Vanishing Stair Appears to be an Excellent Sequel!

I’m so eager to be back with the sequel to Truly Devious, returning with Stevie to the prestigious Ellington boarding school. In the interim between books, our protagonist has been kept at home by her parents (understandable, given it’s a more dangerous environment than Hogwarts 😉). Of course, nothing can keep Stevie from her mysteries for long…

Which, you know, is a relief for us readers who need answers!! Sure, I may be dressed like Holmes, but there’s no way I’m piecing together all these clues on my own. Every time I seemed to get a handle on a case, it slipped away. I thought I was beginning to guess who the Big Bad/Truly Devious was- however it ran away from me lickety-split- the narrative was sneaky like that.

It was also fantastic to be back among the friendly faces- I loved seeing the side characters like Janelle and Nate again (even if Nate is the sulkiest writer in fiction or reality!) And I thoroughly enjoyed the way the romantic subplot was heating up. I’m intrigued to see where that goes.

Most of all though, I found this super satisfying, because this doesn’t hold back when it comes to plot. Not only does it compel you on, but I felt like I simultaneously knew more than when I started… and yet was far from knowing everything! Quite simply, it gives you answers only to throw open more questions.

I really did like the clean writing style as well and am growing increasingly fond of the main character. My only issue was the same as last time- I am never a fan of thinly veiled political references in fiction. But that is becoming pretty standard in YA, so I guess I just have to suck it up.

Overall, this was a very entertaining sequel and I’m very much looking forward to seeing how this all wraps up!

Rating 4/5 bananas


So, have you read the Truly Devious series? Do you plan to? Let me know in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Vanishing Stair Appears to be an Excellent Sequel!

  1. See, the thing is you DON’T have to “suck it up” when it comes to things that bother you in reading. The problem is that the alternative is pretty hard and could be viewed as throwing the baby out with the bathwater 😦

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    1. Yeah that’s the problem- I really enjoyed this book for the most part and a lot of the genre/category- the author’s politics is just not something I want in my books- even as an aside. So I guess all I can do is point out every time it bugs me and hope authors get the message eventually… which is not the best solution :/ … the alternatively is just to suffer in silence I guess 😉

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    1. It was really good. That’s totally fair- I think it can work, I’m just a bit tired of it being shoehorned into everything unnecessarily, you know? But that’s just something that specifically bugs me. I can definitely recommend this series though! Thank you!

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  2. Yes, the political creep is omnipresent, but still, I am a fan of this series. I thought I got a fair amount of answers, and I am very excited to be starting the next book (this week!).

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