Comfort Reads and Lifechanging Stories – My Favourite Books to Reread!

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I’m sure many of you know the pleasures of rereading: the comfort of a familiar book, the turn of a well-thumbed page, the nostalgia-filled nuances that bring back fond memories. As a self-confessed rereader, I like to try and find the time to fit it in (despite all the shiny new titles sitting on my shelf 😉). Oddly enough, for me, I find the spring (a time for new beginnings) a good time to return to my bookish roots. And, with everything going on, it seems like that’s truer than ever- which is why I thought it might be fun to share some of my favourite books to reread. I’m going to keep books I studied to a minimum, with one notable exception, because I want to avoid books I reread out of a sense of obligation (and also cos then this would be a very narrow kind of list). Without further ado, let’s get into it!


The Hobbit– this was my most recent reread and what prompted this post. All I had to do was mention it, spot it on my shelf and I couldn’t resist! Abandoning all my reading plans (hello, mood reader here) I found myself wandering around Middle Earth again and loving every second.


Sabriel– by contrast, this is one I haven’t reread in a while, but definitely plan to soon. It’s one of my favourite series from when I was a teen and periodically reread as often as I could- so much so that between me and my friend repeatedly borrowing them, the library rarely had copies available 😉

shades children

Shade’s Children– yes, I’m including more than one book by the same author, because it’s just as deliciously dark and rereadable! A unique dystopia with lovable characters, I can’t say how many times I was pulled back into this story. It doesn’t hurt, either, that it’s a standalone- so fully satisfying on its own!

northern lights

Northern Lights– ahh this series is so good. I’ve reread across the span of my life- from childhood, to my teens, to now. It’s just as good every time. And, unusually, watching the amazing adaptation in December has actually amped up my excitement to do a reread- result!


Harry Potter– I mean, I wouldn’t be a basic millennial if this wasn’t one of my most reread series 😉 But, c’mon, there’s a reason this makes everyone’s reread lists! Funnily enough, when it comes to the boy wizard, I decided a few years back, after rereading Philosopher Stone that my appetite was sated and I wasn’t going to do another reread… Of course, I didn’t keep to that (who could?) and reread and reviewed the whole series a couple of years later. So, now I know, this is always going to be a series I keep going back to.

carry on

Carry On– on the subject of Harry Potter, this parody of the beloved series stole my heart… so much so that when I finished it for the first time, I went right back to the start and read it again! I’ve since discovered it’s one of my go-tos for cosy rereads.

secret countess

The Secret Countess– thinking about comfort reads, you can’t go wrong with an Eva Ibbotson book. And none works better for me than Secret Countess– I periodically pick up this *perfect* love story and am never disappointed.


Emma– speaking of romance, there had to be at least one Austen on this list (especially given I’ve reread them all). But, as I’ve mentioned before, Emma is my favourite- and consequently the one I’ve reread the most. Not just because it has flawlessly developed character arcs, not just because it has friends to lovers, but because it has the best Austen love interest (you can fight me on that 😉).

dorian gray

Picture of Dorian Gray– as promised I’ve tried to keep books off the list that I’ve studied or done essays on. However, I’m making this the exception because it’s a book I read of my own accord and chose to study. And, regardless of whether I’m studying it or not, it’s still a book I want to reread- which just goes to show how special it is!

man's search for meaning

Man’s Search for Meaning– this is probably the book on this list I’ve reread the fewest times, yet it’s probably the most important and the one I’m sure to return to. No, scratch that- it’s the one I need to reread. Because I need the reminders that life is precious, that meaning comes from the struggle and all the vital lessons this book provides. If ever there was a book that deserves to be reread, it’s this one.

And that’s all for now! Do you like (or dislike) any of these? What books do you most like to reread? Let me know in the comments!

61 thoughts on “Comfort Reads and Lifechanging Stories – My Favourite Books to Reread!

  1. I was just thinking about reading the Hobbit the other night! I literally had it in my hands and was flipping through it. But I decided on another book. Sabriel and Lirael were my first high fantasy books when I was a teen. Sadly, I never finished the series.

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  2. I’m still in the group of never having read Harry Potter haha. The Hobbit has got to be one of my most re-read books. It’s a timeless classic and always brings out that sense of adventure. I’ve heard some amazing things about Garth Nix’s work that I feel like I should read them.

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    1. hehe no worries! It just happens to have been the right book at the right time (for me and a whole load of other people I guess lol!) Absolutely agree with you! Oh definitely recommend giving them a shot- they’re some of my favourite books!


  3. Your choices as comfort reads fascinate me. I haven’t read Shade’s Children? The Picture of Dorian Gray? I mean they are great books but I remember being decidedly disturbed by both of them. I haven’t read Shade’s Children since middle school and I still think about it sometimes. O.O I suppose that’s what makes them worth the re-read though, isn’t it?

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    1. hehe you’re right- I actually hadn’t thought of that before- but I think it makes sense given I’m drawn to darker books in general (and I guess that it’s easier to get past the darkness on a reread because I know it’s coming/know where it’s heading). Also, Dorian Gray does have a lot of humour to balance them out. Totally!

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  4. Ah very happy to see Dorian Gray on your list! My favourite book… ever. I’m coming up to my annual re-read of it; I read it every May, no specific reason just something I chose years ago and it’s stuck!
    It’s one of the only books I re-read 😀

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  5. The Hobbit is one of the best ever books to re-read! I must go and re-read my copy – the one I have was given me by my aunt when I was 11, and I’ve kept it ever since. It’s a bit battered… And of course that will lead on to LOTR which I last read in 2004. I call it the ‘Tolkien vortex of re-reading’.

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  6. I enjoy rereading as well and have often returned to the Harry Potter books. I’m actually listening to the first one on audio now.
    I’d like to try Pullman’s books and also Sabriel. Those have been on my TBR for a while.

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  7. Ahh so many good books on this list! The Picture of Dorian Gray exceeded all my expectations and I ended up really loving it and am now wondering if there are any other Oscar Wilde books I should check out. I love rereading Northern Lights and Harry Potter is always a delight. I haven’t tried rereading any Tolkien, but I’m thinking I should try it out!

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  8. Great selection! The Hobbit, Northern Lights, Harry Potter and Jane Austen are classic rereads – I doubt, I’ll get tired of those. I haven’t read Man’s Search for Meaning, but I really want to. Not sure, I would reread a book like that, though.

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  9. The Old Kingdom books are amazing. In particular though, I’ve re-read the opening of Lirael until she leaves the glacier a few times. It’s cathartic sad, she gets the Dog… Clayr library whole book when, Garth?!?

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  10. I have never read Tolkein’s books and I think it’s high time I do something about it. My comfort reads would probably be anything by Rick Riordan, Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton; The Great Gatsby and The Chronicles of Narnia. And of course, comfort reads aren’t comfort reads without Harry Potter 😂

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  11. I didn’t discover The Hobbit until a few years ago — shortly before those-movies-I-try-to-forget where released 😉 — and absolutely loved it. Great choice as a comfort read!

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