Books I’d Love to See Adapted and Ones I’m Excited For!

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After months and months of (trying to) watch my way through Netflix, I’ve found myself thinking *a lot* about all the books I’d LOVE to see adapted (and all the ones that are in the works that I wish were available now!!).

However, even with some of my favourites recently being made, and done well (ie His Dark Materials), I’ve seen so many flops over the years that I’m still a little cautious about certain books being made into movies and shows. Some books may very well be better left as books. So, to be clear, this list isn’t just my favourite books in the world– these are just some of the stories I think could work:


Shadow and Bone– starting off with one of my most anticipated adaptations, I’ve been eagerly watching announcements as this has gone into development and been bouncing off the walls with every casting. It’s safe to say I *cannot wait* to see how it turns out!

a darker shade of magic

A Darker Shade of Magic– and this is another one we will hopefully get to see, Schwab’s fascinating world and characters would *definitely* be suited to an adaptation!


Throne of Glass– while I’ve not loved every part of this saga, I do still think this would make for such a fun fantasy TV show. Though I haven’t heard anything in a while, there have been rumours over the years… so who knows?


Illuminae– another one that may very well be in the works- and it would be a good decision if they tried it out! Yes, there would be parts of the books that would be lost in translation if it was adapted, but I think if they tried to capture the unusual style of the books in a visual it’d be very special indeed. Besides, space opera’s make for great movies. On that note…

Red Rising Pierce Browns

Red Rising– BLOODYDAMN, this would make for an amazing adaptation!  I mean, who wouldn’t want to see (what is effectively) Romans fighting it out in space?! Plus, there’s so much content to mine and complex themes, you could have a brilliant series on your hands (if done right). And the rumourmill says it’s in the works as well…


Skyward– if film goers are craving DRAMA and EXCELLENT CHARACTERS, then ye gods, you cannot go wrong with Sanderson’s Skyward. This would make for an absolutely STELLAR blockbuster! Aside from the brilliant twists and turns that’ll keep audiences on the edge of their seats, this also has one of the most likeable mcs that anyone could get behind!


Renegades– for me, Marissa Meyer’s books are *totally* translatable into TV/film. And none more so than her take on superheroes. And yes, I know that genre is pretty oversaturated right now, but I’d see this as being something that could satisfy a different demographic from the mainstream Marvel/DC movies. (But you know, if this isn’t possible, I wouldn’t say no to the Lunar Chronicles instead)


Diviners– I’ve been loving the performative element of these books, which makes them so entertaining as audiobooks… which makes me think, why not make this into a TV show? I think they’re a little too dense to have them be a film, but you could really go to town with the fascinating world building, characters and spooky atmosphere.

wicked deep

Wicked Deep– speaking of spooky, this standalone could easily grip viewers with its unique story. Netflix has apparently got the rights to this one, so *fingers crossed* they do something good with it!

to kill a kingdom

To Kill a Kingdom– I’d love to see more movies partially set under water and I think this Little Mermaid retelling absolutely has enough excitement to make for an awesome movie.

night circus

Night Circus– this one is a bit more of a risk, because it’s such a brilliantly written book and a film might not capture its magical atmosphere. That said, if done right, this would be a visual treat.

the secret history

Secret History– I’m kind of amazed this has never been adapted, cos it’d be so. damn. good. With a captivating cast of characters and a great plot, I completely see this being made one day (I hope).

with the fire on high

With the Fire on High– yeah I can’t shut up about this book lately, sue me. I love contemporary movies and could easily stuff this list with a whole bunch that could work- however none of them have the *special sauce* that this one does. I think this goes the extra mile and would be especially moving.

eliza and her monsters

Eliza and Her Monsters– like, I said I love contemporaries that get made into movies, so I could easily say “just do them all!!” This one is at the top of the list for me, because, with its focus on mental health and internet culture, it’s got a bit more going on than a standard YA romance. Plus, if it was done in a stylised way, with some element of animation, it would be especially cool.


And a BIG *BONUS*: Discworld– well, obviously. Yes, I know some of these books have already been adapted; yes, I know that there have been little pieces of optimistic news here and there. BUT GUYS I’M SO IMPATIENT!!

And though I have a ton more, I think I’d better leave it there for now! Do you guys agree with any of the books on this list? Do you have any personal faves you’re dying to see adapted? Let me know in the comments!

40 thoughts on “Books I’d Love to See Adapted and Ones I’m Excited For!

  1. I haven’t read Night Circus but I have heard of the magical aspect of the book. I think it would be interesting to see it on film.

    I personally would love to see Daughter of Smoke and Bone or The Girl at Midnight trilogy. Both are very magical and I think it would fit for movie or TV adaptations ❤

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  2. YEEES! I can’t wait to see the Shadow and Bone adaptation!! I would LOVE to see an adaptation for The Arc of a Scythe (I don’t remember if it’s in preparation or not), that would be FANTASTIC!

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  3. I love so many of these as series! Skyward, Tog, The Diviners, Shadow and Bones and …With teh Fire on High (though it would remind me of Masterchef :-)))

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  4. With the success of The Expanse, I’m kind of surprised Red Rising hasn’t at least been discussed by content creators. There is such a cool story and each book is easily a season. Seems like a no-brainer to me…

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  5. I’d watch all of these.

    Even though I am never going to read Red Rising because I hate class warfare narratives. I can put up with them for the duration of a movie but not of a book.

    The following books, by Andrew Klavan: Identity Man, Empire of Lies, and the Another Kingdom trilogy. Also, I don’t know whether this has been done, but every one of Dick Francis’s racing mysteries could become a BBC series.

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  6. I’d love a Diviners series. The combination of the 1920’s setting and the supernatural stuff would be so much fun!

    I’m also really surprised that there has never been a film adaptation of The Secret History. But I hope that if there was one, they’d be able to translate what made the book great.

    That’s also what worries me about a Night Circus adaptation. I think magical realism can look beautiful on film if it’s done right, but silly and cheesy if it’s not. So I would want it done right, because the book is very dear to me.

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  7. Such a great list! I completely forgot that the Grishaverse is becoming a TV show .. that will be really fun! Can’t go wrong with a magical 1920’s with The Diviners series and Illuminae would be so good if captured right .. especially all the tense moments in the series!? I would also love to see The Night Circus though I agree that it might hard to really capture the magical feeling of it.

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  8. Yes yes yes! Lol. I’d be super nervous about Night Circus Though… could they really pull that one off…? I cannot wait for Shadow and Bone… almost finished Ruin and Rising!!!! And I think Fire would be a great movie.

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  9. This is a fantastic list. My goodman, I would DIE if/when Red Rising is made into a series. I think TV would work best, but a film would work all the same if done right! Skyward would be a BLAST of a blockbuster. And I agree, though I’m not a diehard fan of the TOG series, I think it would make some great TV. Honestly, I’d be so excited if anyone of these were sent to the silver or small screen. So. Much. Potential.

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  10. I’m always worried when an adaption is made of one of the books I love, because of the risk of huge disappointment. And most often it works best, if I see the adaptation before I read the book. Having said that, I agree The Secret History would make an excellent movie!

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  11. The film and TV rights to The Night Circus were optioned by Summit Entertainment, and a film is being produced by David Heyman and Jeff Clifford under Heyday Films. Moira Buffini was hired in February 2012 to write the screenplay. In February 2019, it was announced that Geremy Jasper would direct the film adaptation.

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  12. love this post! i personally loved six of crows more than shadow of bones, so i’m more excited for the inclusion of that series rather than s&b, but i’m definitely excited for the show overall!! and because we were just talking about the young elites, i feel like that — or legend! — could be a great tv series 👀

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  13. I’m so excited for the Grishaverse adaptation!! Sadly, I haven’t read the Grisha trilogy yet, but Six of Crows is one of my faves, and I’m so excited to see the characters and my favorite scenes on-screen, especially because I feel like Six of Crows reads a lot like a movie. Sadly, I haven’t read many other books on this list, but I do think that a TV show adaptation of The Diviners would be *amazing*

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  14. It’s quite strange, right? How we think that even advanced VFX nowadays can fail to recreate the magic we perceived while reading a book. The words are so magical! That not even live animation or real adaptation can trump that. 😍


  15. I would LOVE to see Red Rising adapted – preferably into a TV show. It’s like Game of Thrones in space and that’s how they should pitch it to the networks lol. 🙂


  16. All excellent choices! I still haven’t read Red Rising, but the way you pitched it sounds so interesting that it automatically just went up on my TBR. Also, I completely agree with what you said about The Night Circus. If done right it would be a treat, but I’m terrified that they would ruin the story.


  17. These all look like they’d absolutely make great movies / TV shows! So impatient for the Grishaverse to come to Netflix LOL 😂 And A Darker Shade of Magic is on my priority TBR!! While I haven’t read Renegades, The Lunar Chronicles would make an amazing movie or TV show — I think Marissa Meyer said that if the books were getting adapted, a TV show was more likely!!!!! Thank you for sharing this with us 🙂


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