The Kiss Quotient and the Bride Test add up to a marriage made in heaven!


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Well, I have something to confess: I had a bit of summer fling last month and discovered a new favourite romance author. We’d better dive straight into these mini reviews, before I get all hot and flustered about this (now-not-so) secret love affair…

kiss quotient.png

The Kiss Quotient– wowee- this was love at first line! I read this in one sitting and let’s just say I was more than simply satisfied! Not only was this super steamy at times, it also made me unreasonably emotional. Because this was more than a top-notch romance: it delivered time and again on so many other levels. I think it’s the first time I have ever read a romance featuring an autistic lead and that aspect to the story blew me away. Added to this, I really liked how the family aspect and friendships were developed. This enjoyment was multiplied by exciting themes like the fake dating trope and even touched on the pressures of being single. The only reason this wasn’t a full-length review was that I was too absorbed in it and forgot to take notes. Happy to report, this one definitely lives upto the hype!

Rating: 5/5 bananas


bride test

The Bride Test– obviously once I was done with Kiss Quotient, I bounced to the next available book in this loosely connected companion series. Now, while I didn’t love this quite as much, I can safely say this gets really romantic!! Perhaps more so even than its predecessor. It was emotional. It was heartwarming. And it ended in squeals, lots and lots of squeals. And I LOVE-LOVE-LOVED how these books aren’t just about the romance- they are also about character growth. These are such well-rounded books centred around wonderful characters. As well as this, I have to say that I love how personal these stories are for Hoang- I appreciated reading these in the acknowledgements and it certainly shines through in the writing. All in all, you can’t go wrong with either of these. If you’re into romance like me and you pick these up- well you’re in for a treat!

Rating: 4/5 bananas


So romance fans- have you read either of these? Do you plan to? Let me know in the comments!


44 thoughts on “The Kiss Quotient and the Bride Test add up to a marriage made in heaven!

  1. I read TKQ last year and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. I was so lucky to be able to snag it for free one day on Kindle and I was blown away. How did that book end up free on Kindle?! Anyway, I’d been waiting for TBT since then. While it wasn’t as good as TKQ, in my opinion, I still really liked it. I think TBT was a little different because we also focused on the improvement side of Esme’s career and skills. I loved that.


  2. The indicision kept me from reading these books. I’m not such a big romance fan(or so I think!?). Same thing about your review of the Cruel Prince. Do you still recommend these books if someone isn’t the biggest fan of the genres 😁

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  3. I almost NEVER read romance, but I was curious about reading a romance with a main character on the spectrum. I gave The Kiss Quotient a go via audiobook and was surprised with how much I enjoyed it! I thought the representation was so well done – not surprising because it is #OwnVoices. I haven’t tried The Bride Test yet, but I’ll probably give it a go too 🙂

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  4. Sounds like an author you just can’t skip anymore! I love hearing how a book is so good that you just forget to take notes at all. Actually, it’s a question I wanted to ask in your previous (actually your next) post. What or how do you take notes in all those pretty journals you got? 😮

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