Dear My Plain Jane – You Are Beautiful To Me!

my plain janeDear My Plain Jane,

I must confess I feel like I am cheating on My Lady Jane with this letter- but I cannot hold it in any longer- I cannot keep my feelings stashed away in the attic like a dirty secret! After My Lady Jane, I was bereft of witty fantasy company and there you were: dressing and talking and acting the same way. You lured me in with your wicked wiles, you made me pick you up. I could not resist peeking between your pages.

And I must say, your charms increased the more I got to know you. While you didn’t make me fall for you quite as fast as my first love, you did hook me with your premise. You weren’t quite the same as your predecessor; you had your own unique personality. I liked the new take though! The concept of a retelling of Jane Eyre where titular character was literally haunted was a great deal of fun. I was not prepared, however, for the little surprises along the way.

Initially, I thought the original characters were getting the rough end of the stick (yes, Mr Rochester is a jerk, but I still love him) yet in the end this was a kinder retelling than I expected. More than that, you went above and beyond to give the characters the story they deserved. Jane’s narrative was sweeter, more focused on friendship and focused more on how we deal with hardships. Even better was the meta take on Charlotte Bronte- giving a never-before-seen glimpse into her life (well, a fantastical, joyful take anyway). I did like the relationships and cute romances throughout. I especially liked how this all led to an aww-inspiring happy ending.

Your humour was breath-taking as well! I enjoyed every refence to pop culture- from LOTR to the Princess Bride to Scooby Doo! Each one made me throw my head back laughing. You were a riot! I think I guffawed the loudest when you mentioned My Lady Jane.

Anyway, I have to say as much as I am a fan of Jane Eyre, I was able to take this unique reimaging in the spirit it was intended and didn’t mind the changes it made (I know, I surprised myself again). Reader, this book was a lot of fun. Please find enclosed:

Rating: 4½/5 bananas

hand-drawn-bananahand-drawn-bananahand-drawn-bananahand-drawn-banana half-a-hand-drawn-banana 

Sincerely, Orangutan Librarian

booklove orangutan


34 thoughts on “Dear My Plain Jane – You Are Beautiful To Me!

  1. I read this book sometime last year and really enjoyed it. It was a fun (and funny) re-imagining of Jane Eyre. I’m definitely excited for the three authors’ follow up to this. I think it’s coming out next year, just not sure.
    I enjoyed reading your review. It’s very fun!


  2. I loved this one too!! But honestly I can’t choose a favorite between this one and My Lady Jane… they’re so different from each other. 🙂 Nice review, and pretty unique!

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  3. AWWWW!! This was one of the sweetest reviews EVERRR! I LOVED IT! 😍❤️❤️❤️And LOTR REFERENCES AS WELL!??!?! 😱😱😱 Gotta run to the bookshop asap!!! *starts my car and VROOM VROOOOOOM*

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  4. Awwww talk about the best review!! I also really love the tongue in cheek loving way this was written. It is so different from the first book, not quite the same kind of retelling, but I agree I loved it anyway!! Can’t wait for the 3rd book to come out too. ❤️


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