My Harshest Unhaul Yet…

monkey unhaul

Being cooped up indoors for much of this year has made me re-evaluate some things: specifically my book collection. Maybe it’s a bizarro cabin fever, but I’ve been looking for things to unhaul and so decided to prune my books. Let’s jump into what I’ve decided to get rid of:

Recent-ish reads:

recentish reads unhaul

City of Ghosts– a bit disappointing for me personally, but a Middle Grade that younger children might enjoy.

Grace and Fury– I was so disappointed with the sequel, I just didn’t want the first one in my collection (no matter how pretty it looks).

Kingdom of Ash– this one’s a bit of a *shocker*, especially cos it’s signed, but I was left underwhelmed by the ending and won’t be rereading the series.

A random assortment of books:

random assortment unhaul

Milkweed– I remember it being fine… but not much else. Besides, it’s a holocaust book, so I won’t read it again.

Danny Abse poetry– not really for me.

The Promise– I liked this, but I won’t reread it.

Sociopath Next Door– another one I actually liked (you can check out my review here) but I don’t need a copy and won’t pick it up in the future.

Old childhood books:

cherub unhaul

Cherub– I haven’t even put this in the right order, cos I couldn’t remember it and don’t care enough to check. I never owned the first two as well- which would make rereading a problem (not that I plan to). Some of these aren’t so memorable and the ones that are I remember well enough to know I enjoyed them at the time. Now it’s time to let go.

childhood books unhaul

Snakehead– I didn’t ever finish the Alex Rider series and wasn’t a fan of the later ones- so it’s kind of a no brainer.

Apocalypse– this is a shame cos I like Bowler’s other books, but really didn’t like this (and this is the one I had signed :/ which is the only reason I held onto it for this long)

Series of Unfortunate Events– I was never a superfan, didn’t get through the series and outgrew this a long time ago.

Blood Bones and Body Bits– ditto. Not much to say about it.

Deenie– ah I liked Judy Blume back in the day… but also this one makes me feel lowkey queasy.

And ones I’m unsure about:

unsure nemesis unhaul

Nemesis series– this is the one I’m on the fence about. Like the Cherub series, it’s incomplete. But unlike the Cherub series, I really loved it. That said, I’m not going to read it again- so not sure I should hold onto it…

Which is why I’ve decided to put this one to the vote? What do you think I should do with the series? And what do you think of my unhaul? Let me know in the comments!

23 thoughts on “My Harshest Unhaul Yet…

  1. I read Potok as a teen. I won’t be re-reading “The Promise” either. I would have no trouble harrowing these books.

    I will admit to holding on to signed books. I have a Desmond Morris signed to me and an autobiography by Whitey Herzog among others. I will hold on to those.


  2. I was disappointed by City of Ghosts, as well. Fortunately, I got it from the library.

    I wish I could comment intelligently on Nemesis, but I’ve never heard of it before!


  3. I unhaul books all the time! I have a big tote full that I’ll be bringing to the local secondhand bookstore to sell. I do it because I tend to always find books from years before that are somehow still in my book collection and I know I won’t be rereading. I’ve never heard of Nemesis, but if you’re unsure, you can always put them aside for a couple months and go back to them; if you still feel unsure, then maybe donate?


  4. Soemtimes it feels so good to unhaul books, to make space for the books you absolutely love!



  5. Get rid of them! From time to time you have to part with stuff. Especially if you don’t think you’ll read them again (or read them at all). You can use that space for books you actually love 🙂
    I don’t unhaul often, but when I do, I unhaul 50-70 books, either ones I didn’t enjoy or books that have been sitting unread on my shelves for 500 years and where I know I’ll probably never read them.


  6. This makes me want to unhaul a lot of my books! They’re all in boxes from when I moved back home like 3 years ago. I feel like there are so many i’ll never get around to reading at this point. Sometimes it’s good to let things go 😀


  7. Good job with the unhaul! If you’re never going back to a book and don’t get the warm and fuzzies seeing them on your shelf, then there’s no reason to keep them. Your comment about Deenie made me laugh — I loved it way back when, but thinking about it now as a grown-up… well. low-key queasy is a great description.


  8. The day I unhauled my ASOUE books was the best day ever. I probably liked 3/13 books in the series, and the rest were just awful to me. And don’t even get me started on the ending, UGH. What a poorly written story with the worst ending ever.


  9. That’s quite an unhaul but I do think it’s good to get rid of things now and then! If you have no reason to hold on to these then there’s no point in having them just to have them. I’m working on getting rid of more things (not just books). 🙂


  10. It’s always great to get rid of books which you know you’ll never read again. Interesting about the Alex Rider series, Snakehead was the last one I read, soon after it was published, but I’ve been considering catching up with the rest of the series!


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