My Pandemic Playlist


As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been putting together an apocalypse is nigh pandemic playlist (because this is clearly a very productive use of my time 😉). I was really inspired to share it by the Sullivan Spin, after his excellent post on why Right Here Waiting for You is the perfect song for isolation (he makes a compelling case!) I don’t have nearly as good an argument for putting these songs on the list- in fact some of these are wildly inappropriate- so be prepared for some mindless ramblings… enjoy!

End of the Line– let’s start with the fact that the world is ending (kidding! …sort of…)

Over and Done With– may as well embrace the world as it is!

Don’t Stand So Close to Me– time to social distance!

I Think We’re Alone Now– hmm, not so bad, time to dance like no one’s watching… (and maybe catch Umbrella Academy on Netflix while we’re at it)

The Cave– alright, I’m craving company now…

Owner of a Lonely Heart– ok, is anyone out there?

Wish You Were Hereseriously, anyone?!

Dancing in the Dark– guess not.

Paint it Black– may as well embrace *the darkness*

We didn’t start the fire– yes, things are heating up now 😉

Take it Easy– okay time to take a break from the angst for a hot minute.

Stay Stay Stay– but I know I’ve got to stay indoors.

All You Had to Do was Stay– seriously, this is my one job.

Run Boy Run– doesn’t stop me feeling restless!

Thriller– have you seen what it’s like out there?! Scary stuff! On that note…

Zombie– cos the world’s a little crazy right now (no, I don’t think we’re at risk of being zombified, unless you think that we could become couch-potato-zombies, in which case we’re already there!)

Youngblood– still reasons to be upbeat 😉

Whatever it Takes– let’s not be all doom and gloom- we can fight this!

Fight Song– yup, still fighting it (by doing nothing). Love the Piano Guys version as well 😊

Let it Go– at the same time, it’s not totally upto us (also, I mean it when I say I love piano guys)

Don’t look back– weirdly this is one of those songs that sounds like a downer, but is actually pretty upbeat… which contrasts some of the other songs on this list!

Alright then! That’s all for now! What’s on your pandemic playlist? Let me know in the comments!

39 thoughts on “My Pandemic Playlist

  1. I Am a Rock by Simon Garfunkel… basically about isolating yourself, with your books etc, so you don’t get hurt.
    Interesting list you’ve got… some are very appropriate, some are just LOL.

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  2. Great selection! ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’ is especially excellent. (As an aside on matters Yes, I saw Rick Wakeman performing live a few years back – a solo piano concert with lots of hilarious anecdotes. He’d come directly off a plane to NZ, it must have been the wee small hours by UK body-clock time for him – but lots of energy, and he played about 3 hours worth of music, all off memory. A totally professional & impressive old-school performance on the Wellington City Council’s civic Steinway Model D – what a fantastic musician!)

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  3. I’ve been mainly listening to the Mahogony Sessions on repeat … it might be time to mix things up a bit! (LOVE LOVE LOVE the inclusion of Let It Go!)

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  4. Think I need to compile a metal version of this list… but there are sooo much to choose from🙈. Great list, some of the songs on here i know just by looking at the titles, but the others ill have to look up. Take care🌹

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  5. I laughed, when I saw Don’t Stand So Close to Me. Wow! That is definitely the convid-19 theme song. I would add The End of the World as We Know It.


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