Books for Gryffindor/Ravenclaws/Slytherins/Hufflepuffs- *ULTIMATE EDITION* PART 2

Hello all! So, a while back I did a massive bumper post recommending books for different Hogwarts houses- and even then I had many more books up my sleeve that I could’ve list… which is why today, as promised, I’m back for round two- with a slight twist later on in the post!


Gryffindor– Though this isn’t my house, this is by far one of my favourites to choose for, because so many heroes belong in this house. Let’s jump straight into it:

Percy Jackson– I always think that a lot of heroes make great Gryffindors and Percy Jackson is no exception! He’s not only kickass, he’s incredibly loyal to his friends and fulfils the role of the hero perfectly.

Bear and the Nightingale– Vasya is one of my favourite female heroines and a lot of that comes down to her bravery. And this is not just down to her riding horses and dressing like a man- it is a deeper sort of boldness to stand up for what she believes in and not be cowed by the social conventions. She has the bravery to be herself and it is that quality that I admire most of all.

Sadie– it’s really hard to talk about this book without getting spoilery (or teary)- but there’s a reason I love this book so much and that’s Sadie’s unwavering bravery in the face of hardship. She pushes through and goes through hell seeking justice- and what is that if not the actions of a true Gryffindor?

Resistance– this lesser known Holocaust book isn’t to be underestimated. Telling the story of the Norwegian resistance, this is a thrilling tale is not to be missed.

Alex Rider– like I said, action heroes make excellent candidates for this house. And while it may be a little silly that this spy wonderkid has saved the world quite so many times in a single year, I’d be remiss not to mention this for Gryffindors.

Crown of Feathers– I read this a while ago and don’t think I’ve done the raving this book really deserves! A book about phoenixes, set in an utterly unique fantasy world and with an amazing Gryffindor lead, this sensational new series is one to watch!


Ravenclaw– Okay, as I said last time, choosing books for my own house is surprisingly tricky. Maybe it’s because us Ravenclaws always want to go for the clever option 😉 Let’s see if I succeeded…

And Then There Were None– if you are looking for the *smartest* mystery of all time, then look no further! If you don’t know the twist already, I guarantee you will not guess it. It’s the kind of *mind-blowing* ending that knocks most others out the park. Ravenclaws and other houses alike will have to stand back and admire just how good this is.

One Word Kill– this time travel book was nothing short of masterful! While on the surface it’s an entertaining, fun story, there are hidden depths here which make it so rewarding to the reader (especially if you’re like me and don’t tend delve much into science). It doesn’t hurt that Lawrence is a legit maths whizz, adding a little bit of that mysterious magic to the narrative 😉

Righteous Minds– I’m actually adding non-fic to a list for the change. The reason I recommend this one above all is because I think this offers something few books do: a chance to understand each other. This psychology book is all about why people have different political leanings and will open your mind to new ideas!

Circe– quick service announcement: Madeline Miller is a genius- that is all. In all seriousness, I don’t know a better retelling of any classic. Beautifully written and accurate and transformative, you cannot get better than this.

Master and Margarita– admittedly, this one is a little strange… but completely brilliant. There are so many layers to the story that it’s impossible to get to the bottom of- and that’s just one of the things that makes it so worthwhile.

Alice in Wonderland– this is the kind of book for the more Luna-Lovegood-type of Ravenclaw. Quirky and nonsensical on one level, it has hidden linguistic and meaningful depths that will take you down many-a rabbithole!


Slytherin– this is unsurprisingly one of my favourite houses and basically the most fun to choose books for- cos who doesn’t like being a little bit bad sometimes? Just kidding- I really love this house cos it has so much more scope than that, as you’ll soon see…

Count of Monte Cristo– a story about a wronged man seeking revenge, this classic tale, with its dark and sweet notes, is the perfect pick for any Slytherin worth their salt.

Macbeth– sticking with the theme of ambition, this cautionary tale of rising and falling on the whims of fate is bloody good.

Vanity Fair– witty and yet admittedly full of unlikeable characters, there are pros and cons to reading this book, and yet I feel strongly that Becky Sharp is one of literature’s greatest Slytherin characters.

Cruel Prince– I fell hard for this fresh fairy story last year- and for good reason! Jude, the main character, isn’t your typical heroine. Admittedly, she has traits from so many of the Hogwarts houses: she can wield a sword, she’s wicked sharp and she’s loyal to her family- but the reason I recommend this to Slytherins above all is because it’s her unwavering ambition which drives her and makes her a match for any fey.

Young Elites– this is such an underrated YA fantasy series! Which is a shame, because it does a *frickin fantastic* job of portraying anti-heroes/heroines. Annnnd I don’t want to say more on it for fear of spoilers, but suffice to say you should prepare to get *EMOTIONS* reading these books!

Daisy Jones and the Six– a story about a seventies rock band, this is *GLORIOUS* book for anyone looking for a more modern tale of ambition. The best thing about this book by far is the intricate characterisation that Taylor Jenkins Reid is becoming famous for. And, with amazing performances, the audiobook is definitely the way to go for this one.


Hufflepuff– Last time, I got a lot of feedback from Hufflepuffs that they hadn’t read my picks, sooo I decided to ask an *actual* Hufflepuff this time! I’ll be passing you off to the Monkey Baby! *SURPRISE*! Now if they’re not right, I get to totally abdicate responsibility 😉 Over to you Monkey Baby:

monkey baby final

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants– the perfect teen-y girly magical romance and friendship novel. Deserves the world’s supply of bananas.

Sense and Sensibility– classic Victoria sponge! Delicious and enrichingly teaches you about relationships in the best way.

Little Women– The feels!!! You will fall in love with this family! You will!

Captivate– what better than to learn a few tricks on how to connect better with people. Such a great and helpful read. Monkey baby approved.

Before Happiness– want to be like Tigger (or at least less like Eeyore)? This book is essential to teach you how to always have that monkey grin.

Lucky Star– one of my faves! NUFF SAID! I read it so many times! So cute and smushy- the love and friendship will make you melt!

Well there you go- I hope you enjoyed that different take at the end! That’s all for now! This was more fun than I expected! Plus, I had so many more books up my sleeve that this easily could’ve gone on a lot longer! Do you agree with any of these? Do you have any additions I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments!


27 thoughts on “Books for Gryffindor/Ravenclaws/Slytherins/Hufflepuffs- *ULTIMATE EDITION* PART 2

  1. The Master and Margarita is certainly a strange one, and I’d agree it’s quite Ravenclaw. Vanity Fair is an excellent Slytherin pick too!

    I’m a Hufflepuff myself. Of the Hufflepuff books I’ve only read Little Women, and sadly it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Classic American fiction isn’t my favourite genre. Perhaps I’ll look at another!
    I do wonder whether I have developed an underlying Slytherin tone in my reading – I now quite like watching as fictional characters tear one another apart (think Wuthering Heights)! There’s something darkly liberating about knowing that when I close a book the characters stop suffering.

    Shakespeare and the sorting hat is a fun idea – Macbeth is great for Slytherin. Perhaps Hamlet for Ravenclaw? And then I might say Much Ado about Nothing could be Hufflepuff, since it shows Beatrice fiercely defending her cousin. I’d love to hear what others think of this, though.

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  2. i love this list!! even though i’m a gryffindor, i usually gravitate towards books that would be put under the slytherin category lol 👀 i don’t read many hufflepuff books (only LITTLE WOMEN on this list), so i’m happy for your recs 🥰

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  3. Fun way of making recommendations! I agree, Agatha Christie is obvious for Ravenclaws. Also, I would add Rivers of London to that category. It is filled with (slightly geeky) humour and has references to everything from London myths & history to literature and quantum physics.

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  4. Once again, your Revenclaw list is on point (and, once again, this Ravenclaw has read almost all of them, and almost none of the books on your other lists). “Master and Margarita” is absolutely brilliant, and you’re right – “Alice in Wonderland” is totally a Ravenclaw book as well.

    Slytherin sidenote, you are also very right about “Vanity Fair.”

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  5. This is such a creative post! I love the books you chose for Ravenclaw (it’s my house too). I can’t wait to check them out. Some of the Slytherin books look delectable as well. To Amazon!


  6. I love that I’m a Hufflepuff and I kinda need a soft books to read and here you are recommending me this. Thank you so much!!


  7. Yessss, Ravenclaws unite 😉 Agatha Christie seems to be a popular pick for us clever ones, so I really need to read her already :’) Alice in Wonderland is deffffinitely the perfect pick for Ravenclaw. I love the Hufflepuff picks!! If I wasn’t a Ravenclaw, I know I’d definitely be a Hufflepuff. Jane Austen & Louisa May Alcott are prime for Hufflepuffs!


  8. Monkey baby??? What is this??? This is new?

    Love your picks. Love that you included The Righteous Mind. I’ve actually read and it and really enjoyed it. I would call it a must-read but you know how it goes, we Ravenclaws think everything is a must read and not everyone agrees with us …

    And I think asking the Hufflepuffs themselves must have paid off. The choices were terrific.

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    1. Oh sorry, I didn’t bother to reintroduce her, cos she’s been on a few times before. The monkey baby is my younger sister (and fun fact, she’s had that nickname since she was, well, a baby 😉 😂) I decided to ask her for that cos she’s a massive Hufflepuff

      Thank you! I’m so glad you thought so 😀 hahaha agreed! (but in this case, I really do think it is a MUST READ 😉 although I do say that a lot… 😉 )

      Thank you! 🙂

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  9. This is such an awesome list!!! I always “test” as Gryffindor. People who know me say I ought to be in Slytherin and likely cheated on the test to get into Gryffindor. *shrugs* Or that because I’m a reader they’re stunned I’m not in Ravenclaw. But I identify most with the Hufflepuff books you listed!! And I always give people hugs, which is basically a Hufflepuff thing. So I have no idea. The hat wants me in Gyffindor.

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    1. Thank you! Ah I can understand that- I consider myself firmly in Ravenclaw, but a lot of people that know me think it should have been Gryffindor (but honestly Gryffindor would be my 4th pick, 2nd would be Slytherin- and I actually find it easiest to pick for that house 😉 ) hehehe! I think you sound like quite a hatstall 😉


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