahh so agree!! hehe true!

      I actually haven’t seen it (I know, shocking, but I do plan to) but I have read the book and really love it.

      Thank you! I would love to go there (but I was a little hesitant cos I’m not sure it’d be much of a holiday 😉

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  6. Howl’s moving castle would be closest to my heart if I could convince my wife to give a moving home another try. Maybe she would but when things would start to break down or in need of constant maintenance, she would be out in an eye-blink. Been there when she lived with me on a boat.

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    1. That’s fair- although I have to admit I haven’t seen it yet (definitely plan to) so I was purely inspired by Jones- but it’s okay if you weren’t- only makes me more excited about the adaptation (which I’ve heard for years is better 😀 )

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  7. Out of all the worlds you listed, besides the obvious (Narnia), I think Ravka appeals. The idea of Russia is so romantic … whereas the reality is so depressing … it might be nice to visit a version where the dangers are magical rather than kleptocratic.

    That’s always my problem. I fall in love with the idea of a particular civilization, then come up against the fact that it exists in a fallen world and does, in fact, stink. I guess that’s what these fantasy worlds are for.

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  8. Great list. I think that most of these places fall into the category of “nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.” But I suppose most places do. In my book, Beautiful, I wrote about someone from another world coming to ours, and looking at our world from the outside, I thought the same thing…

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  9. I’m with you on all of these! As long as we’re talking “holiday” and not “new home”. (I think that would be most important to specify in fairyland…) And I totally agree about thinking a lot of places are neat to read about but I wouldn’t want to even vacation there. Panem is certainly on that list.

    When I was a kid my sister and I shared a neat two-level bedroom that had a small walk-in closet. (It was also the attic access, which was why it was that large.) We used to pretend that closet was our doorway to Narnia. Sadly it never worked.

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    1. hehehe yeah I get what you mean (especially when it comes to fairyland- that’s the kind of place you end up forever if you’re not careful 😉 ) Yeah for sure- I completely agree with you about Panem.

      hahahaa I can so relate to that!! We had a cupboard in one room, that had a bit of a crawlway under the stairs- sadly no Narnia at the end of it 😉


  10. Great list. Ingo is definitely at the top of my list. Such an immersive world in every sense of the word! Lyra’s Oxford is high up the list too. I wish I had a daemon or a subtle knife. I’d love to go to Discworld too, just to see if I can get my hands on a sapient pearwood chest. It would definitely come in handy!

    Another place I’d like to go is Midnight from the Winternight trilogy. I’d just have to remember to be careful around the water and the locals.

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    1. Thank you!! Yes!! So glad you agree! Ahh I’d love a daemon too! And I wouldn’t say no to a subtle knife 😉 or a real alethiometer for that matter! (basically I want all the stuff from that world 😉 ) hehehe yes!

      Ooh yes!!! That is such an incredible pick!!

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  11. The Night Circus would definitely be at the top of my list. It would be the most magical experience and nothing would compare to it. I would love to visit fantasy Japan. I’d visit Japan any day, but adding that fantasy element makes it all the more fun.
    Howl’s Moving Castle would be a cool place to visit cause no destination will ever be the same.

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  12. I’m not all that much of a traveller, but I would love to go to one of Chandresh’s dinner parties from The Night Circus! Great post, any chance you’d write one on fictional parties you’d like to be at?

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  13. Great list! I don’t really know much about the Discworld but it sounds fascinating! I think I’d love to go to the Shire! ❤

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  14. Howl’s Moving Castle, Lyra’s Oxford, and Narnia are also placed I’d love to visit. I agree that Faerieland isn’t a safe place to visit, but I’d be curious to see it . . . though if it means my life would be in danger, I’d want to be on the opposite side of the world!

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  15. Ended up having to share this post with the people all sitting around me on the bus into work this morning, as apparently I was muttering ‘Yes, obviously, definitely’ and ‘ooh, brave choice, but I can see it’ and such aloud and everyone wanted to know what I was reading!

    I hope that you will be happy to hear that everyone who knew the books in question agreed with you and, while we were stuck in a rain-driven traffic jam, a merry debate was held regarding what else people would suggest! Best traffic jam ever!


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