Summery Romance Recommendations! Lots of Fun and Fluffy Reads!

orangutan list

Yes, it’s summer (I know, I can’t believe it either!) so that means I’m whipping out some romance books and looking to catch me some sun! (which, fortunately, has its hat on and is coming out to play- even in the UK!)


Unhoneymooners– who doesn’t like a bit of hate to love? This book was a trip on a number of levels and had me thoroughly entertained!

worst best man

Worst Best Man– another book I read not long ago, this also features enemies to lovers. And boy does this couple have reasons to dislike each other… which makes it all the more fun!

When Dimple Met Rishi

When Dimple Met Rishi– this is in the hate-to-love vein, since it starts out as quite a one-sided affair. But it certainly heats up over the course of the book!

ps i like you

PS I Like You– this book relied pretty heavily on miscommunication, but let me say this clearly: I really liked this book. It left me with a big, dopey smile on my face.


Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants– an old ’un, but a good ’un! If you’re craving summery feels, with all kinds of relationships, then this is the series for you! Plus it’ll feed your wanderlust- and on that note…

love and gelato

Love and Gelato– a sweet, summery read set in Italy- this has all the right ingredients for a top-notch romance!

with the fire on high

With Fire on High– speaking of delicious reads, I read this recently and couldn’t get enough of it! I practically devoured this unique contemporary about an aspiring chef!

the boy who steals houses

The Boy Who Steals Houses– as with the last one, this leans a little away from romance, focusing more on family… (luckily though there is still some love in the air and ach-gosh-darn it’s so adorable!!)

second chance summer

Second Chance Summer– I know, I know, I’ve mentioned this book so many times before… that’s just cos it’s such a fab summer’s read! Just make sure you have some tissues handy! And with that in mind…


Song of Achilles– oh boy this’ll make you weep. While perhaps not as obviously summery as the other books on this list, I do feel the setting of Ancient Greece and Troy gives it that summer feel. Plus, the romance gets a little heated 😉

heartstopper 1

Heartstopper– and finally ending on something super-cute to cleanse the palate. These graphic novels are a light and delightful romance read!

And that’s all I’ve got for now! Have you read any of these? Do you plan to? And do you have any romance recommendations for me? I’m dying to hear them, so let me know in the comments!

32 thoughts on “Summery Romance Recommendations! Lots of Fun and Fluffy Reads!

  1. The Unhoneymooners was a good read. I love Christina Lauren! I may need to check out The Worst Best Man but off of the cover art alone. It’s cute. 🙂

    You should read This is a Love Story by Jessica Thompson. Lots of missed chances and opportunities between the main characters, it’s got a good mix of the “awes” and “you’ve got to be kidding me’s” as they keep missing their chance at a happily-ever-after.


  2. What amazedme is that with all the romance,ya and contemporary that I read I have read NONE of these Lol. But I know from the hype that they must be amazing! Great list


  3. I saw fun and fluffy and came running, because that’s my goto type of book. I read 9 of these, but Second Chance Summer was an ugly cry for me. I should have been prepared, but it hurt!


  4. I read “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” after hearing an interview with the author on the radio. I enjoyed it mainly due to the positive relationships between the girls. I just finished reading “The Bookshop on the Corner” by Jenny Colgan. Not sure it’s considered a “romance” as such, but it has plenty of it! Very well done and enjoyable. Who wouldn’t want to relocate to a beautiful area in Scotland and start selling books out of a movable shop?


  5. I’ve had my eye on a couple of these. Can’t wait for The Best Worst Man because I do love a good enemies to lovers. I keep hesitating picking up The Song of Achilles because I don’t want to spend a day crying LOL. Great list!


  6. I don’t think I could cope with a re-read of The Song of Achilles. That book was beautiful yet so brutal. I’m still reeling from the reading experience so I’ll take my fluffy hate to love romances for now haha.


  7. I’ve heard such good things about The Song of Achilles & The Unhoneymooners! I told myself I would branch out with my reading genres in 2020, so I think it’s about time I picked up some fluffy romance. Thanks for these recs!! xx


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