Great Books I Don’t Talk About Often – Slightly Spooky Selection!

Hello all! As promised, I’ve decided to return to the topic of my *terrifyingly* long list of great reads I don’t talk about often. And this time, there’s a spicy twist for the pumpkin-filled season (that’s my long-winded way of saying there may be some s-c-a-r-y books ahead… so tread carefully!) Off we go!

Wilder Girls– I can’t believe I’ve been so wilfully neglecting this one! I read it about a year ago now and it’s still haunting me- which is the sign of a great book! With its cutting prose and Lord of the Flies feel, this is a YA has more than a hint of horror. A must-read for Halloween… if you can stomach some of the more graphic elements!

The Book of Hidden Things– this is another one that may not be for everyone- and yet it held an indefinable allure for me. With a hint of magical realism, on the surface, it tells of friends reuniting in the atmospherically rendered town of Casalfranco. Don’t be fooled by that simple synopsis though- there’s a lot more going on here than meets the eye!

Horrorstor– not everyone loves this Ikea-inspired spooky story- however, for me, it’s a reminder of what a hellish experience retail can be! (especially furniture stores 😉) For me the setting is the best reason to get stuck in, but there’s so many other great touches- from the pictures to the products- which definitely “Kranjk” things up a notch!

Coldest Girl in Cold Town– I can’t believe how rarely talk about this- it’s such a cool YA! And I don’t even usually like vampire books. As with a lot of her works, Black’s take felt very fresh. So, whether you’re a fan of paranormal or not, you should give this a go- you can *fang* me later! 😉

Metamorphosis– speaking of different, there’s nothing like Kafka for *unusual*. To put the premise as simply as possible: imagine waking up with the body of a bug! Suffice to say, that’s my worst nightmare!

Coraline– in my mind, Gaiman has a real knack for fulfilling creepilicious cravings and Coraline is no exception… except that it’s an exceptionally unsettling children’s book. Perhaps I have a very low tolerance for scary (okay that is one hundred percent the case!) but I read this as an adult and found it beyond freaky!

Monstress– I’ve got to be frank, the main selling point of this series for me is the artwork. Its devilish beauty explodes off the page. The story and world building evolve gradually- but it’s the graphics of this one that have stayed with me the most. 

Through the Woods– this is another treat for the visual senses. Perfect for the spooky season, this chilling collection of fairy tale retellings will knock your socks off!

Replica– for something a little bit less full on, you may be in the mood for a more casual sci fi. That said, even if the story isn’t tremendously unusual, this far more entertainingly structured than your average book! Set up with parallel stories, you can read each one in turn, or flip between the two- taking the idea that no two people read the same book the same way to another level! On this rare occasion, I will have to recommend the physical copy, as you can’t replicate that experience!

Artemis– just because I can’t shut up about Weir’s the Martian, doesn’t mean I think you should neglect his other work. And if you enjoyed the banter, the drama and the tone of its predecessor, then no doubt you’ll take to this too! With a fun heroine and a space heist, you’d be a lunatic not to try to this out 😉

And that’s all for now! Have you read any of these? Did you enjoy them? And have you got any great books you’ve neglected to talk about? Let me know in the comments!

46 thoughts on “Great Books I Don’t Talk About Often – Slightly Spooky Selection!

  1. I read the Metamorphosis earlier this year and it has become a favourite of mine. Generally, I’ve enjoyed Neil Gaiman’s books, but I never got to Coraline, probably because – as you say – it’s a children’s book. But hey, I loved Harry Potter and will probably get to Coraline one day.

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  2. Coraline is a book in its own. It is very, very disconcerting for adults too even though it’s a book for a younger audience. I read that somewhere in an interview with Neil Gaimon. So you are not alone! Despite that though, there is just something about it that I love so much. Coraline is my favorite Neil Gaimon book ❤

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  3. Wow, so many great books! I loved Horrorstor — the concept and execution are so clever, and really, I was sold once I saw the physical book and knew I had to have it. Through the Woods is amazing – I enjoy going back to the stories and re-reading them every once in a while. I still need to read The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. The more Holly Black I read, the more I love her writing. 🙂

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  4. I really want to read Wilder Girls, that seems like a book that I would greatly enjoy. 🙂 Through the Woods is one of my favourite graphic novels, the stories in that one are just so creepy. Also, I completely agree with Coraline being an unsettling children’s book.

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  5. The artwork for monstress looks unreal. I can easily see myself being completely immersed by it.
    The concept for Horrorstor sounds hilarious and relatable. Retail can definitely be a living nightmare.

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  6. You had me at Lord of the Flies with Wilder Girls, onto the list it goes.
    I’m loving the Monstress comics so far, they’re deliciously dark and yeah, that artwork! 😍
    Also love Coraline, and I really have to get on and read Artemis.

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  7. A great list here. I’d love to read more by Francesco Dimitri because I LOVE his writing in The Book of Hidden Things.
    Lol at Horrorstor is “a reminder of what a hellish experience retail can be.” Haha! True!

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  8. I’ve never read ‘Coraline’ for obvious reasons (I don’t need nightmares where I and/or everyone I know have/has buttons for eyes) but I remember once going to the movies with a friend and they wanted to see it. They loved the book and the film adaptation was out. I was not about that life and we spent a great deal of time debating it in the theatre lobby, both of us unwilling to budge on our respective feelings about watching ‘Coraline’ (she was excited and I didn’t want nightmares where I had buttons for eyes filling my nights for months to comes). Ultimately, I suggested we flip a coin – clean, easy, fair, direct. AND I WON THE COIN TOSS!!!! My friend was not pleased but she abided by the toss of the coin. I honestly can’t remember what we saw instead but I’m happy to say I didn’t see ‘Coraline,’ I’ve never seen nor read ‘Coraline,’ and I’ve never had nightmares about having button eyes.

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    1. Haha I understand! I don’t think I could have read it if I wasn’t in a crowded comfortable place (the library) in the middle of the day! Hahaha!! Tbf, being a big scaredy cat, I think you should always abide by the scaredy cats feelings when it comes to what movies you watch at the cinema (otherwise one of you is paying to watch a movie, while the other person is paying a ridiculous amount to hide their face in their hands! 😉 ) Hahaha!!

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      1. That’s my whole life now! One of my absolute best friends (we dated for awhile and we’ve now transitioned into the “Jerry and Elaine” stage of our relationship) adores horror movies. I had seen one before we started dating…now I watch them all the time! (Obviously this was well after the ‘Coraline’ win XD.) However I am ALWAYS the person screaming, crying, shouting profanities, and covering my face as I jerk back in my seat through the entire movie.

        Give me a superhero movie or a romcom any day over the stress of horror!

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