Hyped Books I’ll Never Read – Spring Cleaning My TBR

orangutan list

Usually I’d never say never, but we are in the End Times- JK! JK! This is a promise to myself- life’s too short- let’s see if I can keep to it.

cursed child

Cursed Child– starting with a book that needs no introduction! When this came out, I picked this up in a book shop and I was pretty unimpressed. I then went and spoiled myself for the plot… annnd I’m glad I didn’t try to read it. Apart from graverobbing the original series, it’s just doesn’t sound like a good story to me.


Testaments– in case you didn’t see my ranty unpopular opinions post on books I don’t like that everyone loves, I’m no fan of Handmaid’s Tale. I’m not opposed to reading more Atwood- she’s an impressive writer- but I’m not giving this series another try- sorry!

go set a watchman

Go Set a Watchman– this was another BIG RELEASE that I was cautious about and then decided to just read a plot synopsis in advance… and it sounds worse than Cursed Child!! I cannot fully express my fury that this book ruined Atticus Finch’s character- but let’s just say it made me go bananas! To Kill a Mockingbird is a personal favourite and I don’t care how this monstrosity came about- I’m not reading it.

normal people

Normal People– this is the toughest one so far, because while I didn’t like Conversations with Friends, I’ve heard that people usually like one and not the other. So, I am tempted to see if I can find out what the fuss is about this author… and yet, something about her writing style just didn’t gel with me last time and I don’t want to risk it.

raven king

The Raven King– I’ll admit, I was weak and read the first Foxhole Court book after I was to avoid it. I’ve not heard from anyone that shares my views on the first one that it gets better- I’ve got to stay strong and not read it (as much as my eye is drawn to it like watching a car crash…)

chain of gold

Chain of Gold– this is less about the specific book and more that I just don’t plan to read any new Cassandra Clare book. It’s nothing personal, I’ve just outgrown her world and stories that always end up being exactly the same (okay, maybe it is a little personal 😉)

lady's guide to petticoats and piracy

The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy– as you may know I was pretty disappointed with Gentleman’s Guide, so as much as the title appeals to me, I just don’t see any reason to continue the series. Plus I wasn’t a fan of Felicity’s character in the first one- I doubt I want to read an entire book about her!

infinity son

Infinity Son– when Silvera announced he was publishing a fantasy book, I was intrigued and a little excited. I’ve enjoyed his books and I’m always up for some fun fantasy. Alas- when I read the blurb, I wasn’t enamoured. The premise just doesn’t light my fire and I could see the twists a mile off (something that reviews have since confirmed). I think it might leave me a bit heated, so I’m gonna give it a miss.

And that’s all for now! Do you think I’ve made any big mistakes with this list? Or do you have any books you *absolutely will not* read? Let me know in the comments!

55 thoughts on “Hyped Books I’ll Never Read – Spring Cleaning My TBR

  1. I just decided to removed Cursed Child from my TBR. The premise sounds pretty unappealing and the reviews haven’t really convinced me otherwise. I’ll stick with the main series. I’ll admit I’m a huge fan of the Foxhole Court series, but I definitely know that it’s not for everybody LOL. I personally love Cassie Clare’s books, but I won’t deny that the story is pretty familiar by now. At this point, I read for the characters, not the plot (which is usually underwhelming despite all that goes on in the series). I loved Gentleman’s Guide, but thought Lady’s Guide was really boring. I don’t think you’re really missing anything on that one LOL. I have no intention of reading Infinity Son either. It just doesn’t seem all that unique or amazing, all things considered. Great post!

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  2. I downloaded The Foxhole Court since it was free, but then I saw a review from someone, who does NOT fall for hype, and decided to put it off. I will never read HP. Saw the movies, annoyed by the author, and not really interested. I recently listened to Normal People. It was an odd experience. Not bad. It was like watching a train wreck. I had to keep listening.

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    1. Oh *definitely* don’t recommend it. I also got it cos it was free… and came to regret my decision! Fair enough! Ah interesting!! I kind of felt similarly about conversation with friends- so I think I’m making a good call for me personally.

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  3. I can confirm that the cursed child is quite frankly terrible and you’re not missing out on much! It’s great that you know what sort of books you like and can pick and choose the ones for you! Really interesting post!

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  4. I agree on Cursed Child. To be fair though I did watch detailed reviews about it so I got the gist of the plot. I won’t see the play (probably) but I don’t know how the special effects would make up for those plot and character issues…

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  5. Great idea for a blog post! I agree with you about all of them except The Testaments – I really enjoyed the Handmaid’s tale and I am sure I will get to it at some point.
    Fab blog – I’m happy to have found you 😀

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  6. I am totally with you on Go Set a Watchman, The Testaments, and Cursed Child. Watchman was manipulated by a greedy agent and wrested from a very ill and dying Harper Lee. She never wanted it published. Even were it the most incredible book ever written, I choose to honor the wishes of the writer. Writers are too often ignored, booed, and hoaxed.

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  7. I think Go Set A Watchman got a bad rap. I, too, had heard that it ruined Atticus. Then a friend told me not really, so I picked it up and … it’s not bad. Not as good as Mockingbird, but then, what could be? It’s more like a rough draft for Mockingbird than anything. It’s not exactly the same world. Some of the ideas and incidents that are fully developed in Mockingbird only sort of half happened in this one. I don’t think you have to read it if you’ve read Mockingbird cause you’ve already got the good stuff. But you don’t have to go around worrying that there is a racist version of Atticus lurking between the pages of Watchman.

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    1. Agreed. I loved Go Set a Watchman. It’s not as well written as To Kill a Mockingbird (she never refined it, so it’s just the first draft), but it is definitely Harper Lee. To Kill a Mockingbird is an absolute favorite of mine. I love it even more now that I’ve read Go Set a Watchman — I see more. Go Set a Watchman is Atticus for grown-ups. They made her tame it for To Kill a Mockingbord. America wasn’t ready yet.

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    2. So interesting to hear that- cos I haven’t heard that take before. And that sounds fair… but at the same time I don’t really want to read something that’s a rough draft for Mockingbird, you know? (I mean, it couldn’t be as good as Mockingbird, like you said, and knowing that it was about the same story, I just never wanted to pick it up). That is a relief though!!

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  8. Oh, yeah. Would 10/10 recommend skipping Cursed Child! There’s a guy over on YouTube who published a series of videos on how you could improve the script … they’re about 100 times better.

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  9. Yes, don’t bother with Cursed Child. I can’t believe people consider it as HP8.

    I have the same feelings about Testaments and Go Set a Watchman. I have a love-hate relationship with The Handmaid’s Tale (it was a great book but was also somewhat traumatizing for me), so I am not planning to pick up its sequel. :-/

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  10. I read both Cursed Child and Go Set a Watchman after being positive I wouldn’t, and they were interesting experiences but not exactly good books. :p I do wonder if Cursed Child is just much better, you know, if you go see the actual show.

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  11. I think … I still haven’t read a single book by Adam Silvera? I don’t even know why, but everyone always seems so emotionally wrecked afterwards and I wasn’t really into the idea of that. And I also thought I’d pick up his fantasy novel, but it didn’t spark anything for me either.
    Similarly, I think I am just not in the mood for Cassandra Clare anymore. I haven’t even finished her parabatai focused trilogy, despite owning all three books. Maybe “outgrown” is a pretty good description.

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  12. I’ve read Cursed Child and The Testaments and really enjoyed both, but tastes vary for sure! I stopped reading Cassandra Clare ages ago –after her third book, I felt like the story had concluded and I was done with her worlds. No regrets! I did read Go Set a Watchman, and hated it. I really do need to do a major purge of my TBR one of these days…

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  13. I agree with most of your list (and some of your list are books I haven’t heard of before, so I have no opinion on). But I 100% agree that Cursed Child is one I was interested in and then changed my mind, and that Cassandra Clare is no longer for me. The sequels to The Handmaid’s Tale and To Kill a Mockingbird aren’t books I was ever considering, but based on what I’ve heard of them that just confirms my original ideas.

    Normally I’d also say “never say never” but in this case? There are too many good books out there that are more likely to appeal to you, so I don’t see a need to force yourself to read high-profile books just because everyone else is doing it.

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  14. Go Set a Watchman = don’t bother. I like Cursed Child (seen the play too) but not nearly as good as an actual HP novel. The Testaments is on hold at the library for me, the book is such a big deal that I’m going to at least try. Normal People = so overhyped, see my review 😉

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  15. I’m the same with ‘The Cursed Child’ and ‘Go Set A Watchman’. Especially the second was NEVER supposed to be published. I also read spoilers on the Potter and couldn’t believe I wasn’t reading a fanfiction. Now I want to erase the memory.

    I also won’t read ‘The Testaments’. Different reason though. I liked ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ and Margaret Atwood in general, but a sequel so long after the first looks dodgy to me.

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  16. I was underwhelmed by Cursed Child, it wasn’t horrible–sure wasn’t good. (a coworker saw it, can’t stop raving about it–but gets why people who only read the script don’t dig it–apparently amazing production)

    Go Set a Watchman? Wish I hadn’t read it.

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    1. Yeah I’ve heard the production is amazing and I can see how watching something live on stage would make a huge difference to how enjoyable it is.

      Good to know I’m making the right choice there! I definitely won’t be picking it up!

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  17. Nope – no mistakes from my point of view! 😂 The Cursed Child was awful and I regret having read it. Also have outgrown Cassandra Clare. 😉 And YES to Go Set a Watchman – very disappointing. 💕

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  18. I have already made the mistake of reading The Cursed Child and I can only implore people not to read it. Gods, it is a disaster and then some! I am sad that you didn’t enjoy Gentleman’s Guide but I can sort of see why? I haven’t picked up the sequel yet because of some reason, clearly, my heart is telling me something. I am just too far behind in Cassandra Clare’s work to work up any enthusiasm for this one. I am not sure when I will read the backlist books too. *insert a truly tragic shrug emoji*

    Oh well. You can’t win all the time. I am also glad that you have set a limit to tbr and sort of made some decisions. It’s usually very hard to let go books from the tbr.

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  19. I’m reading Normal People right now – bought into the hype. And I’m really enjoying it, I’m surprisingly zooming through it, it’s pretty easy to read!

    I’ve got a Cassandra Clare book lying about it (I believe it’s the first one), but I have the same fear that it’s just not for me, but I wanna try it out at least and see, I might end up enjoying it!

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  20. I understand how you feel about The Cursed Child. It just doesn’t interest me. I know a little about it, too. I hate that Harry’s son is so angry at him… for no reason! Oh, well. There are so many books to read out there.


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