Songs I Wish Were Books

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There are *so many* songs out there that inspire me and make me think “I’d love to read a book about this!” So when I saw this prompt for a Top Ten Tuesday a few years back, I wanted to do it… But forgot! Luckily, the brilliant Kat @Life and Other Disasters reminded me of it recently with an awesome follow up! So be sure to check it out if you like this topic!

Blank Space– I mean, let’s be real, I mostly want to fill this with Taylor Swift songs 😉 However, if I had to pick just one, I’d go with this because I think it’s got cheeky Gone Girl vibes and would make an excellent thriller. The lead would be charming and potentially sociopathic OR, even better, the final twist could be that the media got it all wrong and stitched up an innocent woman! (seriously, someone needs to write this book!)

Strange and Beautiful– call me masochistic, I just love stories about unrequited love. Preferably if it ends tragically…

Winter Winds– this is another one where I think it’d be interesting if the characters didn’t end up together. I just think it could be an interesting, character-focused story about people growing up in their early twenties in London (and I love books with a strong London setting!)

Blackbird– I just think this is beautiful and I can see the characters flying around… Actually that’s not a bad idea- it’d be really cool as a fantasy story! Someone write it please!

Ruby Tuesday– I imagine this would be nigh on impossible to pull off capturing the enigma of the titlular character… then again Taylor Jenkins Reid always pulls that off with her main characters… so maybe she should write it!

Galway Girl- this is another one where I can just picture the character… Not Ed Sheeran, I don’t really care about his part and would write him out of the narrative. It’s The Girl who is enigmatic and fascinating and I just want to read her story.

Homeward Bound– weirdly, out of all of Simon and Garfunkel’s narrative driven songs, this is the one that speaks to me the most, even though there’s less of a story to it. There’s just something about it that leaves me longing to know the full story. It could be a kind of modern-day Odyssey… with musicians!

Zombie– I mean, this song speaks for itself. It could be an amazing book about war. It’d be really cool to do it as a split timeline, during a conflict and after. Maybe even don’t say whose perspective the after perspective is from, so you don’t know who survived… *dun dun dun*

I Will Follow You Into the Dark– this could be a really cool paranormal fantasy, heavy on the romance 😉 On the note of fantasy…

Kashmir– this is super trippy and could make a really good, really odd book.

Bad Guy– a song for an anti-hero. A bit of a loopy one.

All These Things That I Have Done– another anti-hero-ish potential-novel. And if someone said they’d based a book on this, I’d definitely read it!

Tomorrow– yes I know this is from a musical, but I always had lingering questions about whether tomorrow ever came for this character!

Shine On You Crazy Diamond– there’s actually crazy story about this song. The way I heard it told, it was a tribute to Syd Barrett, a troubled former member of the band. Bizarrely, when they were recording the song, he turned up, so different that they almost didn’t recognise him, then left. I’d love for someone to do a fictionalised version of it (only have him be missing instead of kicked out of the band and turn up for one performance in a sort of mystical fashion at a festival).

Mad Woman– I know I said that I said I wouldn’t just fill this up with Taylor Swift songs, but I can’t help including just one more! And every time I listen to this lately, I can’t help but think this would be a nice spin on the whole mad woman in the attic trope!!

And that’s all for now! Do you agree with any of these? Would you tell any of these stories differently? And what songs would you like to see become books? (by Taylor Swift or otherwise! 😉) Let me know in the comments!

58 thoughts on “Songs I Wish Were Books

  1. I think I have done a post like this about 3 or so times by now, because songs are just so inspiring for stories to me! I don’t always want to be the one who does the heavy lifting of the writing, but I so adore being motivated to create something off of something else that I can return to when I want to and just get that head cinema going again.
    I always think that Taylor Swift has some great stories in her songs, so, definitely agree on her being on your list! But everything seemed great and some new songs for me to listen where also in there 😀 I like knowing what my friends like in terms of music!

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  2. What a cool concept! There are SO MANY Taylor Swift and Killers songs with such amazing evocative lyrics that tell a fascinating story! Some bands naturally produce this sort of content – others it might be a little harder – but I’ve thought this about different songs through the years!

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  3. Omg, this post is the actual coolest. Not to be THAT person but like Ruby Tuesday would make an amazing book. Not just because it has my name in it lmao. The lyrics are just… so weird and there’s def a cool story there. Love all the other songs too!!

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  4. Great choice 😀 Regarding Simon and Garfunkel, I would go for The Boxer. I seem to be the only person who is not interested in Taylor Swift, I only know one of her songs (I don’t know much music from post-2005 or so).

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  5. Love this idea but I have to admit (and ill probably get hated on!) that I depise Swifty so she wouldn’t be on my list!!!! Would actually love a Stone Roses song…imagine how trippy that would be!!!! Or maybe Evanescence…..

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  6. Just today I was thinking about some of the Queen’s songs and their visualizations. I would definitely read Blank Space’s book if it were turned into one. Great list.

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  7. I adore this concept and I wholeheartedly agree with the Simon and Garfunkel choice. I would love to see Winter Winds turned into a book. I’m all for any book that explores the highs and lows of your 20’s.

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  8. Sadly, I’m not familiar with most of these songs. But I agree that my favorite songs are the ones that tell or imply a story.
    The Boxer by Simon & Garfunkel
    Something Just Like This: a sweet love song
    almost every Johnny Cash song (Delia, Folsom Prison Blues, etc. However, Boy Named Sue is perfect the way it is!)
    Folk songs like In the Early Mornin’ Rain (Peter, Paul & Mary) and Take It (Janis Joplin)
    And above all, many, many songs by Bob Dylan: Shelter from the Storm, Mr. Tambourine Man, It Ain’t Me, Babe … But especially Mr. Tambourine Man. It might be perfect the way it is, too, though.

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    1. Ah no worries- glad you agree with the concept!
      I agree with you on the boxer (I was tempted to say that- but wanted to go with homeward bound cos it feels a little bit more personal to me).
      And agree about Johnny Cash! Especially Boy Named Sue- although yeah that’s kind of already doing the job of telling a story!
      Oh absolutely to Bob Dylan- I LOVE Tamborine Man (and maybe for me blowin in the wind)


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