Monkey at the movies – Marvel Phase 3: FINALE!

monkey at the marvel movies

It’s finally here: my super-late, overlong, fangirly reviews for the last few movies in Marvel Phase 3! I reviewed all the other movies in Phase 3 back in March (and Phase 1 and Phase 2 before that). And now here we are *dun dun dunnn*. Get ready for some HOT TAKES and (possibly) *controversial* opinions…

captain marvel

Captain Marvel– Okay definitely going to be *controversial* with this review, cos I didn’t like this movie at all. A lot of the criticism (and in turn praise) for this film has been its blatant political activism and similar complaints about the lead actress. Now, personally I think Bree’s a pretty good actress buuut she just wasn’t given anything interesting to do and the activism was definitely this movie’s downfall. It’s unquestionable that the agenda for this movie drove all the plot points- you can tell who the villain will be and who the goodies are just by playing the identity politics game (even if it doesn’t make any logical sense from the opening gambit, I just knew what the twist was gonna be). And of course, the main character is a woman so, by modern Hollywood standards, that means she’s a plank of wood with no personality and no weaknesses. Because of course. As a woman, I couldn’t be more bored of these bland non-characters, but who cares what I think, writing Mary Sues ticks the *strong independent woman who don’t need no man* box, so we should all stand up and applaud! Sorry, I know I’m getting salty- alas there just wasn’t anything I liked about this movie. And no, you don’t need to watch it to enjoy Endgame. It’s probably too late to spare anyone the snoozefest, but I can safely say you can ignore the marketing on that front.

Rating: 2/5 bananas


avengers endgame.png

Avengers: Endgame*spoilers*, of course, because this has been out for ages (also I have *a lot* of thoughts!) This was epic! And it felt like such a great send off for the original Avengers. From the powerful opening scenes, Endgame doesn’t pull any punches. We’re given a chance to feel brief elation and then snapped back to despair as we realise this hasn’t changed anything. For a while, we’re left stewing in that failure- which really sets the bleak tone and gives weight to everything our heroes consequently do. I love how this incredibly fantastical movie made me feel that there were true stakes at play. And that’s when we get our solution: time heist! Which allows for a super fun adventure to ensue. Of course, the emotional wheel doesn’t stop turning and there are still some tear-jerking moments to come. And while the structure of the film is unusual- relying heavily on everything that’s come before- I definitely felt the weight of every single decision. That’s the massive achievement of this film- it doesn’t just give you a rundown of the previous movies- it’s makes you invested in this last hurrah. The tension rises and rises, keeping you on the edge of your seat until the final act.

Now, having said the stakes were high, my personal preference would’ve been for Tony to risk his present timeline for the sake of the world- proving that he put the fate of the world above his own happiness and therefore experienced the greatest amount of growth… however I understand why the writers decided to table that idea in order not to have the whole story play out as “would you kill baby Thanos” (a question they answered well). And I thought that, ultimately, Iron Man’s ending made perfect sense. To me, it’s a massive part of his character that he wasn’t going to stop until it killed him- but I was glad that when he finally met his end it was for someone else’s sake.

I did also like the Cap’s ending- it was sweet and the best possible outcome for him. Black Widow’s though… ahhh!!! Sorry, lost for words. It was a heartwrenching scene and made the most of the character. Also, I’ve gotta admit, after seeing Captain Marvel I was *so relieved* it wasn’t just the Carol Danvers show. It would’ve been such uninspiring storytelling to have her just zap everything better- especially cos that would’ve taken away from all the original cast (plus, no amount of other characters saying “I like her” will make me magically like her). The new characters were incorporated brilliantly: I was ecstatic when Tchalla, Spidy and the rest came back; I was cheering them on when they were running the gauntlet and I loved the epic battle to the death!

Honestly, there was only one part of the movie I wasn’t happy with: Thor had become a shadow of his former self. And I don’t mean that he was pushed to the limit like the other characters. I mean, it felt like the writers decided they didn’t like his character much… so his entire arc consisted of gaining weight and making dad jokes. It was pretty unsatisfying and left a bad taste in my mouth if I’m honest.

Still, it was a genuinely funny movie at times, it packed so much in and it did a great job of paying off allll the creative work that had gone into this saga. Marvel really rewarded its fans for sticking with this super long serialised story. I for one was certainly glad of time I invested in the franchise.

Rating: 4½/5 bananas

hand-drawn-bananahand-drawn-bananahand-drawn-bananahand-drawn-banana half-a-hand-drawn-banana

spider man far from home

Spider Man: Far From Home– okay so you should probably all know I have a soft spot for Spidy, so I had to watch this. And it was a good time! It was laugh out loud, really enjoyable and it was the best movie to follow on from Endgame. Not just cos it had a lighter tone, but because it tied into Iron Man really well. I liked that this was a way to really let us feel his sacrifice again. One downside of this movie was that the twist was SO FRICKIN OBVIOUS. I mean, it was great that Peter Parker got to be smart in this movie- but gosh how could he be so dumb!! I guess you could play it off as him being a kid- which was done well to be fair. But yeah, that villain wasn’t in the slightest bit mysterious. Having said that, it was a fun movie, with cute moments (loved every scene with MJ!) and the ending was sweet. To be honest, I could’ve let the whole predictable element slide if not for those end credit scenes… The first one wasn’t so bad- it was just frustrating knowing we’re not going to get a Spider Man movie that actually pays it off. The second one I didn’t like at all though because I liked the role Nick Fury had in the movie (even if he had acted out of character). So yeah, kinda left feeling *irritated* knowing that Spidy is out of the MCU. I was entertained though, so…

4/5 bananas


Okay, these were on the most part positive viewing experiences… whichhhh is why it’ll probably come as a surprise that I’m pretty much done with Marvel movies. To be frank, I will always be interested in any Spider Man films and I want to see the last Guardians story play out, but I’m not enthused by most of the upcoming characters. Without Spider Man taking up the helm of Iron Man and with Captain Marvel poised to take on the leadership mantel and whatever role the wizard-or-whatever Dr Strange is playing, I can’t say I’m interested. Not to say that I don’t think other people will have fun with them (and I sincerely hope they make everyone that goes to see them very happy). But personally, I think Endgame is a great note on which to bow out.

So, have you seen these movies? Do you plan to? And what are your thoughts on future Marvel movies? Let me know in the comments!

35 thoughts on “Monkey at the movies – Marvel Phase 3: FINALE!

  1. I think I agree with you about being done with Marvel. I don’t really have an opinion about Captain Marvel, and I never watched the OG Dr. Strange, but I was super bummer about Spider-man. I felt like Tom Holland was doing the best possible job with the character; it really is a shame that things don’t seem to be working out for them. Other than Spidy and Guardians though, I am not super sure that I am interested in a universe without Steve Rogers (oh wait I forgot Black Panther too, I wanna see that movie).
    However, I am really looking forward to the Disney+ pitches in regards to the Marvel universe so who knows? End Game was a great way to end this generation of heroes for sure. But they clearly cannot last forever, and so this is the best way to go about it. Out with the old, in with the new, right?

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    1. I’m honestly glad I’m not the only one tbh. I can understand that. I was really bummed about spider Man too- everyone was doing a great job with that :/ and yeah I don’t care now Steve Rogers is gone (yeah I could definitely be tempted by black panther too 😉) I mean they could be good, but I think I’m feeling the fatigue now, so maybe one day (and depending on reviews and the like) that’s true- I do think it was an excellent send off!

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  2. Repeat with me:
    There is no phase four, there is no phase four, there is no phase four.

    Yeah, once I get around to watching these movies (except for Captain Woody) I think I’m done with superhero movies in general. I’m fatigued and I really don’t like the line Disney is taking and the direction it all seems to be going.

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    1. Hehehe yeah I’m gonna pretend it doesn’t exist 😉

      I’m already fatigued and everything the talking heads at Disney are saying is putting me off further (also good call on Captain woody- I wasn’t enamored by the trailers, but fell for the “oh you’ve got to watch it to understand endgame” line- you don’t, I was a total sucker to believe that)

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    1. He definitely did. And yeah I agree. I also just think they didn’t give her anything to do- she didn’t need to be constantly stoic- all the other superheroes have had a chance to show their emotional range and this was just such a meh story (with no real low point to balance out the highs). That’s true.

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  3. Endgame was PERFECT! (Even with Captain Marvel, heheh). The thing I liked the most about CM (the film) was more on Fury, and GOOSE. But otherwise, I wasn’t impressed, and knew I wouldn’t be. I haven’t caught up AT ALL on the new Spidey (not even Homecoming yet!), but I do want to! And, yes, I feel that Endgame is a good place to bookmark for those of us who are ready to be off the rollercoaster of Disney buying something we love and changing it, again. If I’m not even invested in whatever movies might come to be, then I won’t risk disappointment! (hopefully?)

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    1. It was great! Hehehe- yes even with her. I did like fury and goose in it- tbh they should’ve just done a buddy cop story with the two of them 😉 oh well I hope you like them- they’ve done a great job with the comedy and keeping them fun! And yeah for sure! That’s what I’m thinking/hoping 😉

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  4. Sorry you didn’t like Captain Marvel. I loved it. I found her utter lack of personality hilarious. Mostly it was the Kree brainwashing, because the more human she got the more personality she got. I also always enjoy Nick Fury, and I will never say no to a chance to watch Samuel L Jackson say ridiculous things. Also I’m a loser and I did *not* see the twist coming because it wasn’t until after the twist that I remembered the Kree are bad guys. Oops!

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    1. hehe well I feel like I might have enjoyed it more if I’d laughed at her! I did get they were going for it- but it didn’t work for me cos I never felt she got an interesting personality (she just got more and more powerful). I do hear you about Nick Fury though. haha!

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  5. The final battle for Endgame, where they all arrive to help? CHILLS
    I love the way that played out.

    The Thor meeting his mother scene was pretty good – I liked how that went. I think that was the high point of his development for that movie, although with so many characters (that used to have their own movies) I suppose it’s hard for them to balance all the character development arcs.

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    1. YES!! Really agree with you!!

      And I agree with you there. It definitely was. I think that’s fair, though I could’ve done with more for his character. I think one of the issues for me was comparing it to how well they handled captain America and iron man’s development in the movie.

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  6. Haha, I’m kinda with you on Captain Marvel, I just didn’t see anything that was too special. In fact, I caught half of it on TV and didn’t finish it because my attention just sort of…dropped off. I did love all the 90s references though, but there’s got to be more to a movie than just a gimmick! 🙂

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  7. Totally agree with you on Captain Marvel’s movie. They tried to push a Mary Sue character so very hard and I was rolling my eyes through it the entire time.

    As for Endgame, I was also miffed about Thor becoming weaker, but then I thought about it, and it makes sense. At the end of Infinity War, Thor with Stormbreaker was able to overpower the Infinity Gauntlet. They needed to weaken him, and the logical step would be a descent into depression.

    Consider what had happened to him in previous movies (Ragnarok and Infinity War), it makes sense.

    Other than that, I think it was a great send-off— and I’m glad they kept the Captain Marvel nonsense to a minimum.

    I waited until the end of the credits to hear the hammer hitting iron— a callback to Iron Man’s origin: in that cave with Yinsen. I got shivers from that.

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    1. I really agree with you there!

      I do think that it makes sense to weaken him, I just didn’t like the way it was handled/his overall arc. So I get the idea in theory, it just didn’t work for me in the way it played out. But I do hear you.

      Yes! It was a relief that they didn’t use her much/not in a way that was integral to the plot.

      Ahh yes!


  8. Fully agree with you regarding captain marvel. I don’t like the character at all. She is way too perfect and overpowered. Then again, I didn’t like her in the comics either, so not sure if its totally the movies fault.
    Still, we only watched it so we would understand endgame. No need indeed, she really doesn’t do anything in that one. Which was great 😁

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  9. My fave thing about Captain Marvel was the Flerken…
    My hubs and I argued when we got home from seeing Endgame. He said Steve’s end would ruin the timeline. I disagreed because even though we know Peggy got married and had kids, we never found out to whom. It’s plausible that when he saw her just before she passed she already knew that she would see a younger Steve because her Steve had warned her. I mean, it means that they had to keep his identity a secret for most of his life, but wouldn’t you give up being a superhero for the one you love?!
    And I am DEVASTATED that Sony and Marvel couldn’t make the venture work. WHYYYYYY??!! Tom Holland is my FAVE Spidey!!
    Also, I think Thor will get his *redemption*. Hemsworth has said he would be willing to come back so my bet is he’ll be in Guardians 3.

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    1. Ahh I hear you!! I liked goose too!
      I agree with you to be honest- I just thought “ahh he was her husband all along”- like you said, we never saw her husband, so it definitely worked for me. I also thought that she must have been warned. It definitely worked for me!
      Ahh I totally agree about spiderman!! I’m still so sad about it!!
      I do think that’s possible! I just think it’s a shame it didn’t really tie into endgame. But ah well, they ended most of the original avengers storylines really well, so I guess you can’t win em all 😉

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  10. I love the Marvel movies, but I have always picked which ones I wanted to watch and didn’t just decide I had to watch them all. So that said, I am not done with them, but I am going to continue being choosy about which ones I watch. I would love more Guardians. I would also love more Ant-Man, since I really enjoyed the first two. But to watch them just because they’re Marvel? Nope, they get the same vetting as any other movie I spend my time and money on.

    About Captain Marvel: I hate when movie makers take a good actor and give them bad roles. I’ve seen it so many times, and it always makes me mad.

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    1. I think that makes a lot of sense! I did do that for ages- until I became friends with someone that challenged me to go back and watch all the ones I’d missed and then I got hooked 😉 But I do think that makes sense- I think it’s less that I’m giving up on them, I’m going to go back to being more choosy. I hear you about Ant man- I did like the first two, but I just don’t know that I’ll watch a sequel, cos generally speaking I don’t watch that many movies. I think that’s really sensible.

      Ahh I really agree with you- I don’t think she’s a bad actress at all, I just think her skills as an actress were underused in the movie cos they didn’t get her to do anything!


      1. Oh, that makes sense! I don’t have friends who have challenged me to watch them, so I haven’t felt a need to watch the ones that don’t interest me. Sadly, though, that also means I don’t have people pushing me to go see the ones I want to see. I still haven’t seen Black Panther, for example, because I haven’t had anyone remind me to go see it. (Sometimes I am such an introvert. I guess I have no excuse now that the movie is out on digital.)

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  11. I agree with your note on Thor–if they had actually taken the route of depression and given him space to grieve and be angry, I would’ve been all for that. But instead, they turned everything into a joke with him. To me, it felt like they made fun of him and his depression, and that was just–not great. He has so much potential as a character, and so much possible growth in this movie, and they just squashed it for some beer-slinging and falling asleep during important scenes.

    I’m also pretty all set now. Endgame was a great place to bow out, and I don’t envision putting too much time into anything else that comes out now.

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    1. Yeah for me personally, I didn’t view it as depression at all. It was just a big joke where *oh look Thor’s got fat* ha-bloody-ha. It wasn’t even funny :/ it was a real shame cos he had a lot of room to grow from the last movie to this one. And he just does nothing and abdicates? (Which would’ve been fine if, like captain America, had more of an interesting character arc overall)

      Yeah I agree with you

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  12. Great reviews!!! I actually haven’t watched Captain Marvel yet, because I frankly didn’t enjoy the little I saw of the title character, when she appeared in Endgame. I seriously can’t stand these Mary Sue, bland characters! I loved Endgame, and enjoyed Far From Home quite a bit as well! The villain reveal was definitely far too obvious though!

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    1. Thank you! Yeahhh I can’t pretend I liked the movie or think it’s worth watching- I think you can definitely skip it. in my opinion, she was a Mary Sue- overpowered and with no personality :/ But endgame was great! And I had fun with spider man too 😀 Yeah it was!

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