Bookish (and some non bookish) Resolutions for 2020

Happy New Year! And welcome to the new decade!

fireworks new

Doesn’t 2020 sound like the year sci fi from the fifties is set? Shouldn’t we all be flying round on hoverboards by now?! Ah #goals. Sadly, I am not a scientist in any way, so all I’ve got are some resolutions about books and the like 😉 A lot of them may be quite similar to the last few years, but I find putting them up here helps keep me motivated. Still, there’s also a few new ones thrown into the mix, to keep things interesting. Let’s get into it:

2020 resolutions


number 1

Read more non fic!

I’m just gonna recycle my goal of reading 10 new non fic books (though by rights I should probably up this number, after managing 15 last year, but I want to be a bit more realistic about it) Hopefully this year I’ll actually get to Wild Swans!

number 2

Read more challenging books!

Again, I’m using the same rule of trying to tick 10 more books off my challenging reading list. And since I didn’t quite make it last year, seems like it’ll be a challenge (and maybe this’ll be the year I finally read Jung, dammit!)

number 3

Read more poetry!

Okay, this is also the same as last year, however, I’m gonna clarify that I’m including epic poems as well as poetry collections.

number 4

Read more plays!

This one comes courtesy of not knowing what my mum is talking about half the time 😉 I don’t really enjoy reading plays as much as watching them, but needs must (plus my mum has a stonkingly big collection I should really take advantage of 😉)

number 5

Do some rereading!

Self-explanatory really. And I’m keeping to my 5 rereads number as well. Here’s just some of the books I fancy rereading:

Non Bookish

number 6

Do more art!

orangutan artist0003

I’m taking this out my mid year’s resolutions- but this time I want to actually keep track of it- no idea how I’ll measure this though…

number 7


Do more yoga! Likewise, this was in my mid year’s resolutions- yet I actually want to get through those three yoga challenges! Wish me luck! (I’m gonna need it 😉)

number 8

Start a new writing project!

monkey typewriter

I’m deliberately keeping this a little vague, cos I’m not really sure what I want to achieve in my writing this year. I’d very much like to plan a new project… but I honestly don’t know if this’ll be doable. Plus, I’m halfway through a different project at the moment (so logically speaking my goal should be to finish that- I just feel pretty confident of doing that early in the year without making that a resolution). Soooo I guess I want this resolution to be a kind of place holder for *some kind of writing goal*

number 9

Sort through box of stuff

So, when I moved, my sister found a whole pile of stuff at the last minute that I’d not seen in half a decade… (*sarcastic yay*) which means I gotta sort through it… (*sarcastic yay*)

And that’s about it for now! I also have a bunch of (admittedly not so exciting) personal goals this year… and so I had to really resist the urge to add a bunch more. For now, I think this is a realistic number… hopefully!

What do you think of my resolutions this year? Do you have any resolutions you plan not to do? Let me know in the comments!

72 thoughts on “Bookish (and some non bookish) Resolutions for 2020

  1. Good luck with everything! I’ve stopped doing new year resolutions a while ago. For me, reading is pure relaxation / escapism and I would rather not put any targets on it. There are enough targets in my life as it is.

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  2. Ha ha ha – oh, boxes of stuff! When I moved last summer, I found things in my apartment which — I swear — the gnomes had been hoarding for the last four years. Plus side: purging feels amazing.

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    1. hehehe I know right!?! It’s crazy how many things turn up (and at the last minute as well!) hehe true- I’m just putting it off cos I just did loads and can’t be bothered 😉 but you’re right, it’ll be great when it’s done 😉

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  3. Ah yes, the life goal of sorting through the box of stuff in the attic. You are brave to attempt it and I wish you all the best in all your resolutions but especially that one. I am now avoiding moving forever just because I never want to sort through stuff again!

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  4. I did struggle with Plato’s Republic but it was also very interesting? I probably didn’t read the most accessible translation. I also didn’t read anything about it before going in.
    I also want to read more poetry. I’m currently at the beginning of a big book of World Poetry: Antiquity to Present.

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  5. Honestly, I’m all tuckered out just reading about all your goals. I probably have just as many goals, but since I don’t bother to write them down, they don’t count, so they don’t tire me out 😉

    Good luck, it sounds like you’re going to need it! 😀

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    1. hehehe I completely get what you mean- I felt tired after I finished coming up with them all 😉 I’ve about as much chance as doing all of this as not doing a single thing 😉 That said, I’m actually really excited about all of them this year (except for #9- that one’s just horrible 😉 ) Thank you- definitely haha!

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  6. Ooo, Wild Swans is so good! I think, once you start it, it may grab you.

    I tried to read Brain on Fire because it sounds really eye opening, but it turned out that I just couldn’t take the description in the early chapters of the author letting down one person after another and failing in one duty after another. I just felt so panicky and guilty on her behalf. Maybe when I’m stronger …

    Many of the books on your challenge list are ones I keep thinking I ought to get to some day. Ditto poetry.

    I also want to do more art! Because I have recently gotten in to a situation where that’s possible! Put your art up on your blog, because I’m planning occasionally to do the same.

    Oooh that stinks about the box! I also moved this year – oops, last year – and later had a person send me a box of stuff that I had kind of hoped they would just get rid of … so now I have to get rid of it … But I guess it was my responsibility, not theirs …

    “Do you have any resolutions you plan not to do?” LOL Great way to put it! There are plenty of things that I hope, by the grace of God, I can get through this year without fouling up …

    Good luck with the new writing project! Always super fun.

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    1. Oh that’s great to hear!
      Oh I completely get that! I think I’ll have to pick that up when I’m in the right mood- I hope I can handle it!
      Hehe yeah, they’ve been on there a while… so hopefully it’ll happen some day (soonish) 😉 … but we’ll see!
      That’s awesome! 😀 Maybe- at the moment I’m struggling to remember to put things up on Instagram (which I started just for that purpose… but I’ve gotten lazy about it).
      Hehe yeah it really does- I thought I’d finished sorting everything as well. Haha! I hear you- I’m sad my sister found all that stuff- but then I never should’ve left it tucked away for so long…
      Hehe! good luck!!
      Thank you! I’m excited! (but also scared 😉)

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  7. You’ve got an ambitious list but I bet you’ll be successful. My ambition is much simpler: read more. I just can’t read as many books as I’d like. Maybe I waste too much time but I know I don’t read quickly. Even if I doubled my 2019 total, I’d still be far short of what you achieved. I try to read a poem a night but that often turns into more than one. Art is also something I love because it not only engages my creative side, it also relaxes me.

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    1. Thank you! Oh that’s a great goal! I think I’m just lucky with how much I read in a year (though a lot of years haven’t been nearly as good). I think that’s wonderful- I love reading poetry, but I don’t do it nearly enough. I completely relate to that- I find it incredibly relaxing.

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  8. I really like it that you make an effort to read more plays to bond with your mom 🙂 And if they’re already there ready to be read – even better!

    My mom is crazy for thrillers and she got me into the Stieg Larsson books! And because of me she read Harry Potter!

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  9. I love Sabriel – such an amazing series!!
    Also, if you’re looking for a play recommendation, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead by Tom Stoppard is one of my faves (especially if you read it in conjunction with Hamlet).

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  10. A great list of resolutions! It’s always great to add some diversity to your reading list. More non-fic, plays, and challenging books sounds like a wonderful way to mix things up. I’ve decided to do more rereads this year myself! One book or series every month, just to revisit some old bookish loves from the past haha. Good luck on achieving all your goals/resolutions this year! 😀

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  11. A good mix of resolutions there. I’m definitely trying to make more of an effort to fit yoga into my daily routine.
    I really need to sort through my books. I have no shelf space left and there’s a pile of books I know I’m never going to read again. I just need to find a way to get rid of them haha.
    Good luck with the resolutions and happy new year!!

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  12. Those are all such a great mix of resolutions. I often want to read more non fic as well, but then sort of let them sit on my shelf and turn to other books instead. The only thing I probably wouldn’t want to do is read more challenging books. I am quite happy with some simpler stuff 🙂 I have struggled with reading too much last year to make it even harder.

    I’d absolutely love to see more art from you!!! I have loved doing portraits lately and it made me feel so productive, even if I just did them for myself. I might just steal the yoga resolution though, I’ve really been letting that slide for too long.


  13. Oh yes, more art! And yoga! I should try more yoga too. Lol. All the best with you 2020 bookish and non-bookish goals. And hey, we have 12 months to start zooming around in or space crafts 😉


  14. Hoverboards could be terrifying if the person on the hoverboard has jittery legs (I’d fall off immediately to be honest). These are interesting and a wide variety of resolutions! Who knows, there could be lost and forgotten things in the pile of stuff that will make you smile (or cringe). All the best!


  15. Thanks for all the reads on my blog, btw 🙂 for the plays, did you know that the RSC and NT do live broadcasts to cinemas? I finally got through my Shakespeare wants over the past few years!


  16. Totally love your pic of “you” wearing boxing gloves to tackle your resolutions for 2020 – that’s the only way to do it! 😂 And obviously I’m all for you doing more art!!! 😍 And yoga – awesome! Let me know how it works out because I’m already behind my sports schedule – lol! 😁💕


  17. Good luck with all your goals, love! ❤ I want to read more nonfiction this year as well, since it's something I've never really done before, if you can believe it! Haha. I haven't ever tried yoga before, but I've been getting into HIIT workouts and pilates recently. I'm hoping to stick with it this year!


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