My Favourite Discworld Characters

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Just a quick post today, cos I like to mark this time of year with some *book love* and I always feel like a Pratchett post is in order. Now, this was a tricky one to do, because I’ve found my opinions have shifted over the years the more I’ve read, and I plan to reread all the books before I finish the series- so I’m guessing this is by no means definitive! Which I suppose makes this kind of an odd post… but who can blame me for wanting to share some Discworld joy? 😉

unseen academicals

The Librarian– well, obviously 😉

mort nice edition

Death– I fell in love with Discworld the moment Death ate a curry.

equal rites 2

Granny Weatherwax– Granny’s one whose grown on me- she gets better with every book!

night watch

Vimes– what’s not to love about Vimes?! Also, he really reminds me of the friend who introduced me to the series 😊 (my friend also could do with some new boots 😉)


Vetinari– best benevolent dictator ever!

Honorary Mentions: I also have a soft spot for Greebo and Death of Rats 😊

And that’s all for now! Do any of you have favourite Discworld characters? Let me know in the comments!

42 thoughts on “My Favourite Discworld Characters

  1. My two favorites are Death (absolutely love that his horse’s name is Binky) and Rincewind who reminds me an awful lot of my brother-in-law (except he’s a pastor in rural Iowa rather than a wizzard)

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  2. Vimes! No question.

    Though I do love Granny Weatherwax she reminds me too much of my wife for comfort.

    I was on a bus last week with ‘Uncle Ppint’ who was a friend of TPs and used to run a Sci-fi bookshop here in Lancaster (I think one of the Discworld novels is dedicated to him). Apparently Nanny Ogg is based on one of his family.

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