Ten Thousand Doors of January Opened up a Wondrous World of Storytelling

ten thousand doors of januaryWhat a wildly impressive story! After seeing an amazing review on the Witty and Sarcastic Book Club, I simply knew I had to check it out… and I wasn’t disappointed! Exquisitely rendered, the world building was so stunning, I instantly got lost in whole other worlds.

And it was just this that made the book such a marvel. The narrative voice captivated me from the start. With astounding skill, Harrow draws you into her unusually layered tale. Stories are layered within stories, doors lead to more doors, until I found myself transported far beyond my bedroom.

I did like the way this drew on different time periods and cultural events in an unusual fashion. Yes, this deals with hard historical events, lending something of a modern touch to it- yet it does so in somewhat of a unique way that I still felt the authenticity within the fantasy.

Gripping and entertaining throughout, there were surprises hiding in plain sight. And even if I thought I had a handle on the twists, the story would then turn in another direction and take me on a new adventure. Not letting up for a second, I was delighted by the journey it took.

Best of all, the distinct characters felt grounded in reality and the relationships were beautifully done. Both the romance and the family dynamics were handled in an unbelievably sweet way.

In the end, this book was an absolute pleasure to read.

Rating: 5/5 bananas


So, if you’re looking for something a little special to check out this January, why not treat yourself to this? And if you have read it- what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!

49 thoughts on “Ten Thousand Doors of January Opened up a Wondrous World of Storytelling

  1. This sounds like such a wonderful book to read. I looked it up on Amazon because they offer a “Look inside” feature, and was able to read several pages. Yes, it offers the kind of captivating experience I enjoy in stories. Thanks for alerting me, as I wouldn’t have noticed this book otherwise.


  2. Well…I didn’t like it as much as you. I found one story so much more interesting than the other that it felt imbalanced. I did like when the two came together. I also wished to see more of these worlds! I did think it was well written and LOVED the cover!

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