My Ultimate NoTPs – Sinking all the Fictional Ships

orangutan list

Typically speaking, I’m the kind of reader that agrees with the author/creator when it comes to romances- whether I like them or not, it’s what the author intended and therefore tends to fit best with the story. But on those rare occasions that I don’t agree, well, I have some STRONG opinions. Which is why I decided to talk about some of my *ultimate NoTPs* (is this a real term, or did I just make it up?) I’m gonna try not to repeat myself too much from my romance fails in fiction tag– so this should be uniquely contentious 😉. Also, for the most part this’ll be about books, however, I fancied talking about some TV ones too, such as…

brooke lucas one tree hill

Brooke and Lucas, One Tree Hill (yes, I’m asking you to cast your minds back a decade or two)- CONTROVERSIAL OPINION: I never liked Brooke Davis. For me, her “growth” involves plagiarism (she steals Peyton’s designs, sticks them on a shirt and gets applauded for it… why?!). To be honest though, Lucas’ relationships didn’t interest me because I was all about Naley.

katniss gale peeta

Gale and Peeta and Katniss, Hunger Games– I know this was a big deal, but I just didn’t care. I didn’t get invested in either of the romances- I was far more interested in the children fighting each other to the death and oppressive government (you know, what the book is actually about? 😉)


Jacob and Bella and Edward, Twilight– they all suck.

mansfield park

Fanny and Edmund, Mansfield Park– even if I could get over the fact they’re cousins, I wish Austen had let *just one* of her heroines end up with the morally ambiguous character (and given them a redemption arc). Just once.

lupin and tonks

Tonks and Lupin, Harry Potter– everyone’s got at least one couple they don’t ship from Harry Potter. And, though I’ve mentioned Ron and Hermione a bunch of times, I actually find this one irks me more… though not for entirely rational reasons. To be perfectly honest, I thought Lupin was gay (yeahhh we’re going into serious head canon now). Plus, I don’t get how someone can run off and leave their pregnant wife in a war if they really love them (which is probably the more rational reason why I don’t ship them).

jon dany

Jon and Dany, Game of Thrones– I’ve mentioned this before, but this was pretty badly done, especially in the last season, so it’s earned another mention. This is one of those bizarre situations where this was head canon for me… but the second it happened my brain went “oh no! oh no no no!!” This should have stayed in the dark recesses of fan’s minds.


Jem and Tessa, Infernal Devices– I was a *serious* Will and Tessa shipper. I actually don’t know why I have it in for Jem, but I really did (I know, it makes no sense, cos he’s a sweet character, buuut at the same time he goes after his bestie’s girl and NOT COOL MAN). This frustrated me even more cos it almost never happened.


Chaol and Celaena, Throne of Glass– he didn’t respect her *at all*. He was always going on about how horrible it is she’s part fae and that she needs to suppress it (isn’t that the equivalent of racism in the context of their world?!) Plus, I just hate Chaol so…


Alina and Mal, Shadow and Bone– most boring couple of the list award! I have very little to say about them other than the fact I didn’t see them fitting together- particularly since they’d known each other for years, he showed no interest, then only liked her when she got hot.

queen of attolia

Gen and the Queen of Attolia, Queen’s Thief Series*highlight for massive spoiler warning*: SHE CUT OFF HIS HAND!!! WTF?!? He’s traumatised by her and flinches at her every touch- how do they end up together? This is by far the most bizarre and badly matched couple- and I’m sorry but I don’t understand why people are into this romance. At all.

aang and katara

Aang and Katara, Avatar the Last Airbender– ahh my ultimate NoTP!! I briefly touched on this in my review of the series and always planned to get into it more at a later date… so here we are (yes, the reason for me writing this post was an excuse to rant about something, are you surprised?) I’m sure this will piss off people who watched this as a kid/really ship it, but I *hated* it. Firstly, they have zero chemistry (yes, it’s not escaped my attention we’re talking about a cartoon, bear with me 😉). The romance scenes always felt like a mix of forced and random, especially since she treats him like a little brother for most of the show. Which makes sense, since he’s prepubescent and she’s a teen. And, what messes with my head even more, is when people say “oh but the age difference isn’t really so bad, because even if he looks 12, he’s really 112”- how does this help?! That’s even less appropriate!! Regardless, he has a very childish view of her ie “I like her, I kissed her, she should be mine”. Dude, she’s a person (okay, character). Who frequently seems to be conflicted and uncomfortable with his romantic attention I might add. But it felt like this was about what Aang “deserves” as a reward for saving the world- taking away the autonomy of an *awesome* character and doing nothing for her own arc. And I know, I know, people can say I only feel this way cos my ship (Zutara) didn’t sail (which maybe true, yet to be fair was set up by one of the writers as endgame), but forget my fan “entitlement” for a second- what about all the “nice guys” that feel entitled to women’s affection because they’ve been “nice”? As much as I loved the character, Aang with Katara reminded me of Mr Collins saying: “you said no, but you really mean yesss”. It just realllly sucks that a great show ended on this note (though, as I said in my review, it didn’t ruin the series for me).

Okay- phew- glad I got that out of my system! Do you agree or disagree with any of these? And what romances do you not ship? Anything particularly juicy? Let me know in the comments!

90 thoughts on “My Ultimate NoTPs – Sinking all the Fictional Ships

  1. Your views of The Last Airbender are really interesting! My kids never got into the series, and I think a lot of it is because it isn’t portrayed as a cartoon – it’s like grown-up anime in so many ways (themes, characterizations, etc.). What you’re saying ties right in!

    OH, YES, to Hunger Games and Twilight – quite honestly, if Katniss *had* to be with someone, it SHOULD have been Gale (because he never tried to kill her!!), and as much as I liked Jacob, I really wanted to see Bella ditch both of them and embrace finding her *own* self (in a nice twist for YA!).

    I was always on the fence about Tonks and Lupin, too! I liked both those characters, but together, was never really sure! Personally, it didn’t bug me, but I could’ve done without that pairing as well!

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    1. Oh yeah, I definitely thought it felt more adult when I watched it (and I’m not sure how much I’d have got out of it as a kid)

      True! (The thing is, I never really got into either, so I feel like I always just agree when it comes to that 😉) YES!

      yeah I never really felt that romance to be honest- it didn’t click with me in book 6 (and I actively disliked it in 7)

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  2. I do agree with a lot on your list! With the Hunger Games, I was 100% into the action, and not much into the love story. And because Katniss and Peeta sort of “faked it” for part of the games, it left me with a feeling of it ALL being faked.
    I did enjoy Bella and Edward in the first book… but I spoiled it by watching the movie. Most of their interactions made my skin crawl! There was something so stiff and creepy about them.
    LoL Great post!

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  3. It’s not really the same topic, but I find I generally dislike straight romance stories. I enjoy romance worked into a bigger story, especially into historical fiction, but just plain romance is so full of fairy tale coincidences and obvious endings and silly characters with no genuine internal insight or conflict. Maybe I feel this way because my book club foisted two drippers on us recently and I gagged through both.
    In case you’re interested, I strongly recommend these books, all of them well researched historical fiction imbued with the conflicts and doubts of romance that thread the stories without dominating them with silliness: Unsheltered by Barbara Kingsolver. The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street by Susan Jane Gilman. The Song of the Jade Lily by Kirsty Manning. The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. Two if by Sea by Jacquelyn Mitchard. Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. The Last Watchman of Old Cairo by Michael David Lukas. I wouldn’t identify any of these books as romance genre, and many of the love stories involve unorthodox love interests, but I’ve already stated my preference for other kinds of stories.
    Happy reading to you!

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    1. That’s totally fair- I didn’t used to like it and I still prefer it to be part of a larger story. Haha! Oh fantastic list! You mentioned unsheltered to me before and I definitely want to read it now! And I’ll have to check out the others- thank you! 😊 I like the sound of that! Thank you! 💕

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  4. I completely agree with Alina and Mal, and with your assessment of the Hunger Games love triangle. I joined a ship after multiple rereads but the first time I was reading, I was baffled by all the romance conversation. I always felt Katniss was a bit disinterested in it as well. 🤣

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  5. Definitely agree and I get it from your reasons. I am strongly in Will and Tessa team. It never felt the same with Jem and Tessa. I didn’t feel the chemistry and Will was awesome. I didn’t liked that Hunger Game love triangle. Until the end I so loved Gale and let’s just not talk about Twilight. I still don’t understand why people like Jacob! Tonks and Lupin together was okay. Was it necessary to pair them? I wouldn’t have mind if they were just friends. I haven’t read any other but I’m going to read Shadow and Bone in April or maybe May so I’ll see if we have same thought for Alina and Mal.

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    1. Ah I’m so glad you agree there! Yes!! Will was my favourite of Clare’s love interests as well. Yeah me too (and yeah she did that thing where she buried gale as a love interest in order to push her together with peeta, which didn’t totally work for me). Haha I will never understand #teamjacob. Yeah I hear you- it’s not the worst, it just didn’t totally work for me. Ooh I’ll be really interested to hear your thoughts on that entire series!!

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  6. So agree with you about Aang and Katara. That just felt off though I never really shipped her with Zuko either that would have worked better.

    Emilia and Kit had no chemistry and what’s worse in the behind the scenes they seemed like they were such good friends in real life it was making them uncomfortable and they couldn’t get past that. It was odd. Too bad the King in the North didn’t live I bet he and Emilia would have had chemistry 😉

    And ugh, Mal. Anybody else Alina!

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  7. Agree with The Hunger Games and Tonks and Lupin. They never seemed to have much chemistry for me, so it made zero sense when they ended up together. And Katniss and Gale didn’t work, either. I mean, they were friends for so long and he never respected that her feelings for him were only platonic and just stayed in the Capitol after the war was over instead of getting over his rejection and being her friend.

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  8. I haven’t said this since I was 14 years old buuuuut…….ZUTARA FOREVER!1!!!!!

    I totally agree with you on Kataang. I honestly thought they did have some chemistry (key word: DID). The issue is, as the series progressed, their age difference became all the more obvious. Conversely, Katara had far more romantic chemistry with Zuko by the end of season 3. They worked well with each other and understood one another’s pain and so forth. Not to mention they are pretty much together in every scene after The Southern Raiders episode (the one where they hunt down the guy that killed Katara’s mother). Not to mention Bryke essentially treated Katara like she was a prize to be won instead of a human being.

    “Oh, well, we thought the main character should get the girl!” Why? The last scene before they kiss in the finale, he yells at her for telling him he needs to suck it up buttercup and fulfill his destiny. This is the next episode after she CLEARLY RESISTS HIS ADVANCES AND SHOWS NO INTEREST IN PURSUING A RELATIONSHIP. It’s also annoying that the writer’s never explain why she was so resistant if she actually had feelings for him as they claim she did. I think they tried to hide under the blanket of “Oh, she was scared because there was a war going on!”…… If anything she should have been more willing to squeeze as much time out of each other as possible considering they faced such an uncertain future. It didn’t make any sense then and it doesn’t now.

    I might have shipped an older Katara with an older Aang, but 12 year-old Aang was way to immature for Katara

    ***Moving on****: I SHIPPED Jon and Dany too xD Until it actually happened lol. Perhaps it wasn’t the ship itself, it was how the ship was executed? To be fair, in competent hands (a.k.a George’s) I think they could have worked. Unfortunately, their love didn’t blossom until the crappiest seasons of the show.

    Also, I have no idea what the Queen’s Thief series is so I just read that and I thought “WTF?!” I have no context to this scene, but that’s the most f-ed up romance I’ve ever heard of! Why? Just….why? xD

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    1. Hahaha YAS!!!

      Yes I loved the chemistry between katara and zuko. And I are- they really seemed to understand each other. True! I felt like zuko was actually there for her and got her as a person. So true!!

      And yeah that annoys me so much!! She was a brilliant character in her own right… And they threw it away. And YES! if that was the ending they wanted, they shouldn’t have had her be so unwilling! That’s not adding to the drama (or whatever they think makes a good romance) that just makes it platonic! And yes- I completely agree!! It seems like the writers (to me at least) just went “she declined his advances for womanly reasons, for no logical reason, because she’s a woman, and this is what women do”. I didn’t feel like they even exploref the “there’s a war going on” reason properly. So true!!

      And yes- I think the last issue for me was the agree difference- even if we’re just talking visually, it didn’t work (especially because she kept treating him like a kid brother!)

      Hahaha same! And very true. Martin is actually capable of amazing romances, so it’s a shame it was left up to the showrunners (who think that it’s good to remind us they’re related whilst they’re getting it on 😂)

      Hahahaha yes- it’s insane!!! And it didn’t make any sense in context either. He’s pretty much terrified of her then *bam sudden revelation* he loves her! (And he is the one that has to convince her to be with him!)

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  9. Ugh, I am SO with you on John and Dany. Honestly, I just want to throw out the whole final season, and not just because Dany went all “Mad Queen.” I would have been fine with that and a big part of me was expecting it to happen for a long time. Which is why it’s pretty bad that when it finally happened it felt so unconvincing to me.

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  10. Ahaha Brooke and Lucas, I am so with you, I was never as invested in his relationships because I was SO into Naley too, they were the best! Through their ups and downs I was so invested!
    I was not a fan of Dany and Jon either… why was that ever a thing? I haven’t seen the last season yet, but I didn’t care for the direction that relationship was going. Meh.
    I loved reading thing! 🙂

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  11. I totaly see you with Ang and Katara! You were spot on. I remember watching the series last year and algo shipping Zutara, but when Ang and Katara became a thing at the end I felt kind of uncofortable and couldn’t quite point out why… You just put words to my feeling of wrongness! So glad to see I’m not alone here

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  12. *stands. on. a. chair. and. claps.* Jacob and Bella and Edward – they all suck, absolutely.
    Fanny and Edmund. Yikes, I mean yikes, I mean yikes. I mean, yikes. She have ended with Crawford, it would have been interesting. He had potential towards the end.
    Aang and Katara… RIIIIGHT? WHERE IS ZUTARA?!!

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  13. OMG! This post is hilarious. I mean, I have only read a few of the books or heard about them… But I still love Twilight. 😂 Teenage crush, can’t help it. Still can’t let it go after becoming an adult long ago.

    The Hunger Games one though… seriously. And Austen. Even though I haven’t read both. 😝

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  14. We are absolutely on the same page when it comes to Jem/Tessa and Aang/Katara. I could write a whole book about why Katara and Aang shouldn’t have ended up together. Personally, I think the Zutara relationship and the classic (romance) tropes they displayed (enemies to lovers, reluctant allies, moment of betrayal, similarities in their history (dead beloved parent), opposite elements and colors (water and fire, red and blue), self-sacrifice to save the other, comfort in hardhitting moments, ultimate team-up in the climax etc.) was set up in a way that would’ve made a romantic relationship between them more likely/believable than with KatAang. And yes, I will forever be bitter about this lol.

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  15. I love how quick and to the point your Twilight point is :p I also agree about The Hunger Games, I was much more interested in the war and the deaths! GoT… I am still rolling my eyes… To be honest, I have never given Tonks and Lupin enough thoughts to like or hate their pairing, but you totally made your point, and I’m on your side!

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  16. I didn’t no NOTP was a thing but I’m glad it is xD Your rant on Air Bender is valid, 12-112 is not any better xP And seriously on Hunger Games – I had no problem with Peeta and didn’t really like Gale for ditching her for some other district at the end but…when did she have time to make up her mind about romance while kids were dying and districts were burning?? Greeat post!

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  17. I NEVER shipped Aang and Katara!!! I 100% agree that they felt super forced. To me, it was always more of a sibling-esque relationship and generally, I couldn’t really see Aang with anyone because he felt like such a child to me? Zuko and Katara would have made much more sense in my opinion and I am still sad that ship didn’t sail.
    But you really have it out for Jem!? Ouch, that hurt my poor heart. I never saw it as him going after his best friend’s girl, because I never saw any jealousy in any of those relationships. They could have been a throuple and it wouldn’t have been weird for me haha

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    1. I know right?!? That’s what I thought for the whole show- I was so surprised when it ended on a romantic note! Yes!! A huge part of his character was that he was a big kid and needed to grow up a little. Yes!! Me too!
      Hahaha I did- and it feels really mean cos he’s written as such a sweet character, but it didn’t work for me. Hahaha ok that I could’ve got on board with lol 😂

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      1. I don’t know, I felt like I needed to defend that specific love triangle, because it’s one of my favourites ever written haha I loved Jem so much haha but it’s fair if you didn’t! We all read stories differently, I just can’t remember us not having the same general feelings about stuff haha

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        1. Oh yeah I hear you- as a love triangle I usually think that’s my favourite, cos there’s a really logical reason for it- but it’s also one of the few love triangles where I took a side 😂 yes true! And I get why people like Jem- because he’s actually a really nice character. Hahaha true!

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  18. I love, love, love this post. Here are my NoTPs: Tessa & Hardin – After series, Anna & Etienne – Anna and the French Kiss, Edward & Bella – Twilight (even though I loved the book. He’s a cold, dead thing!)

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  19. No dog in this fight cause I haven’t read/watched most of these.

    I was OK with Fanny & Edmund when I read the book. The fact that they were cousins didn’t bother me as much because in Austen’s books, but particularly that book, it is such a different world where class is such a huge deal, it’s so much harder to survive and find a partner, and “the family” is so much more important. And Edmund spent the entire book treating Fanny like a human being. I guess I’m saying that Fanny marrying her cousin is less hard for me than accepting the premise that she would have to go live with aristocratic relatives and be treated like dirt because of the class system.

    That came out longer than I intended.

    Yeah, now that you mention I can see why you might get a gay vibe from Lupin. He was such a good guy that I thought he deserved someone really great, so I was OK with the romance, though of course it wasn’t developed very much. I think the whole thing where though they have just gotten married and are pregnant, they both go to battle and get killed was inspired by/meant to evoke WWII, where that happened to so many couples.

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    1. I think that’s fair- I think I’m quite unfair on that score, because I couldn’t get past my own modern biases. And that’s fair!

      Yeah I thought he was gay, then when that turned out not to be the case, I accepted him with Tonks (though it felt like it came out of nowhere) but the point when I didn’t like it was the fact he tried to walk out on his family. But I did see what Rowling was trying to do emotionally there (their deaths never quite worked for me either though, cos it happened off screen)

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      1. Yes, I understand the modern biases thing. I would have made a VERY BAD Jane Austen character, for sure!

        Yes, Rowling had such a huge cast and a sweeping epic story with the Battle of Hogwarts, some of the less-major characters couldn’t have their romances and/or deaths developed. She might not have done it perfectly, but it was ambitious and she did a great job, right? 😀

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  20. Putting Lucas with Brooke was such a typical move. All the shows engaged in that sort of shenanigans. At least he ended up with the right woman at the end. As for ToG and TID, I totally agree. I was never a Chaol fan, and obviously, we were right about Will, since you know. The rest of that storyline was sort of a cop out, and an easy way out of the triangle. I still love that series, though

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  21. 1) Tonks and Lupin … YES! EXACTLY! This was … ugh! The worst!
    2) Jon and Dany – *gag*
    3) Chaol and Celaena – I didn’t mind them initially — as a teenage fling rather than serious romance — but Chaol’s MASSIVE personality change was just … weird. So, so weird. Definitely could have been handled better.
    4) Aang and Katara – YES! That’s precisely my issue with it! Heck, I don’t care if *post-series* as young adults they grew together and established feelings … but during The Last Airbender? A heaping cup of “NOPE!”

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  22. Hard NO to Aang and Katara. Their dynamic just doesn’t work romantically for me. But I’m also anti-Katara/Zuko because I find Katara generally annoying (Aang too) so I guess I’m just not very much into romance in a kids show (was it for kids? I remember it on Nickelodeon)


  23. Mal and Alina ARE the most boring couple – wow, so there are people who see that. No nothing there whatsoever. And I LOVE Jane Austen, but Fanny and Edmund were a bit .. meh.
    And me liking love triangles is very very rare – so rare that I can’t think of a single one I like right now.

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  24. YES YES YES to Aang & Katara! They don’t make sense at all! In fact, yes to probably all of these, though I haven’t read Mansfield Park yet and intend to, so we’ll see which way I sway on that.

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  25. Oh my goodness XD so many of these YES! Like Hunger Games, I was totally on Gale’s side cause she had the relationship and past and chemistry with him. She fantasized Peta and then used him as a strategy and eventually chose him out of pity (and poorly misplaced hate for Gale). Like, what?! Furthermore, you nailed it when you said the whole games and political corruption was far more intriguing!

    Mansfield Park is a bit strange altogether, I think. But I hear you.

    I never thought about Ang and Katara that way! But it makes total sense!


  26. Okay I LOVED that hardcore rant about Avatar; you waited until the very end to go sicko mode 😉 I was so scared you were going to say that you did NOT ship Peeta & Katniss, and instead wanted Gale to win her love, but I can very much live with your indifference :’) Having not read Shadow & Bone or Mansfield Park yet (& both are on my TBR for 2020), I’m excited to get to them for myself & recall what you said here! xx

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    1. hahaha glad you liked it 😉 Yeah I was just too into the other parts of the plot to really care (I think she makes more sense with Peeta, but I wasn’t emotionally invested either way). Ah I’m really curious to see your thoughts on both of those!! xx

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  27. Loved this post! I’d say Katniss and Gale have a great friendship while Peeta and Katniss… are great companions to each other? What they have doesn’t exactly feel like either romance or friendship, but they do enjoy each other’s presence. Ahh Tonks and Lupin always felt as if they were hurriedly cobbled together for some reason, and whenever I got to the part where Harry was angry at Lupin for leaving Tonks, it was relieving to have confirmation that it wasn’t ok to just leave your wife behind for whatever reason. And YES, Aang and Katara, let’s just say that I’ll be on the Zutara ship with you all the way


  28. Man, I think I am only one who loved Brooke & wanted Lucas to love her, too lol. Naley was definitely the most important to me back in the day though. I only watched the first two Hunger Games & hated that Peeta was so in love with Katniss! Lol I used to watch the Avatar cartoon as a kiddo, too, but I can’t remember much…

    What a fun post!! I enjoyed reading it so much. ♡


  29. I never understood that sudden turn by Edmund… *oh, hey, you’re a girl who’s available and doesn’t have questionable (subjective) morals… so, marry me?* okay then… 🥴.

    Despite Lupin leaving pregnant Tonks, I just can’t not love him, there is just something about him that makes me feel all warm and gooey inside.

    Apparently Kit Harington didn’t know that they were supposed to be in love. 😂

    This was fun to read!

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  30. I am 100% with you on most of these. ZUTARA was totally end game for me. I mean, Mei Ling is fine, but will she challenge him like Katara would? No, I don’t think so.
    I hate Celaena with everyone (including Sam, which is highly controversial), except Rowan. I was sold on him about 5 seconds after he treated her like the brat she was.
    Tonks + Lupin, Jon + Dany, and Mal + Alina were all a bit icky for me.
    I have to say, my fave OTP in OTH was Pete + Peyton – although they couldn’t really have a mashed up name… Wenton?? Weyton?? (I can’t even remember what Peyton’s last name was…)

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    1. Ahh YES! Zutara was perfect and nothing will convince me otherwise!
      I hear you about Sam- I liked it when I read it, I just didn’t LOVE it. I did like her and Rowan initially, I just went off it a bit by the end of the series.
      Ah glad you agree!
      hahaha oh gosh I forgot about that! I did think they were good together! LOL!

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