Falling for more fun and fluffy books!

Woohoo- it’s Fall!! (or autumn as we call it on this side of the pond)

autumn monkey 2

I absolutely love the autumn. I love getting out my cosy clothes, I love getting ready for winter and most of all I love the excuse to stay in with my books (c’mon, we all do it 😉) And what better books for this time of year than some super sweet fluff!

orangutan list

the flatshare

Flatshare– if you’re after a modern love story then look no further! Cos OMG this quirky romance is the perfect homecoming if you’re still craving something summery 😀

cinder and ella

Cinder and Ella– I know I mention this a lot (because I ❤ cinderella retellings) but man, this book is so good!!


Geekerella– yes I am addicted to Cinderella retellings, yes at least one is always bound to end up on this list. And really, you can’t go wrong with this refreshing fandom-themed take on the classic fairy tale! Also, tis the season to get dressed up in funky costumes and pretend to be someone else 😉

kindred spirits

Kindred Spirits– it’s been a long time since I mentioned this adorable novella and it’s very much overdue! This really relatable story features so much geekiness and I am SO HERE FOR IT!

eliza and her monsters

Eliza and Her Monsters– another story that’s super relevant to the modern world, this book is so relevant to the likes of us who like hanging out online… which is everyone here 😉

my lady jane

My Lady Jane– admittedly not modern, this is most definitely a contemporary take on the story of Lady Jane Grey. Hilarious, quirky and with plenty of *magic*- you can’t go wrong with this unique read! (and the next one in the Lady Janies series is good too)

goose girl

Goose Girl– admittedly with sadder aspects, nothing could have a fluffier, happier ending than this Middle Grade retelling. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

ps i like you

PS I Like You– PS I liked this book 😉 Okay don’t let my cheesy joke put you off- this is possibly my favourite Kasie West book because it is SO CUTE!

kiss quotient

Kiss Quotient– I swear Hoang is my new love in the contemporary genre- I can’t count the times I’ve recommended this- and can estimate I’m gonna mention it a lot more in the future!

zenn diagram

Zenn Diagram– with more of a magical realism twist, this book certainly adds up to a good time. And you get a really deep romance and aww-inspiring ending to boot!

And that’s all for now! Have you read any of these books? Do you plan to? And what books do you think make great fluffy reads? Let me know in the comments!

32 thoughts on “Falling for more fun and fluffy books!

  1. There’s something about fluffy, heartwarming books that is so much more special this time of year!! I also love to cosy up inside with a good book as the weather takes a chilly turn. I’m just annoyed because California can’t make up it’s mind over when to actually get cooler :/ It was finally getting down to the 80s here, and now it’s set to be summer weather again next week. I just want ALLLLL the coats, leggings, boots, and scarves already!


  2. Lovely list!! I love autumn so much, so I’m a little sad that California refuses to get with the times, and start cooling down! Haha. I adore Geekerella, Eliza and her Monster, and especially PS I Like You! They’re all such sweet contemporaries, that I can imagine myself curling up on my bed and reading! ❤


  3. I think I have just about every one of these on my list except for The Kiss Quotient. I enjoyed Geekerella too. Thanks for the awesome list! I’m also super excited for fall. A few more days! 🎃😉🍂


  4. I love autumn as well! Nothing better than being able to wear cosy sweaters again. Or watching the amazing colours of the trees. And of course wrapping up inside with a good book! I haven’t read any from your list, but like the sound of ‘Kindred Spirits’. It might appeal to my geeky side (which I admittedly try to tone down 😉).


  5. OMG! You have Zenn Diagram on your list. I loved that book, but I never really saw too many people talking about it. I am actually a very fluffy reader, and I read and really enjoyed eight of these.


  6. So many great recs!

    Flat Share is on my list for books I want to read this Fall for sure. I’ve heard so many good things about it.

    I’m obsessed with the cover of Cinder & Ella. I’m def going to have to get that one on my next bookstore run.


  7. Ahh what a fantastic list! I’m ALL for all the fluff and yet I haven’t read many of these books, I need to do something about that as soon as I can. I really liked Zenn’s Diagram and LOVE Eliza so, so much. I really need to get to The Kiss Quotient sometime soon 🙂


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