Confessions of a (justified) mood reader…


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This has been a long time coming. I’ve been holding this secret inside and I don’t think I can keep it from you anymore: I’M A MASSIVE MOOD READER AND SOMETIMES I MAKE RIDICULOUS READING CHOICES! (okay a lot of you already knew that and so this was perhaps a little melodramatic 😉) Point is, it’s time I exposed my silliness to the world… (so that you can laugh/judge/commiserate with me!) Let’s get into some of the ways mood reading effects my reading:

piles of booksI am incapable of keeping to a TBR. I’ve talked about this before, but there’s a reason you’ll never see a proper TBR post from me (and if I do one, it’s more like: here’s some books I plan to read within the next decade 😉)


merlin books sharingOh and forget about keeping to hard deadlines- I like to have months to read an ARC, buddy reads are often a no-go and I will happily read a gift years after I get it (the exception being that I am almost pathological when it comes to library due dates 😉)


shameBecause of that I have so much TBR Shame! Often people will be impressed that I have only 300 books on my goodreads TBR… until I point out that I have wishlists with hundreds of books on every. single. book site (I don’t even think this is simply being disorganised- I think this is a way of tricking myself into believing my TBRs are not all exponentially long). And I only ever seem to grow them instead of making them smaller. It’s a real struggle to delete something off the list that I will never might not read- let alone pick them all up! (which to be fair would be impossible, since I seem determined to list every book in the universe, no matter how much it seems like these lists are never ending blackholes…)


hoarding booksI also hoard ebooks like there’s no tomorrow. I have books for every occasion and every possible mood- some of which have been on my TBR *forever and a day*. Here are just some of the books I’ve got on my kindle that I’ve been meaning to read for years:


(yes I am sneakily including these so I can guilt myself later 😉)

choose books2And yet I still struggle to find the perfect book for the perfect moment! I will spend ages between books looking at my shelves/overdrive/going to the library, trying to determine what’s right for my mood and choosing what to read next… which should be easy with options from *all the genres* but NOPE.


book loveBecause *lowers voice* nothing really happens if I make the wrong choice. Sometimes I could pick something up in a genre I don’t feel like and just put it down again. The rest of the time, I secretly know that I could probably choose anything and it wouldn’t actually matter if I thought I was in the mood for it- if it’s a great book, I’ll get in the mood…  

So are any of you mood readers? Do you have the same problems as me? Let me know in the comments!


84 thoughts on “Confessions of a (justified) mood reader…

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    Haha…great post. And yes…I am a mood reader too…I don’t hoard E-books though…but I do hoard real books lol. (Don’t know what is worse though honestly 😂😂). As for my to read list…it’s so huge that in all likelyhood I will never, ever, ever complete it in this lifetime. It does assure me that I will never run out of things to read though, so there is that 😊

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  2. confessionsofayareader says:

    I am very much a mood reader. I try to use a TBR for ARCs and group reads. But it is still hard at times and I may skip some. I try to make sure I have a variety of books, so there is always something to find. And yet there are days that I still struggle with what to choose.

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  3. daleydowning says:

    These are all the reasons I’ve actually done away with a physical TBR! Even if I’m reading something on purpose – like a book club selection – within a certain/fixed time frame, I hardly ever start reading that RIGHT AWAY. For example, the August Owl Crate book will realistically sit on my shelf until I’m in the mood to read it – and WHO KNOWS when that will be?! It’s actually really liberating to grab whatever off whichever shelf (home, library, etc.) based purely on whether you’ve had a crappy day and need a pick-me-up or are in the mood for something dark and mysterious! 😉

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  4. Ekta Singh says:

    This is so relatable!
    Coincidentally, day before yesterday only me and my brother had this conversation when he said, “I’m a fantasy book whore” and I replied, “I’m a moody book whore” and now you put it here. 😂😂


  5. bookbeachbunny says:

    I relate so much! I think mood reading is also the reason why I find myself reading six or seven books at a time. It’s like I’m in the mood for a YA then the next day I’ll want a sci-fi and the day after that it will be oh this play sounds so good and then its back to the YA. That’s the great thing about books though something for everyone and every mood you could think of 🙂

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  6. CJR The Brit says:

    This is so me in the right now! I used to make reading lists, sign up for arcs but it’s all gone stale! I think I’ve turned into a mood reader so I am pulling back from arcs. I told myself it doesnt matter when I read a book, as long as if I do, I dont have to be an arc reader! I felt so much better when I admitted it to myself! Great post!

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  7. rachel patrick says:

    I am completely a mood reader! I refuse any kind of TBR jar or list as I know for a fact I will pull out a book and decide I don’t feel like that one. I’ve banned myself from Netgalley as I never want to read what I get accepted for! 😂


  8. alilovesbooks says:

    Yep, this sounds very familiar, I even have a few of the same books sitting on my kindle unread. I’m actually too scared to count how many books I am waiting to be in the right mood to read. What makes it worse is that when I decide I’m in the mood for say an adult sci fi, instead of picking up one of the 500 adult sci fi books I already own I go off and look for new ones to buy/borrow 😂

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  9. Christopher says:

    A few months ago I first learned about the Japanese concept of Tsundoku, which is essentially acquiring books without reading them, and I felt a little less alone knowing there’s a word for it, although I maintain the naive belief that every book I own is TBR…eventually.
    My collection would probably be much more extensive if I read e-books. There’s another advantage of physical books: you can only accumulate so many in a given space.
    Anyway I guess I’m not a mood reader. Whatever’s nearby is what I’ll read at any given time, and I tend to finish a book once I start it.

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    • theorangutanlibrarian says:

      Ahhh yes I think that concept is so apt!! I love that as well cos it makes me feel less alone too. hahaha I do the same 😉 Yeah I think if I was able to collect as many physical books it wouldn’t be as bad cos I’d run out of space… but because I mostly get ebooks I’m so much worse about it!!
      Well that’s good!

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  10. stargazer says:

    I am a mood reader as well, but I think that is easy to manage. I don’t participate in anything, which require commitment or deadlines and when I have finished the books, I am reading, I download a new book which matches my mood at that day. No TBR, no stacks of books, no guilt… Yes, I know, that sounded outrageously boring, but there you go 😉

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  11. Mel says:

    omg I was just talking to my boyfriend about so many of these mood reader troubles! I am definitely an ebook hoarder and have had some earcs on my kindle for years. I should probably not request arcs at all but the problem is I’m always in the mood for them when I request them but by the time they are approved my mood has changed. arcs are definitely my biggest challenge when it comes to mood reading.

    great (and relatable!!) post!

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  12. MichaelK says:

    Totally awesome post! I am a massive mood reader guilty (wrong mentality – proud) of everything you say! Are you sure you are not my long lost twin? 😂 And I am glad it seems there are many of us too! I will definitely discuss this article in one of my videos next season!

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  13. Zoe's Library says:

    I relate to this so much. I am the worst kind of mood reader because I’ll just flat-out abandon books that I was enjoying because I got out of the mood for them. *Sigh*


  14. Jennifer Mugrage says:

    Yes, I can relate completely.

    Another problem: old, beloved books. I tell myself I ought to/want to reread them, but then I almost never feel like it … because I know how they end! But on those rare occasions when I do reread one, I invariably end up going, “I forgot how good this is and how beautiful the writing is! It’s been too long!”

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  15. Kay | Hammock of Books says:

    I’m such a mood reader too lmao. I don’t even bother pretending that I’ll stick to a tbr, I just go to the library and grab whatever sounds interesting, and if I don’t get around to it, return it and probably forget about it forever. I also add books on goodreads to my want to read shelf, and them promptly forget about them and tbh I have no idea what’s on that shelf

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    • theorangutanlibrarian says:

      haha I am the exact same at this point- I’ve given up on tbrs altogether- they just don’t work for me. hahaha I relate to that as well- I never look at my goodreads list, so I’m pleasantly surprised when I read something off there by accident.


  16. Bookstooge says:

    I just feel sorry for you. I completely understand, but man, it sure does suck. You’re overwhelmed with choice and can spend as much time choosing as actually reading (well, slight exaggeration there, but you know…).

    Have you ever thought about just deleting half your lists on the various sites just to see if it makes ANY difference?

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    • theorangutanlibrarian says:

      hehehehe it is a struggle 😉 to be honest though, the choosing part doesn’t take long between books, it’s more the guilt about not reading certain things forever 😉

      Well, yes- I’ve deleted lists before- but the problem is I like making lists (even if following them isn’t something I do as well 😉 )- so if I do that I just start from scratch and find a lot of the same books end up on it 😉

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  17. Miri ♪ Book Dragoness ♪ says:

    Oh my god, that’s definitely me. I mean…I get stressed at the library trying to pick what books to bring home (when in reality, I want to bring EVERYTHING home) Also I do get stressed about what to read next oh dear – that one! how about that one! the most recent book I got. The one a blogger recommended. The sci-fi book I’ve been planning for ages to read.

    And I’m terrible at keeping up with ARCs, I’ve just discovered. I’m reading one whose reading deadline will expire the day after tomorrow O.O At least I’m more than a third of the way through and I’ll have a chunk tomorrow to hopefully read a lot of it and the story’s picking up!

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    • theorangutanlibrarian says:

      hahahah oh gosh I get that too- I really struggle with not going overboard in case I don’t have room in my bag lol! hehehehe that is literally my mind process 😉

      I have the same problem as well- it’s one of the reasons I request so few of them. Ahh I’ve been there!! Good luck!

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      • Miri ♪ Book Dragoness ♪ says:

        At the library it’s a constant battle between my want vs. how heavy the bag will be and whether I’ll go over my book borrowing limit haha I TRY TO LIMIT MYSELF THOUGH

        I actually finished the ARC today so yay! Thank you ❤ I don't request much ARCs but me being a master procrastinator, I somehow managed to procrastinate till the last minute haha 😉


  18. Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum says:

    I’m definitely a mood reader! There are just some books I simply can’t get into unless I’m in the right frame of mind, and by that same token, I keep a lot of books around to suit my moods. I used to plan my reading rigidly, but now I’ve learned to just go with what I feel like 🙂

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  19. Eustacia | Eustea Reads says:

    I’m a mood reader too and I basically use my TBR so that I have a slightly smaller selection of books (paradox of choice lol) to read when the mood strikes me. There are books on my TBR that I’m starting to doubt I’ll ever be in the mood to read, but I can’t bring myself to remove them :p

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  20. Meeghan reads says:

    So… pretty sure you just climbed inside my head and told all of *MY* secrets… (How could you?!) Also, I keep looking at all my news books and thinking “I really want to read you immediately… but I’m so sorry… it will probably be a while…” 😓

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  21. Cameron Graham says:

    I’m an appalling re-reader when the mood strikes me. Doesn’t matter what’s on my TBR list, doesn’t matter if I’m halfway through a perfectly lovely book, the mood hits me and I *have* to pull a particular old favourite off the shelf.

    I tell myself ‘It’s fine, you just want to re-read that one passage, just to re-experience the feeling of reading it again.’ I tell myself ‘It’s only a quick read, then I’ll get back to the one I was reading before.’ This never happens. Of course it doesn’t. The old, familiar words come rushing back and enfold me up in fond memories and I’m done for. Just sitting there at the base of the bookcases, curled up with my old friend and I have to read the whole thing all over again, front to back.

    It’s a problem!

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  22. marydrover says:

    I truly appreciate that Black Books gif. 😂 I feel like every gif ever from that show is just so relatable for all situations–it’s truly a gem.

    I’m also a mood reader, but I’ve been forcing myself to stick to TBRs because it helps me read more so then I can fool myself into believing I can actually get to every book ever. It’s that list bit, though, “if it’s a great book, I’ll get in the mood.” It’s so true, and I keep repeating it like a mantra every time I’m kind of meh about starting a book, but in the end, I end up having the greatest time!

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  23. Captain's Quarters says:

    “And yet I still struggle to find the perfect book for the perfect moment! I will spend ages between books looking at my shelves/overdrive/going to the library, trying to determine what’s right for my mood and choosing what to read next… which should be easy with options from *all the genres* but NOPE.” Aye, matey! I hear ye. I also have lists with every library and bookseller besides the ones on the Goodreads list. There is some overlap but not all.
    x The Captain

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    • Jennifer Mugrage says:

      I have been there.

      There is even an old Peanuts cartoon where Linus is looking frantically for something appropriate to read while he eats his breakfast cereal. The problem is he’s already poured the milk, and by the time he locates the perfect read, the cereal is soggy.


  24. thisisoneforthebooks says:

    i have the same struggle – often times i will order a book from the library, and by the time a week or so goes by and i actually get it, i won’t be in the mood anymore! super annoying!! but on the bright side of owning so many books, at least you always know that when you put one down, there will surely always be another that better suits your taste waiting right on the shelf for you 🙂


  25. Kal @ Reader Voracious says:

    This is such a relatable post because I too am a justified mood reader! The worst are ebook sales – I am so guilty of one-clicking any ebook I have the remote interest in reading it it is under $3 and then proceeding to forget that I own it. It’s a serious problem and I had to set up an email filter to move kindle deals to trash


  26. Kelly | Another Book in the Wall says:

    This post is everything! I’m a huge mood reader, and I hoard ebooks like no tomorrow! Seriously, my Kindle library is a frightening sight. Haha! I honestly forget I own half the books in my digital library. My mood is constantly changing and I usually don’t realize I’m in the mood for a certain book, until I’ve picked it up on a whim. lol. Great post! ❤


  27. waytoofantasy says:

    I FEEL YOU. I mean, I am also a huge mood reader. Keeping to my TBR this summer has been so tough. It’s also why I’m not going to complete it before the end of summer but I think I still did okay considering. Being a mood reader is tough, especially when you set expectations for yourself or have ARCs due. 🙂


  28. denisebaer says:

    Stopping by to check out your blog. Sophie from Blame Chocolate mentioned you.

    Love the post. I am so a mood reader. I don’t do buddy reads, book clubs (joined one for 6 months), or commit to any specific book. When I read, it’s all about what I’m in the mood for at that moment. I’m more of a paperback gal than an ebook. The only ebooks I read are those I download for free, except a few. Terrible, I know.


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