A Helluva a Haul!

Hello all! So something terrifying happened to me a few days ago… I got another year older (*dun dun dunnnn*) But the good thing about that is I also got a hellishly good book haul- and by that I mean it has a bit of a Halloween-y vibe- what do you think?

Looking at those, it certainly feels like the seasons are turning!

And all of this is to add to my ever-growing physical tbr…

Because some things never change and I will always need a great big pile of books to keep me company!

Plus, I also got the *best bookmark in the world*!

I was enchanted by this wonderfully witchy bookmark years ago- however I completely forgot about it until my sister surprised me with it the other day! Isn’t it just charming? The shop is over on Etsy if you fancy checking it out (notspon)

Also, since this is a haul post (and I am a serious stationery nerd), I may as well go in for a penny, in for a pound and share really cool rubbers my sister picked up in W H Smith (again, nonspon):

Okay “cool” may be a relative term… but don’t you think they make a splash?

47 thoughts on “A Helluva a Haul!

  1. Happy late birthday!! Wishing you a wonderful new year of life 😉 Ooooh Ninth House, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on that. I’m interested in reading it, but I’ve heard mixed reviews, so that makes me apprehensive about buying it haha x


  2. Happy (belated) Birthday!! I hope it was wonderful. AND I hope you’re STILL celebrating! My Grandma was never a fan of a birthDAY, preferring instead a birthEVENT. She’d stretch it out for ages, letting all her friends take her out to lunch or the movies instead of a single party or dinner or something XD. So the minimum amount of celebration should include a Pre-Birthday, Birthday, and Post-Birthday – three days minimum where you’re the absolute center of the world. But I’d say it’s better to stretch that out ;). So I hope the birthday fun is still going on!

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    1. Thank you!! Aww that’s such a wonderful idea!! Love that! ☺️ Haha that’s wonderful! Haha well it was a while ago- but I’ve been told there’s a present coming in the post (probs not here yet cos of covid… So I guess global pandemics have a way of keeping the party going… Sometimes! 🤣)

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      1. Hahaha, yes! Well there’s a silver lining! On the delayed present note, I have a friend who I am ALWAYS chronically late with gifts – birthdays and Christmas and everything. I don’t know why! It’s like I have some weird mental block with sending his gifts on time. Anyway, whenever I’m late I add extra presents to help clear out my guilt XD. So maybe the COVID-related lateness will translate into surprise bonus presents later, too.

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