Does My Taste Follow the Crowd? Discussing My Top Ten Highest Rated Books I’ve Read (And Beyond) – Inspired by Thoughts of a Reader

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Over on the *terrific* Thoughts of a Reader, I saw this brilliant post comparing her highest rated on Goodreads with her own ratings. It immediately got me thinking about whether my own taste lined up with the highest rated books I’d read. After my discussion on the Goodreads Choice Awards, I figured it could be a fun “does my taste follow the crowd 2.0”. Of course, what I soon discovered was that a lot of the same popular authors/series came up repeatedly, which skewed the results a little and is why I didn’t exactly stop at ten. Let’s get to it:

court of mists and fury

A Court of Mist and Fury– 4.65- I personally gave it 4/5, so I get it, but I also think this comes down to some very loyal fans (Maas *dominates* this list).

heartstopper 2

Heartstopper 2– 4.66- I gave it 4/5- and I definitely understand why this has a high rating. It promises cute and fun and romantic- and it delivers!

march 3

March book 3– 4.64- again, my rating was 4/5 bananas (this is becoming a trend). I found this whole series pretty moving and, given the subject matter, think the rating is deserved.

crooked kingdom

Crooked Kingdom– 4.60- I gave it *all the bananas*- it’s safe to say, I’m fully on board with this one.

kingdom of ash book cover

Kingdom of Ash– 4.60- hmm I have more reservations about this one. I gave it 3 ½bananas 3.5- I was pretty satisfied at the time, but I feel less so over time. Unfortunately, this was the kind of finale that made me fall out of love with the series a little bit.


Clockwork Princess– 4.58- my rating was 3/5, so I guess I’ve got to be one of the few people on the planet who didn’t love the resolution to the love triangle. That said, this is still my favourite of Clare’s series and I get the hype.


Wise Man’s Fear– 4.57- oof I’m not feeling this one, I only gave it 2/5 bananas. This sequel just didn’t work for me at all. *Fingers crossed* for the finale though.

queen of shadows

Queen of Shadows– 4.57- I liked this one (my rating was 5/5) though it wasn’t my fave (funnily enough, for all the Maas books on here, that one didn’t make the cut).

harry potter and the half blood prince

Half Blood Prince -4.57 -my rating was 5/5 bananas- which kinda surprises me cos I had some issues (actually it surprises me even more that, by this reckoning, this is seemingly the most popular Harry Potter book? The next highest rated is Goblet of Fire and tbh I get that more… which I guess is just my own bias showing).

heartstopper 1

Heartstopper 1– 4.57- as with the second one, I gave it 4/5 bananas 😊

And because there were so many repeats, I decided to do some honorary mentions for high rated books where I get the hype:

Becoming– 4.55- I gave it 4 and completely get the hype (especially for the audiobook). It was very insightful, though I wanted more from it in some areas (but I get why there were gaps).

Maus– 4.55- totally worth the hype OMG- one of the best memoirs of all time!

House of Hades– 4.55- this might be my favourite Rick Riordan books!

Storm of Swords– 4.54 definitely the best Game of Thrones book- so I get it!

Skyward– 4.54- Sanderson is another popular author on GR and I *totally* get it! All the bananas!! And beyond!

In Order to Live– 4.48- another brilliant memoir!

Winter of the Witch– 4.51- this is one of the most satisfying series enders I’ve ever read! Safe to say, if you liked Bear and the Nightingale, you’ll likely love this.

To conclude, I’d have to say my taste doesn’t deviate much from the crowd. Sure, I may not always rate something as high and perhaps would’ve loved to see more favourites make it on here, but I rarely seem to disagree entirely.

So, if you’ve read these books, do you agree with the high ratings? Do you find your taste generally follows the crowd? Or are you a total rebel? Maybe you don’t even use Goodreads… 😉 Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

28 thoughts on “Does My Taste Follow the Crowd? Discussing My Top Ten Highest Rated Books I’ve Read (And Beyond) – Inspired by Thoughts of a Reader

  1. I definitely depart from the crowd when it comes to Sarah J. Maas. I gave Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight two stars each, while Heir of Fire received one star. After that, I decided I wasn’t going to read anymore of Maas’s books.

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  2. Ah! I can’t seem to reach Winternight trilogy and GrishaVerse books, even though I have paperback copies! Lol.

    And my general love of action is responsible for me liking Deathly Hallows, Goblet of Fire, and Chamber of Secrets the most, it seems.


  3. Great post! And I do agree with so many of your choices (especially Becoming and the Katherine Arden books). It’s always interesting to see where we match up with popular opinion… and where we don’t. I think I need to read Heartstopper. And I really enjoyed the March trilogy too.


  4. Crooked Kingdom definitely deserves to be up there with the best as does Sanderson’s novels. It’s funny I never think to look at the average rating of these books.


  5. I’m Percy Jackson fan so I’ll agree there and Harry Potter was also great. I loved mortal instruments but unlike majority, I didn’t like clockwork as much. I haven’t read any other. I have six of Crows on shelf, I’ll read it soon.


  6. Ah this is such a great idea for a post! I think my taste mostly follows the crowd as well, I love Heartstopper so, so much, such a great read ❤


  7. I’m glad to see Crooked Kingdom is so highly rated! Though I am also really surprised that The Half-Blood Prince is the most popular Harry Potter book… bizarre. Wasn’t a favourite for me at all. If it were Goblet of Fire I could also understand. And you’ve given me more reasons to finally get around to reading Skyward and Winter of the Witch 🙂

    Btw I just tried doing this with my own Goodreads list – in most cases my tastes definitely follow the crowd!


  8. For me, ‘The Wise Man’s Fear’ is somewhere around 3 stars. It’s good but definitely not as good as the first book. There are a lot of new characters introduced and I view this book as one which expands Kvothe’s world. I really disliked the Ademre arc but I do understand that it might serve its purpose in book-3. I do hope Pat Rothfuss wraps it all up neatly. We’ve had August 20, 2020 as a suspected release date but I think it’s more of a placeholder date. So much for us fans getting all worked up.

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  9. So… I was thinking about stealing this idea and just looked up what my list would look like. The Stormlight Archive books (split in parts), followed by Harry Potter books. Yeah, not the most interesting post 😂


  10. I 100% agree with you Kingdom of Ash… I don’t think the finale delivered on a great closure for the series. I’d be interested in hearing what your fave Maas book is, because I know my fave is a very unpopular opinion!!


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