Woke by @TitaniaMcGrath is the most important book of our time

wokeWhat a STUNNING and BRAVE and MAGNIFICENT creature Titania McGrath is. It is an absolute pleasure to bask in her tweets that liberate us from reality and hear to her shrieking *ahem* spoken word poetry. We are all blessed to breathe the same air as her (except that we probably shouldn’t do that cos that is stealing air from minorities). We, the undeserving, are fortunate to merely be able to listen to this goddess of progressivism preaching how much better she is than us. Her wisdom is undeniable.

“It is no exaggeration to say I would rather be living in a Soviet gulag than a capitalist country”

Of course, it can come as no surprise that Titania experienced *horrendous* abuse from an early age, being brought up by wealthy parents and privately educated (the horror, the horror!). Worse still, she recently faced a twitter ban by the evil Nazi capitalist overlords over in Silicone Valley! I now thank my lucky stars that I have never experienced such inhumane treatment!

“That’s the wonderful thing about identity politics: you never have to explain yourself, or even develop your thoughts into what right-wingers call a “coherent argument””

Are we not all oppressed though? Titania teaches us that anything can be a form of oppression if shouted about loudly enough. I for one would love to share my invisible disability of extreme laziness but I’m afraid I’d have to get out of bed early to do that (#slovenlypride). But really, I recognise that my biggest obstacle in life comes from being a woman (obviously) and that even my cartoon depictions of myself are oppressed by the patriarchy (obviously) since no one recognises I’m a woman unless I put on a dress!

orangutan in dress

“When women are valued more than men, then and only then will we have achieved equality.”

Althoughhhh when I say everyone is oppressed, I’m not really talking about everyone. Straight white men don’t count. Even if they’re living in a dumpster, they have privilege. I mean, that goes without saying. I actually bought a copy of this book for my brother’s birthday because he needs to feel SHAME for being born male and having the audacity to stay that way. Maybe he’ll learn his lesson from our Great and Glorious Saviour, Titania McGrath! And on that note, given that I don’t have the power to award this book a Nobel Prize, I shall have to give it the equally prestigious award of 5/5 bananas:


Okay, I think I might have blown my cover by engaging in the imaginary free market with that endowment 😉 Of course, *disclaimer time*, this book and my review were satire. I’m afraid I must break character or you’ll all think I’ve gone totally bananas. Surprising as it may be, Titania McGrath is a fictional character invented by the hilarious Andrew Doyle. Having said that, if you’re worried about authenticity, this was replete with plenty of bonkers things real-live-people have actually said. Woke was an amazing antidote to some of the barmy media out there- I was belly laughing and chuckling throughout- so job well done! (and yes, I did actually buy this for my brother’s birthday and he thought it was brilliant too!)

Alright, did I fool you? Did you think I’d lost my marbles? Do you think you’ll pick this up? Let me know in the comments!


48 thoughts on “Woke by @TitaniaMcGrath is the most important book of our time

  1. I’m so glad to hear that this is a comedy … because I had (stupidly) scanned quickly … saw the Soviet comment … then jumped straight to writing a comment about personal experiences with intergenerational trauma. (My family were political prisoners in a Gulag … it’s a trigger ha ha!)

    … it looks like a fun and over-the-top romp! Adding it to the TBR!

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      1. It was pretty horrible – definitely has a long lasting impact. But your review definitely gave me a chuckle one I put two and two together … My response was probably right in line with the entire point of this satire! 😅

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  2. Amazing how many people were reviewing this book on Amazon while admitting they didn’t even READ it. Comments like:
    • I haven’t read this yet, but I probably don’t need to, as I already subscribe to the woke philosophy that Titania espouses.
    • I already lack the strength to buy and read this book, since the descriptions of its contents has caused me to realize what a terrible person I must be.
    • Obviously this is the greatest contribution to the social discourse ever. While I haven’t read this book, why should I?

    And so it goes on …. All FIVE stars reviews!

    Did I miss something? Aren’t you anymore required to read a book before reviewing it?

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    1. I’ve got to admit, all of those reviews sound like jokes to be honest (and would guess, given the style of them, that the people that wrote those reviews have actually read the book). In general though, I’d always say you have to read a book before you can review it (and amazon removes reviews if the person hasn’t purchased the book). Regardless, I have read the book and think it’s great!

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  3. Okay, you definitely had me fooled. I was so convinced that Titania was an actual person that I was ready to google her haha. This book sounds amazing and I’m always on the lookout for a good comedy so I will definitely be adding this to the list.

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  4. Omg I ADORE YOU EVEN MORE!!!!! Did not think that was possible, but here we are 😉 I love that you love “her” stuff. (Oopsie, might have just assumed gender, Titania is QUAKING–okay, is that joke too far? :’)) Titania’s tweets are too funny, and I get such a kick out of them. Her satire is such a good commentary of where we are today & while it’s totally hilarious, it does serve as a constant reminder of how far (back) we have come–at least to me, anyways. Love, love, love this!!

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  5. This sounds funny and on point regarding some people online. Saying that, I’m also concerned that this would add fuel for some of the extremists on the other side of the spectrum, who dismiss people who talk about legit social issues as ‘social justice warriors ‘. I get that some so-called SJWs are annoying, but there are also plenty of people out there who genuinely want to make the world a better place who get labelled that. Or maybe I’m taking things too seriously.

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    1. Exactly, some people are idiots online – big news? Honestly though, I’d rather spend time with the stereotypical ‘SJW’ than an ‘anti-SJW’ who spends all their time ranting about a few over-zealous college students. I won’t comment on this book since I haven’t read it. But too many people do get their opinion on progressives from compilations of random blue-haired young people screaming, without bothering engaging with serious material.

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    2. Well, I believe this was written by a left wing gay man, so I hardly think this was designed to stir up extremist right wing hate mobs 😉 Comedy is something no authoritarian likes much anyway- all you have to fear is a bunch of liberals making jokes 😉

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  6. Yes, you completely fooled me, because all those quotes from the book were things I have heard said in perfect earnest.

    I did wonder a little about “that’s the beauty of identity politics … we never have to explain ourselves or … form … a ‘coherent thought’.” But I even fell for that one, because I figured it must be part of a larger argument that asking oppressed people to be logical is just adding to their pain.


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