Series I can’t bring myself to finish and books I cannot bring myself to start!

orangutan list

A long while ago, I saw a fantastic post by Ali over on I Wuv Books about series she cannot bring herself to finish. I was inspired to follow in her footsteps… Only, I have to admit, I don’t have so many open-ended series. It’s not just because I’m a series finisher- but because I’m getting happier to quit series I’m not loving. So, in order that this list has a little more substance, I decided to include books I’m scared to start as well. Time to take it away:

shepherd's crown

Discworld– starting with the big confession (and the big reason I wanted to make this post): I cannot bring myself to finish Discworld. Guys, I basically have Shepherd’s Crown and a couple of others left… and I can’t do it. I’m not emotionally ready for it to be over! In fact, I’ve made up my mind to reread my favourites before I pick up the last one.


Mistborn– so, I *loved* Final Empire when I read it a few years back… then instantly heard the second one wasn’t as good. I hesitated to pick it up (partly cos I’d just had an emotionally scarring experience with a different series, where the second one let me down, and the third still wasn’t out…) Now it’s been *ages* and I can’t believe I haven’t finished this series- even though I hear from no end of sources that it ends well! (and I own the rest!) Again, I don’t want to make excuses, but I would rather to reread the first one before making my way to the end.

secret commonwealth

Secret of the Commonwealth– this is another where I’ve heard *not such great things* about it. Plus, the final one isn’t out yet, which makes me slow off the mark (…not that this excuses me much, since I’ve owned this book close to a year now and it’s my very last unread physical book).


Goldenhand– this is a bit of an unusual one, because here Garth Nix resurrected one of *my all time favourite* series. I *adore* Abhorsen, so I would love to savour this addition. Yet, it’s also been such a long while that I think a reread refresher would be helpful! (and also thoroughly enjoyable 😉)

last kingdom

Last Kingdom– I’m really torn about continuing with this series- because while I liked reading the first couple of books, I do feel like I’m enjoying the TV series more and don’t want to read spoilery content. That said, I would like to at least catch up to where the show is at. Plus, what if Netflix cancels it? Then I’ll definitely want to read on!

princess bride

Princess Bride– gosh I love the movie so much, even though I’ve owned the kindle edition for *ages*, and even though the idea of not liking it is inconceivable… I’m still scared to pick it up!

gardens of the moon

The Gardens of the Moon– for this one, it just comes down to the fact that there’s SO MUCH HYPE. I’ve been burned by older fantasy series before and I’m worried I won’t enjoy it… but even more worrying is if I love it, because then there’s a helluva lot of books to get through! #BookwormProblems- amiright?! 😉

And that’s all I’ve got for now! Do you have any series you’re scared to start or finish? Or just books you’ve been putting on the backburner? Let me know in the comments!

52 thoughts on “Series I can’t bring myself to finish and books I cannot bring myself to start!

  1. Apparently the Last Kingdom TV series diverges a lot from the books, the further it goes on (according to my husband who reads the books) so I don’t think you need worry about spoilers too much.

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  2. There are so many series I have on my tbr, Milou loves Sanderson, she also Read Shepards crown and I had to give her my shoulder to dry the snot off, the things we do for love… I am also interested in the ericson series but those books will be taking me forever to get through… they are huge.

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  3. I started Hunger Games, but didn’t even make it through book one. I won’t ever finish that series, despite it being one of my husband’s favorite YA series. He’s the one who talked me into trying the first book.

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  4. I’m putting 6th book of Clifton Chronicles on backburner. It’s second last ins series and somehow I don’t want to read it or maybe I’m not in mood to read it. I have finished half book and then I started reading other books. Maybe I will pick it up again. Great post!

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  5. Can you start with any Discworld book it is there any order I should follow? My uncle left me a load of them from his old home 😊

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  6. I love Marisaa Meyer’s books but I hate when her series end so I still have not read Winter (the official last book in the Lunar Chronicles) which means I can’t finish the short story collection or start the graphic novels and I’m still putting off reading Supernova which is the last book in the Renegades series. I never finished The Mortal Instruments and thus never picked up the spin offs after The Infernal Devices.


  7. I highly recommend you give Sanderson another try. It’s good stuff!

    And while I had my issues with Erikson, as long as you can handle 10 double novels, it is one of the biggest, sprawling series I’ve ever re-read. Bigger than WoT in terms of characters and scope.

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    1. Oh great!! That’s promising! I have loved (or at least liked) every book I’ve read of his so far, so I’ve really no excuse.

      hehe that’s what I’m afraid of- I’m almost as afraid of loving it and wanting to read 10 big novels in a row than not liking it tbh 😉 Oh wow.

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  8. I have a really hard time staying interested in series. I read about six of Charlaine Harris’s novels, but I fizzled out soon after. I think I may be more of a stand alone kind of person. Although, I will read a sequel if there’s only one.


  9. While I enjoyed the first Mistborn novel I didn’t care one white for the two sequels – I was actually completely cured of any lingering warm feelings for Sanderson! 😂 I did enjoy Erikson a lot, though!


  10. I’m reluctant to read the remaining books I have in the Inspector Gamache series by Louise Penny even though she has started writing again. I just can’t see how much longer she can keep the idea going……but I still dont want it to end. Contradictory I know!


  11. I’m planning on finally starting the Discworld series next month, so reading this makes me a bit scared to become attached to it haha 😅. And the second Mistborn book can be quite wordy, but the character arcs make it so worth the long read 😄!

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  12. I liked the Abhorsen trilogy so much when I read them years ago, but I also have just not gotten around to reading the new books.

    Who told you the second Mistborn wasn’t as good?! I mean, maybe I’d say the first is *better* but all three books are amazing!


  13. Haha, your reasons for not finishing a series are sooooo different than mine. My are pretty much exclusively “Meh, I don’t care about this book/series anymore. None of then have ever been as good as the first.”

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  14. I did a big Old Kingdom reread when Goldenhand came out. It was so nice to go back and revisit old friends, and Goldenhand was great. Highly recommend.

    Onto The Shepherd’s Crown… I read it the day it came out, and I was sobbing from about page 2 onwards. Not only because Pratchett had already passed on and I knew it would be my last Discworld story, but because of the content. It was fitting and amazing, and despite not being entirely polished, I loved it with all of my heart. I IMPLORE you to read this. It’s dreadfully sad, but it’s a fitting end.


  15. I haven’t started the Discworld series yet, but it’s a strong recommendation, when you love it so much, you can’t bear the idea of it being over. Will definitely not read The Book of Dust. After La Belle Sauvage, I decided it was enough, no way it could live up to the original series.


  16. I always think of The Princess Bride the book as a completely different entity to the film … going in that way may help. The book is brill!
    As for The Shepherd’s Crown – that book destroyed me! Don’t do it unless you’re feeling especially robust! 😁


  17. The Princess Bride book is fantastic. Trust me, it’s super similar to the book (the author actually wrote the screenplay and had a lot of influence when the movie was made). The book also gives a lot of extra backstory about the characters. I definitely recommend it!


  18. I bought the final book in Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series as soon as it came out, and then it sat on my bookshelf for YEARS because I didn’t want the series to be over. So I completely know what you mean by this.

    Also, The Princess Bride is a great book also, but you have to be in the mood for the author’s writing style. I recently tried to re-read it, but couldn’t get into the writing style so I decided to wait until later when I’m feeling more like that kind of work.


  19. Oh, I really need to re-read the Abhorsen series. I’ve read them all so far and absolutely love them. I’m not very good at savouring series. I just want to read the latest book ASAP. 🙂

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  20. The second book in the Mistborn series took its time, but I really did love it by the end. It has a lot more politics following the power vacuum left after the Final Empire, but I loved the character growth. I must admit I am terrible at finshing series.

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  21. I am *exactly* the same on Shepherd’s Crown – bought it when it came out, still unread because… then it would be over 😦 I’m the same with Iain M Banks – have two that I can’t bring myself to read and then never have a new Culture book again. I didn’t take to the book of Princess Bride, I’m afraid – I think I’d like it more on a reread, but it just wasn’t the movie (but, Cary Elwes’ ‘As You Wish’ does capture the same charm, fyi).


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