Yes, it’s Okay to Take a Break!

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And yes, I’m writing this for myself as much as for everybody else 😉 Because this is something I struggle with all the time! No matter how long I’ve been doing this, no matter how many of my fellow bloggers point it out, I still can’t seem to get it in my head. Which is why- *deep breaths*- I’m going to be reiterating what so many have said before me: IT’S OKAY TO TAKE A BREAK!

*Phew*- that’s hard to write! Far easier to just pack in all the excuses and beg for forgiveness! I know that when I’ve got to take time off, I end up grovelling and apologising and feeling tremendously guilty. And for what? For having other things going on, for having various stresses, for experiencing exhaustion… none of which are crimes punishable by death- I’ve checked 😉 Point is, we all have legitimate reasons for taking breaks- and that’s OKAY!

Recently, I saw Drew talking about just not feeling like reading, and it was such a relief to hear someone else say it! Because *of course* there are days when I don’t feel like reading- everyone has those! Not only when you’re feeling slumpy- sometimes my brain feels fried and I can’t keep my eyes open. And you know what? That’s OKAY!

Even more importantly, Eustea reminded me that this is a hobby and how there’s no need to be so hard on ourselves. We should be giving ourselves a pat on the back- not beating ourselves up for not “staying on top of things” (which, ha, if you’ve been doing this long enough, you know how impossible that is to do, since there’s always more to be done!) If we’re tired out or burnt out or just out-out, then we made need a little time off. And that’s OKAY!

Instead of feeling bad, let’s give ourselves a *round of applause* and *take a bow* (in that order 😉). We’re all great apes and we’re all in this together like a bunch of bananas… which sounded better in my head, but you get the idea 😉 I won’t tell people not to make excuses- goodness knows I wouldn’t be able to promise that myself! And I won’t be sorry for being sorry- I’m British, I’ve apologised to chairs for bumping into them 😉 YET I will say for the umpteenth time that we can give ourselves the night off whenever we need to and for whatever reason. The world won’t end. It’s OKAY.

 Cheers to that and to all of you!

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70 thoughts on “Yes, it’s Okay to Take a Break!

  1. This hits home so hard. I’ve been considering taking a break recently because I’ve just felt so behind and like the content I’ve been putting out isn’t the best it can be because I’m just trying to get it out. The pressure to keep reading can also be crushing and take the joy out of it which is not ideal for something we all love so much.

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  2. Too true! Yet taking a break is often a good thing – returning fresh afterwards. Even for hobbies. I must admit I often struggle to find time to read recreationally – I write full time, it’s my income, which means I actually spend much of the day reading. That can be drafts of my own stuff, source material I need to have, publisher proofs of my books, etc. It’s difficult to then sit down and read some more of an evening – time for something else.

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  3. I find that reader burnout is a real thing and often times we get so focused on hitting goals and reaching numbers that we don’t give ourselves time to enjoy the other parts of life. Thanks for this post! It is making me reflect on my own hobbies outside of reading.

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  4. “*Phew*- that’s hard to write! Far easier to just pack in all the excuses and beg for forgiveness!”

    …Except I believe it’s a built-in things all we bloggers – especially book bloggers – share. I know that I panic if I can’t use my computer for a couple of days…WHAT about all those books that NEED to be reviewed? WHAT about all those friends whose posts I won’t be able to comment on in time OMG I’m a HORRIBLE friend I suck at this!? I don’t think I will ever be able to stop feeling guilty for things that aren’t even under my control LOL. But it’s good to get a reminder from time to time that I – we – don’t need to 😉.

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  5. This is a great reminder. Some nights, I’m so tired after my studies that I can’t read a book. Other nights, I feel more like writing than reading before bed. I feel guilty because of my never-ending TBR shelf or because of my belief that I need to read to write. But my book will still be there the next day!

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  6. You are so right! I find it really hard to take a break and usually panic if I havent got a review to post and basically just post anything that pops in my head…..and its poo. And then I’m disappointed in myself!!!

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  7. If you’re taking a break from reading, it might allow you time to absorb some of the many stories and ideas you’ve enjoyed and written about so thoughtfully. How long your pause, when you renew your hobby/habit, is up to your spirit. If you’re taking a break from blogging, there is never any reason to apologize or explain. Blogging is an unpaid and sometimes unappreciated endeavor that can take out of you as much life as you put into it. I haven’t blogged for many months now, for reasons I don’t need to explain here. Not sure I’ll go back to blogging though I still write and read. Whatever is going on in your life, I wish you repose and serenity to allow you to change your course if you choose or return here when you’re ready. Wishing you all the best and may you do it all in good health and with joy.

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  8. I take breaks all the time. I think it’s just not noticeable because I often have posts scheduled ahead and because I have a co-blogger who keeps posting. So I’ve never made a “I’m going going on hiatus!” post; I just quietly disappear for a while. :p

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  9. Preach it! When blogging becomes more important to “you” (using a generic you, not monkey-you) than real life, then there is a problem.

    I think it helps bloggers if they can view their followers as real people and not prizes to be won (ie, looking at their daily view/likes/comments). Mrs B and I take breaks every year from each other when she goes travelling for a couple of days or a week. It is good for us and we appreciate the other all the more when we come back together. But if I viewed Mrs B as my possession, then when she left she be “getting away”. So it’s all in the mind and how you view things.

    It also helps to be a grumpy old guy 😀

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    1. Hehehe that’s very true!!

      And I think that’s such a great way to put it. Cos when I think of missing blogging, I don’t think of faceless followers, but actual people I’d like to talk to. And I think that’s a good way to have a relationship.


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  10. So true!!
    I wasn’t in the right mindset and way too busy last year to blog AND read and I was feeling really bad about it. I finally stopped worrying about it and my passion for reading & blogging came back too, yay!

    But now I take a break whenever I feel like it & won’t feel bad about it anymore.

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  11. I would laugh about apologising to chairs, but I’ve done it myself cause it’s just the British way haha. I love everything about this post. It’s taken a long time for me to accept the fact that I will never be a fast reader or someone who spends her every free moment reading. I read when I want to and that’s what I enjoy. It might take over a month for me to finish a book, but at least I enjoy it. Blogging and reading should always be for the fun of it.

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  12. Haha! I’ve seen many people apologize for taking a break, etc. from their book blogs. I, on the other hand, am an unapologetic break-taker. 😂 It’s just that nowadays, we have to think about ourselves first. Loved how you have put it here…

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  13. Great post! I love the bit about apologizing to the chair. A few months ago I was at a concert in Canada (I live just across the border) and when the band leader (Gareth of Rend Collective) asked everyone to put their arm around the person next to them and tell them “sorry,” a chorus of “soory” rang out across the venue…Oh Canada!

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  14. Thank you for this reminder! It’s hard to remember sometimes, especially right now while my life is a bit in an upheaval (all good things, just getting accustomed to the new way of things), and it’s something I’ve been struggling with a lot lately. So thank you for shouting it out!

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  15. I 100% empathise with this post! (Also, have apologised to inanimate object before … more than once) This is a really great reminder, one I should have probably thought of more last year. I have really just gotten back to reading this year and still, I feel like I need to constantly make sure that I KNOW it’s okay to not read 10 books a month. 1 or 2 is still an accomplishment and something that should be fun instead of a nuisance.

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  16. I completely agree! There have been times where I’ve felt stressed about getting to all the posts I had planned, and that made me do a reality check. I have an actual job that pays me and “earns’ my stress… blogging is supposed to be fun, at least for me and how I think about it, and I absolutely pull back and try to calm down when I find it starting to feel like work.

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  17. Love this so much and totally agree! The juggle isn’t easy, life can be tough, and yes, this is a hobby that should be enjoyed. It’s hard not to beat yourself up about it though… I’ve been fighting through burnout mode for about 6 months now lol. I’ll get there…slowly but surely!  

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  18. Are you taking a break? 🙂 Days off. Hmm. Alright. I don’t really post so much all the time. I mean, sometimes, I REALLY want to. But I also have school and can’t be on computer all the time. But luckily, it’s almost school holidays and then term 2 starts, so, I’ll be posting a lot. But anyway, it’s okay to take a break. 🙂 Have fun!

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  19. Fantastic reminder! I also struggle with this! I think sometimes my blog becomes an obession, something to focus on to stave off anxiety or depression but also something that can make my anxiety and depression worse–it all depends what’s going on. I think that’s why I’ve been trying to stay ahead so much lately so that the next time I do take a break you don’t really notice because I have so much prescheduled LOL. I find it so hard to lose momentum. I know it’s okay to break, this is a hobby after all, but it’s so hard to let go!

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  20. It’s great to read this! I’ve felt like a bad blogger recently because I just haven’t had the mental energy to keep up with everyone’s posts. But as you say, it’s a hobby! I’m trying to be kinder to myself and this helps 😘

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