My Reading Stats for 2019 – A Bookish Overview

Hello all! I’m doing another of my annual traditions today and sharing my stats from the year! Let’s get to it!

reading stats 2019

number of books 2019

average rating 2019

genre 2019.png

age category 2019.png

ratings 2019

Now forgive me, this is the part where I get really geeky with statistics…

My ratings are a little down (they were 3.55 in 2017 and 3.66 in 2018), but I think this kind of variation is to be expected. I’m still happy I’m not choosing too many 1-2 banana books. When it comes to the types of books I’ve been picking, it’s somewhat of a mixed bag. One of the most interesting things to note this year were the couple of cross-genre books- some worked (Evelyn Hardcastle) others didn’t (Behind Her Eyes). Other than that, however, my tastes have remained quite consistent. Classics have been static (at 13% for the last three years!); fantasy was about the same as last year (34% again). Most significantly, YA is down from 47% last year to 40% this year (which I’d say is more like my yearly average and last year was a bit of a blip). Of course, given I’ve read considerably more books this year (last year I read 165), I’ve technically read more YA books in total 😉 Still, what I’m most excited about is that I somehow managed to read 15 non-fiction books- when I usually have to challenge myself to manage ten!! And while I don’t have the stats for this (I didn’t have the forethought to take note when I only listened to a couple a year 😉), there have definitely been more audiobooks (18 this year!)

shortest book

winning against the odds

A quick read about funny football stories 😊

longest book

atlas shrugged

An absolute SLOG!

worst book

Two this year, because it seems fitting to show a little balance:

favourite book


no. dnfs


I only DNF’d Otherworld- which is ridiculous- I need to get better at this!

no. rereads

Only 5!

most popular

the alchemist

least popular

winning against the odds

highest rated

march 3

Yeah I can understand that.

lowest rating


So undeserved! My goodness- this book deserves more love!

***New category***

best audiobooks

And, to reflect my new reading habits, I had to include this new category, just so I could recommend these audiobooks…

And that’s a wrap! Do you keep track of your stats? How have your ratings been this year? Let me know in the comments!


49 thoughts on “My Reading Stats for 2019 – A Bookish Overview

  1. DNF Of Mice and Men and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde … and didn’t like an Inspector Calls 😥

    They were pretty much the only three books we read at school that a lasting effect on me 🙈

    210 is some number. Wish I was a quicker reader.

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    1. I can understand that about Of mice and men (I liked it less this time around) and Jekyll and hyde has a very particular writing style that isn’t for everyone. I really didn’t like inspector calls, so I don’t blame you 😉

      hehe oh that’s a shame!

      Thank you!

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  2. Only 1 dnf? Yep, you need to get better. Of course, with your average rating you don’t seem to be doing to bad at all!

    I like stats, a lot, but with only what wordpress supplies me, I have to do a lot of work to turn them into nice graphics. And I’m way to lazy to do that, so it tends to not happen 😀

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    1. Yep definitely think I could get better at that (I was improving, but this year I fell off the wagon 😉 )

      ah that’s completely fair! I find it easier once I use the same templates for the stats- cos then I can just plug in the numbers- but it still ends up being a bit more effort than I should probably be putting in 😉

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  3. Fun stats! I track mine also, but I’m waiting until January to post a wrap-up with them so I haven’t finalized my totals yet. (I know I have 8 DNFs for the year, though, I looked that up for something else earlier.) And yeah… I’ve gotten very geeky with my stats and with what things I track. 😀

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  4. Of Mice and Men and LOTF are two of my absolute favorites! So good.
    lol everybody I know who has read Atlas Shrugged says it’s a chore to get through. I’ve never met anybody who actually likes that book. I still might read it at some point. It’s so infamous.

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  5. It seems you had a great year in reading 🙂 with multiple re-reads, that’s something that marked my 2019, I don’t think I’ve ever re-read that much… here’s to 2020 being even better on all fronts!

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    1. hehe I did not do that- I feel like that would be harder- especially since I use multiple boroughs/library accounts and use overdrive for these as well (but also, is it weird that I’m now super curious about what that is)


  6. What a great reading year! I just started tracking my books in an excel sheet this year to see a better breakdown of what I read and i can’t wait to do a similar post

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  7. That’s great wrap-up! I’ll post mine tomorrow. I definitely track stats. Blogging stats was most disappointing than reading! I got only 300 followers and 200 more views than last year. My avg rating was 4. Either I’m too lenient or I’m reading good books only -that can be good discussion point!

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  8. I don’t keep up with specific stats. At a glance I can see that I’ve read mostly fantasy books and books in the “adult” age range. I hope to read a little more diversely in 2020, though I still expect to read more fantasy than anything else since that’s my first (and ongoing) book love.

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  9. This is the first time I’ve heard of March, I’m just wondering whether I’ve been living under a rock or it isn’t often reviewed? Either way, that’s going straight to my TBR. I don’t believe I read a single graphic novel last year, so that needs to change.


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