Book Characters I’d Love to Spend Isolation With… And Ones I Wouldn’t!

orangutan list

Lately, I’ve been thinking not just about the books I want to read in lockdown, but who I might want to spend it with… and who I wouldn’t! When it came to the latter, I thought not just about villains, but the kind of characters who would get on my last nerve. Enjoy!


Best case scenario…

matilda books

Matilda– I mean, she’d be a really quiet house guest who just wanted to read. Bonus points for the fact she can fly me over some snacks with her mind!

bilbo baggins

Bilbo Baggins– cos he’s nice and chill and could provide plenty of food from his pantry.

night of cake and puppets

Zuzana– she’d make the best friend! Also, we can share our love of cakes. Speaking of…

lara jean covey baking

Lara Jean Covey– not only is she phenomenally sweet, she’s also an amazing baker and seems to have an endless supply of crafts. Oh, and she likes old romance movies. Basically, she’s the best person to be stuck indoors with!

witches greebo

Greebo– yes, he can be grumpy, but at least he doesn’t talk!

royal assassin

Nighteyes– are you sensing a theme? Just not sure I want to be around humans anymore!

mrs tiggy winkle

Mrs Tiggy Winkle– yeah, she’s prickly, but at least she’ll do my laundry!

cinderella cleaning

Cinderella– I’m not saying I’d make her do the cleaning… buuut maybe she could get some of those mice on board? Plus, she seems like a cheerful sort (though maybe she can tone down the singing a bit). On that note…

mark watney

Mark Watney– he’s the kind of person who can perk you up, even in the most dire situations!

magnus bane

Magnus Bane– cos he’s fun and he has magic and I’m in dire need of some entertainment! I’d sell my soul for it in fact! (tbh I was going to pick Satan, but I thought he might fob me off with an apple 😉)

Worst case scenario…


The Grand Witch– she’d probably turn me into a mouse and get the other people to squash me.

dolores umbridge

Dolores Umbridge– Dolores company would be punishing at the best of times- but if we’re locked in a house together?! Oh hell no!

ramsay bolton

Ramsey Bolton– for obvious reasons. Actually, there’s a whole bunch of GOT characters that would fit on this list, but he’s the absolute worst.

mrs danvers

Mrs Danvers– not the kind of person I’d want to be cooped up with at the best of times- but under government-imposed quarantine?! I can practically hear her “go on, go outside and contract Covid-19, I know you want to…”

mr rochester

Mr Rochester– I don’t fancy spending quarantine in an attic!


Celaena Sardothien– don’t get me wrong, I’m not in the anti-Celaena camp and found her entertaining in the books. BUT she’d get on my last nerve in lockdown! Just put away your weapons, stop showing off and sit your ass down!


America Singer– she was basically already in isolation in Selection and we know how she acted: “ohhh who do I pick” *whine whine whine*


Edward Cullen/Jacob Black/Bella Swan– all of them together, specifically.

alec d'urberville

Alec D’Urberville– just about the biggest perv on the planet. And on that subject…


Beatrice Lacey– she’d probably get a ridiculous attachment to my house and try to kill me so she can take it off me (jokes on her, cos I’m renting!)

Okay this house is getting realllly crowded! I’d better stop! Do you agree or disagree with any of my picks? Who would you like to spend isolation with? Who would you hate?? Let me know in the comments!

89 thoughts on “Book Characters I’d Love to Spend Isolation With… And Ones I Wouldn’t!

  1. This is so much fun 👏👏
    I agree with most of your list, atleast the ones I know except Celaena. I think I would love to be stuck with her as long we had an abundance of books and chocolates and we can indulge in both 😍😍

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  2. Ooooh isolation with Lara would be AMAZING! She seems to bake a lot when she’s stressed. I feel like being quarantined would make her stressed; therefore, baked goods galore! Plus she is SUPER FREAKING ADORABLE! I also agree on Umbridge. I think I would go mad. I’d probably cry a lot too cause I don’t do well with mean people, lol!

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  3. Love it!!!
    Oh, when Cindy’s finished at your place… could you perhaps send over to mine. I’d love to gave her to tea…. yeah… that’s it… nothing at all to do with the chores or anything…. 😉

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  4. I would love Magnus. Totally agree there! We will get free good and coffee and whatever we like, all he has to do is wiggle his fingers. 😁 twilight characters together! I wouldn’t have energy to deal with their Love trouble drama,. Agree there too! All characters are perfect choice. Love this post.

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  5. You’re definitely onto something with Bilbo Baggins and Cinderella, great one-two combo. Eat the food, drink, and puff with Baggins…then maybe Cinderella is bored and cleans up out of habit.

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  6. Definitely no America or Twilight people, well maybe Jacob as I reckon he’d be good for a hug but surely Delores would be great for cat memes and Celaena is a total bookworm and has some experience of being in lockdown/isolation. I think LJ would probably drive me crazy with all of her crafting and baking (assuming you can actually find flour or craft materials anywhere).

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    1. haha yeah maybe Jacob would be ok on his own… maybe (then again, he’s not big on consent, so maybe not). haha true. haha I’d actually love that about lara jean- such a great way to perk up my day (although yeah, it’s hard to get baking ingredients)


  7. This is such a fun list! I didn’t expect Cinderella to be on the list but I loved your reasoning, and Jacob, Bella and Edward being on this list made me giggle guiltily. Thanks for sharing this bit of fun! Bilbo being on the list made me imagine being stuck indoors with Smaug. That’d be cool but he’d probably end up sneering at you all the time and making loads of noise by slithering around on his hoard of gold which wouldn’t be half that fun

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  8. Hmm, Aslan from Narnia, although he’s not a tame lion… One of the dragons from the Dragonriders of Pern if I got to ride it. Would have to clear out the garage. Would be great to share the work with Cinderella – great idea!

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  9. Oh I love this post! I can think of many characters I’d like to spend isolation with but there’s one group of characters I definitely, definitely wouldn’t want to be locked in with and that’s the boys from The Lord of the Flies. I don’t think this would end well haha

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  10. What a fun post! 😀 Omg isolating with Bilbo would be great because he would probably make sure we were always stocked up on good food. And I agree that being stuck with animals often does sound preferable to humans 😉
    Oh NO the thought of being in isolation in Umbridge is AWFUL 😬 And to be honest, I don’t think I would want to quarantine with any Game of Thrones characters…

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  11. Ahh this is such a fun post, I love it! Being stuck with Lara Jean would be amazing, actually, she’d stress bake a whole lot, I’d love it so much haha 🙂

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  12. Willy Wonka is who I’d like to be stuck with, provided we could be stuck together in the Wonka chocolate factory. There’d be plenty of room for social distancing and I could hang out with the Oompa Loompas for a change, and take an occasional trip in the Great Glass Elevator for a change of scenery.

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  13. Awww I love Mrs. Tiggywinkle! I am so glad you mentioned her!

    All your other choices are great as well.

    I think my top pick would be Charles Ingalls. He is unfailingly cheerful, even in the midst of a 6-month winter … he is super clever when it comes to finding and stretching resources … and he can play the fiddle like a BOSS!

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    1. hehe I’m glad you think so!
      ahh you’ve reminded me that I’m seriously late to the little house on the prairie party (… I don’t even have the excuse of being British for this one, because I got a copy from my American cousins when I was younger)


  14. YOU STARTED OUT WITH THE BEST PERSON! Matilda is so precious ❤ But I'd also really, really, really like Mark Watney as my quarantine partner. His humour and relentless optimism is the best. Also, he can get creative with a limited pantry.
    When I got to the worst case scenarios though, woah, wouldn't want any of them either. With the whole Twilight fam, I'd kind of doubt you'd have a place to shelter in place in at after a couple days haha

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  15. Edward Cullen/Jacob Black/Bella Swan– all of them together, specifically.

    OMG I am DYING. So funny!! But also true!!
    I also think as much as I would love to be in lockdown with Magnus, he would become restless and hyperactive and I might accidentally kill him, or boot him outside… 👀

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