Which Characters from my Favourite Books am I?

Hello all! I have a reallllly big guilty pleasure: I love online quizzes. Yeah I know it’s illogical and about as accurate as reading a horoscope- but if Buzzfeed wants to try and gauge what Westerosi house I am from my choice of breakfast cereal, then I’m all for it! And since it’s becoming a bit of a tradition for me to do a post like this every year, I stole this from the wonderful Katie @Never Not Reading! I thoroughly enjoyed her answers (and found I have a lot in common with her, which I kinda already knew 😉) and love reading her posts in general- so *highly recommend* checking her out!

Now let’s jump into the questions!

Six of Crows

Quiz: Which Six of Crows character are you? (Grishaverse.com)

What I think I’ll get: maybe Inej?

What I got: Kaz!

Oh wow- not sure if this is true- but I’m happy cos he’s wicked smart!

Percy Jackson

Quiz: Which Percy Jackson character are you? (Playbuzz)

What I Think I’ll get: I’d love to get Annabeth!

What I got: Yay I got Annabeth!

I feel like this has affirmed my whole existence 😉 Athena is easily my favourite Greek goddess and I love Annabeth!

The Raven Cycle

Quiz: Which character from The Raven Cycle are you? (Buzzfeed)

What I think I’ll get: I want to get Ronan, but don’t think I have much in common with him!

What I got: Blue Sargent

Well I think that was rather random, especially cos lots of the images had been taken down, but that said I think it’s somewhat accurate (at least the outspoken part)

The Lord of the Rings

Quiz: Which Member of the Fellowship Are You? (Playbuzz)

What I think I’ll get: Well I’d like Eowyn…

What I got: Aragorn

Well that’s very flattering

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

Quiz: Which “Simon Universe” character are you? (EpicReads)

What I think I’ll get: Simon I suppose

What I got: Simon!

Really like the description here! Makes me feel all warm inside! (like the book did)

Harry Potter

Quiz: Which Harry Potter character are you? (Buzzfeed)

What I think I’ll get: I think I’m most like Luna Lovegood (don’t know if that’s an option though)

What I got: Dumbledore?!

I get Dumbledore so often in these quizzes and I don’t really get how! I have so many feelings about Dumbledore- not all of them good… so I never feel amazing about getting him! Sorry!

Quiz: Which Hogwarts professor are you?

What I think I’ll get: Really want McGonagall! (cos I’m basic 😉) But, let’s face it, I’m gonna get Dumbledore again…

What I got: I’m going to leave it for you to guess hahaha!!

This is just part of the course now! I’m just going to have to embrace it (and get myself a silver beard to cosplay with)

(oh god I just remember that I did this as a kid)

(I’m not kidding, it’s all coming back to me and I’m guessing that’s why I keep getting Dumby).

Pride and Prejudice

Quiz: Which Pride and Prejudice character are you?

What I think I’ll get: I desperately want Elizabeth!!!

What I got: Elizabeth!!

Aha this makes up for being a secretive old guy with a beard! While Pride and Prejudice isn’t my favourite Austen novel (just cos I love her others so much more) Elizabeth is the best Austen character! And I’d love to be considered anything like her!

And that’s all for now! Do you enjoy quizzes too? Do you identify with any of these characters? Let me know in the comments!


37 thoughts on “Which Characters from my Favourite Books am I?

    1. I wanted to be Arwen, but I don’t think she’s a choice…But I still like my choice =D

      Gandalf The Grey

      Wise and Intuitive, your influence has spread far over the centuries. The people of Middle-Earth look to your calming presence for wisdom and guidance, and there is no doubt in their minds (or yours) that all would be lost without you. Despite your ageless wisdom, you possess a pure heart and a truly humble soul. Whether it be by the name of Mithrandir, Stormcrow, or Olorin, those that know you call upon your wisdom in the toughest of times. As impressive as your long years have been, you are destined for even greater things to come!

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  1. I enjoy reading these kinds of posts when OTHER people go through the effort of taking the quiz and doing all the work. But as for actually doing it myself? groan, it’s just too hard. too much work. *insert other excuses*

    So great job on doing all of these for my entertainment 😉


  2. Eek! Yes, I can see you as those! 🙂 Especially Annabeth and Elizabeth!

    Did you do that longer personality test that trended in the early summer? The one that ranked you against multiple fictional / historic figures?

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  3. I, too, am Luna Lovegood.
    Perhaps these quizzes give Dumbledore to a lot of people cause they think it will be flattering … I dunno. I can’t really point a finger about the quizzes, because I love personality typologies and am hoping to do another post about the MBTI soon.


  4. Ah this is so so cool that you did this. I never thought of like actually compiling these quiz answers into a blog post. Ah love that you got Inej, she’s my absolute fave. And Blue Sargent. ALSO ME hehe


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