My Favourite Soundtracks… All of Which are Bookish

This is going to be a quick list! I just thought it might be fun to share some of my favourite inspirational and bookish soundtracks! All pics link to clips! Enjoy!

Hook– I love this soundtrack, not just because it captures the mood of Peter Pan, but because it makes me feel like I’m flying!

Game of Thrones– no matter what I feel about how the show ended, it always did have great production values, especially the music.

Lord of the Rings– it’s even good in the Hobbit films- and that’s saying something! (seriously though, this is perfection!)

Outlander– this is another one where I didn’t love the story- but I adored the way this soundtrack had such a Scottish and mystical feel to it!

Last Kingdom– speaking of historical-sounding music, I like how this has such an ancient feel to it. I don’t know much about the music from the time period, yet I can say that the music creates an incredible atmosphere.

Wolf Hall– I haven’t actually read the book for this one, even if it’s one of my favourite soundtracks. I really admire how this captures the essence of Tudor music. 

Atonement– I don’t even love the book, but I think it’s a fantastic adaptation. And the soundtrack always gets me in the mood for writing!

So, do you enjoy any of these soundtracks? What soundtracks are your favourites? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments!

36 thoughts on “My Favourite Soundtracks… All of Which are Bookish

  1. I gave up on The Last Kingdom after 2 episodes but my friend told me I’m an idiot and to start watching again! I really should! When I was reading this I realised I didn’t really remember the music in any of those on your list that I watched….and now I’m wondering what’s wrong with me!!!

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  2. The music from the Vikings series is very powerful. My all time favorite soundtrack is from Queen of the Damned that was a collaboration between a few of my favorite metal artist at the time. I still revisit that album and plan on reading the book it was based of off. Ann Rice The Vampire Lestat…

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  3. Walking Out has an amazing soundtrack with (to my untutored ear) lots of cello, which goes with the long slow shots of the Montana countryside.

    Bernie also has a good sound track. I don’t have a great memory for music, but how often do you get to see a crime scene shot to O Sacred Head Now Wounded?

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  4. I always feel like soundtracks have such a significant influence on the impact of certain scenes. The Lord of the Rings soundtracks, in particular, is iconic. I just love how distinct the music is for every region we visit in Middle Earth. Same with Game of Thrones and the Last Kingdom.

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  5. The Gladiator soundtrack is a favourite of mine. LOTR was also amazing…

    I think anything composed by Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer or Danny Elfman tends to be a hit with me!

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