Giveaway Winners Announcement!

celebration monkey

Just a quick post to announce the winners of my giveaway (before I totally forget). Massive *CONGRATULATIONS* to… Briana @Pages Unbound and Roberta @Offbeat YA

pages unbound

Briana runs an incredible blog, alongside Krysta, over at Pages Unbound. You might have heard me rave over the years about how good their blog is- because it’s amazing! Their discussions are always fascinating- covering a wide range of topics, but most notably on classics and libraries. And their reviews are top quality, on all sorts of genres, from MG to YA to classics and even non-fiction!

offbeat ya.png

Roberta has been such a lovely person to get to know- she’s super friendly- which you’re sure to notice from her terrific series “tooting your trumpet”, where she shares posts from around the blogosphere. Her reviews are so in-depth and compelling as well!

So what are you waiting for? You *need* to check them out right now!!

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