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Hello all! Would you believe we’re in another Camp Nano? I’m not really participating (too much work) but I did find this brilliant writing tag! And you know what they say? “If you can’t write, do a tag!” (yes, that is a thing people definitely say 😉 ) Really grateful to the marvellous Mary Drover for tagging me! I love when she talks about writing and thoroughly enjoyed her writing for this.

This (very cool idea) was created by the Long Voyage- so definitely check out the original here!


. . . started a novel that I did not finish.

I’m not sure I count the ghost story I started when I was seven? It seems a bit harsh to include that! 😂 I feel like, generally speaking, if I get serious about a story, I’m going to finish it.

. . . written a story completely by hand.

lord of the rings writing gif

Yes- and I still (sort of) do? I wrote my first three books completely by hand. Then, when I started working on the trilogy, I realised I wanted to type up every few chapters, so that I could have a clearly overall vision (which led to me developing some edit-as-you-go techniques).

. . . changed tenses midway through a story.

Maybe? I presume I did this when I was starting out, but I’ve not noticed anything like this in a while (actually, now I think about it, I’m so scared I’m going to find an error like this in my writing now or WORSE miss it entirely!!)

. . . not researched anything before starting a story.

guilty judge

Hehehehe oh so very, very guilty! I could use the excuse that I’m a fantasy writer- but most people know that’s not gonna wash. I don’t know why either, cos I love to plan, yet I like to dive straight into the story than get bogged down with details. I do tend to fall down (very specific) researching rabbitholes while I’m writing though. My biggest problem is that- while I like to base a lot of my character’s interests on things I’m genuinely interested in- there are some occasions when I have to include something outside my interests. Let’s just say I can be less-than-enthusiastic about research in those cases… which CAN HAVE DIRE CONSEQUENCES! Moral of the story: don’t be like me 😂

. . . changed my protagonist’s name halfway through a draft.

Does it count if they change their name in the context of the story? Either way, I’ve considered changing a character’s name, and have definitely done it to minor characters, but never a main one (as of yet). Once I fall in love with their character name, I’m keeping it, no matter how stupid it may sound (actually, fun fact, I often give characters deliberately awkward names, cos I feel like I was saddled with one IRL and I shouldn’t have to be the only person on the planet to suffer with a name I don’t like!)

. . . written a story in a month or less.


. . . fallen asleep while writing.

you fell asleep

How would this even happen…? Writing is like a total workout, combined with operating heavy machinery, combined with flying… all of which demand your utmost attention! I don’t know how you could fall asleep at the wheel like that?

. . . corrected someone’s grammar irl / online.


Oh god yes, guilty (like, super, super guilty- I feel so bad about being such a grammar Nazi these days- I try to stick to ranting on my blog and to friends now)

. . . yelled in all caps at myself in the middle of a novel.

NOPE! (that’s just something I do on the blog 😉)

. . . used “I’m writing” as an excuse.

Haha no! Even if I am, in fact, actually writing, I’m scared to tell people! It just puts pressure on me- I’d sooner tell someone I was clipping my toenails than tell them I was in fact up to my elbows in a fantasy world, delivering an 80,000 word baby 😉 (and that’s a gross image you’ll never be able to unsee 😉)

. . . killed a character who was based on someone I know in real life.

Haha oh yes. I don’t know if this is going to make it better, but I based the character on a stereotypical mean girl I knew, then got bored of having them in my book and killed them off…

. . . used pop culture references in a story.

Hmm I think so- I just don’t often keep them in the edits. Sometimes they just feel like a private joke between me and me (I mean, I once referenced a political slogan I wanted to make fun of and it gave me a good chuckle… but no one that read the book noticed!)

. . . written between the hours of 1am and 6am.

Of course! Though (at the moment) I’m surprised to say my hours are more sociable than they used to be!

. . . drank an entire pot of coffee while writing.

mad hatters tea party

I don’t drink coffee, so it’s tea all the way! (and yeah, I can drink an entire pot of tea while writing- who wouldn’t?)

. . . written down dreams to use in potential novels.

it was all a dream

Yup! And I’ve done it as well. Sometimes they literally end up as dream-sequence type scenes, where a character dips their toes in another surreal world for a moment or two, and (hopefully) returns changed. Very useful! Thanks subconscious!

. . . published an unedited story on the internet / Wattpad / blog.

Oh yeah- way back when I was on Figment I put out a novella I was working on (it was pretty useful to get feedback as I worked to be honest)

. . . procrastinated homework because I wanted to write.

Absolutely! I procrastinated classwork with writing, so why wouldn’t I do the same for homework? 😉

. . . typed so long that my wrists hurt.

Yup! Easy thing to do!

. . . spilled a drink on my laptop while writing.


No- and I hope it never happens- the horror, the horror!

. . . forgotten to save my work / draft.

Ahhh no!!! I hope this never happens to me either! (I feel like we’re going through all my worst nightmares now!)

. . . finished a novel.

Yes- it’s a bit complicated to count them (since I’ve rewritten a few), so let’s go with 6 (original works).

. . . laughed like an evil villain while writing a scene.

evil laughter

MWHAHAHAHA! (absolutely)

. . . cried while writing a scene.

I feel so heartless for saying this, but no. Not even when I kill my most precious darlings. I have horrified myself to sleeplessness though.

. . . created maps of my fictional worlds.

Nothing so cool as in Mary Drover’s tag- but I do always like to have some idea where my characters are- so whether it’s a poorly sketched out high fantasy world or a regular map from this world with a few new place names marked on it, I always have something like this. (weirdly though I often make this somewhere in the editing phase, so I can correct my mistakes!)

. . . researched something shady for a novel.

Oh absolutely- I think “world’s deadliest poisons” would give most people cause for concern if they didn’t know I wrote 😉

That was so fun, I’m tagging:

Kat, Marie, Sophie’s Corner, Out of Babel and anyone else that wants to do it! 

And for now, I want to know, what guilty writing secrets do you have? Fess up! 😉

42 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever Writing Tag!

  1. I need to print out the pages I’ve written, and then I do edits with a freshly sharpened pencil. But when I go to computer to correct what I’ve edited, I end up changing things again…

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  2. The only thing I’m guilty of is not being a writer. But if that is a crime, then I’ll proudly become a book pirate and roam the vast ocean of the internet, bringing the Terror of Bookstooge to jumped up writers everywhere 😉

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  3. The section on changing a character’s name reminded me how glad I am that Tolkien was willing to do that… I think LOTR would lose something had Bingo rather than Frodo been the Ringbearer

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  4. I have finished four recent first drafts longhand in hardbound notebooks, the fifth has been crossing the English Channel on board a DFDS ferry for the last month without me…I will catch up with it soon (I hope)…

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  5. I truly don’t understand how it’s possible for some people to fall asleep while writing! My heart rate has literally skyrocketed sometimes when I’m really excited about a scene!

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  6. I feel so called out by the dreams thing. I have a writing notebook in my room that is just for ideas (all unwritten, of course), and most of the ideas are things that happened in a dream. Some of them I didn’t write enough details to even remember what I was going for, and now I’m like “What is THAT?” My most recent dream that I think would make an excellent YA novel was about a bisexual pirate.

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  7. Hello Orangutan Librarian! Thank you so much for tagging me! This looks like a really fun tag and I’m really excited to answer these questions.The thought of forgetting to save my work is terrifying and I’m really glad that it hadn’t happened to me yet (knock on wood!)

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  8. These seems like such a fun tag! It makes me think of the novels I wrote when I was in high school. Ah those were the days. This makes me want to pick up the pen though! I’m so guilty of doing so many of these things myself haha. Especially the lack of research part 🤦🏽‍♀️

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  9. I am the same way about telling people I’m writing! I’m always trying to come up with other excuses to explain to my housemates why I can’t hang out because I get embarrassed 😳. Glad it’s not just me!

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  10. “I’m not sure I count the ghost story I started when I was seven?”
    But…but…I mean, I need you to finish it now because I WANT to read it! I’m a sucker for ghosts!

    But seriously. Six novels? Have you ever queued them? Or do you just write for yourself?

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    1. haha I love them too! I wish I could finish it, but the weird thing about it is it changes every time I think about it, so I think I need a fresh slate if I’m ever going to write a ghost story!
      No, I haven’t queried them- I kinda shelved 2 and 1 I never planned to query… but the other three are part of a trilogy that I would like to query someday! (when I’ve finished editing the first one)

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