Fantastic Fantasy for November Nights!

I don’t know about you, but as the nights get colder and the days get drearier, I start to feel a bit more like grabbing the nearest dragon and taking flight into some bookish fantasy worlds… which is why today I’ve got some excellent escapism for us all, with a fun fantasy list:

(NB Yes, you can always just reread Harry Potter, but you don’t need me to tell you that, do you? 😉)

wizard heir

Wizard Heir– of course, if you need something with one foot still in this world, then I cannot recommend the Heir series enough! There is a book that takes place before this, but I tend to pick this one as my favourite because *my goodness* this book hit me in the *feels*. On the subject of faves…

mort nice edition

Discworld DEATH series– where would I be without this series? I started my Pratchett journey with the Death books and I couldn’t have fallen more deeply in love with the humour, quirkiness and sheer wit of this series. If you’re searching for funny fantasy, with a darker twist, then look no further!


Neverwhere– I feel like Gaiman and Pratchett always go together in my mind. If you don’t feel like travelling as far as the Discworld, however, this reimagining of London is the *perfect* book for this time of year: dark, unique and layered.

a darker shade of magic

A Darker Shade of Magic– speaking of a fresh take on London, Schwab’s *magical* series will certainly win over fantasy fans (that is, if you haven’t already read it 😉)

raven boys

Raven Boys– more or less still in the real world, this atmospheric series plays with fantasy in innovative ways and will win you over with its complex characters (also ahhh so glad Rowan is getting more books!)

hazel wood

Hazel Wood– let’s take a trip somewhere a little different. And my goodness, this book is different! If you like luxuriously written and gloriously imaginative stories, then this gothic blend of fantasy and fairy tales will sweep you off your feet.


Darkest Part of the Forest– are you hyped up for Queen of Nothing coming out soon? Well, why wait! You can always check out some of Black’s other *fantastic* fairy stories. This one even gets a shoutout in Folk of the Air!

through the woods

Through the Woods– this sort-of fairy tale retelling has a spectacularly spooky feel and really works if you’re still looking for some Halloween vibes!


Blackwing– if you’re craving even more darkness, then why not try this vivid and distinctive grimdark series? It’s the kind of book that takes you far from the family and lingers with you long after you finish.

king of scars

King of Scars– to be fair, I could’ve picked any one of the books in Bardugo’s grishaverse. I chose this partly because I read it recently, but mostly because really evokes a darker Russian setting that suits the approaching wintry mood. I feel like it really embraces the coming darkness- which reminds me of…


Sabriel– by far one of my favourite fantasy series, this classic necromancy tale is the book that showed me how deliciously dark fantasy can get.

And that’s all for now! Which fantasy lands do you like to escape to at this time of the year? Let me know in the comments!

47 thoughts on “Fantastic Fantasy for November Nights!

  1. “Mort” is brilliant! A character that can be identified purely by typography? Genius idea. And all in the style of Jerome K Jerome, which is wonderful (years ago I was at a talk Pratchett gave where he said he found his ‘comic voice’ by emulating the tone of ‘Three Men In A Boat’).

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  2. Ooooh…Cinda Williams Chima. You’ve reminded me that I need to finish her Seven Realms series. I should check out her Heir series as well.

    I tend to steal away to Hogwarts or to Middle Earth during these impending chilly months.

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  3. A great list! I really must read the rest of Nix’s Abhorsen books – I have only read Sabriel so far. The Hazel Wood sounds pretty cool too, and I have to try Holly Black some time. A few people have raved about her and I still haven’t given her a go – this may well be the perfect place to start.
    Thank you!! 😀

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  4. I have a love/hate affair with Gaiman – American Gods, Anansi Boys, The Ocean at the End of the Lane – loved those, especially The Ocean at the End of the Lane – actually read that 3 times! The rest of his books – not so much. I could not get into Neverwhere at all. I never read Coraline but I have seen the movie several times – it is the ONLY animated movie I have ever liked. I started to watch “Good Omens” and quite frankly it was a snore – I skipped several episodes, and fast forwarded through the last episode – the acting and actors were marvelous – the story, not so much – for me anyway.

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  5. Neverwhere is the book that really got me into Gaiman’s work. I had no idea what to expect from it, but it’s so quirky and so typically Gaiman haha.

    I need to read King of Scars, but I definitely agree that this time of year is perfect for fantasy reading. Anything magical and atmospheric is perfect for those cosy night ins.

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  6. The Hazel Wood and Raven Boys are on my TBR list, I should try to get to them this winter!

    Hogwarts is always a great place to escape to at this time of year. It’s also my favorite time to read The Hobbit and LOTR. I’ve only read one of Charles de Lint’s Newford books, but it was also perfect for this time of year.

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  7. This is an amazing list! =) So many of these books are already on my TBR and I can not wait to get to them! I am hopefully reading The Raven Boys this month and will definitely read at least read the first sequel to A darker shade of magic during my Christmas holiday if not before! 😀

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  8. Love, love, love Terry Pratchett of course! And Neil Gaiman (yes, they really belong together😄) as well naturally – Neverwhere was awesome! And how do you know that I’m planning to re-read Harry Potter?!?!?! 😄💕

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