Lessons learned from looking back on 5 years of top tens… because hindsight is 2020!

Yeahhh I knew I’d make that joke before the end of the year 😉 (don’t be surprised if I make it several more times before we’re done, cos something good had to come out of this year 😉). I don’t know about you, but I love to look back on my top ten posts every so often. It gives me such warm fuzzy feelings to revisit and remember every great book I read. And I get especially nostalgic as I start working on my new favourites lists! Which is why, after five years of doing Top Tens, I thought I’d share some thoughts about what happens when I look back on these posts!

Very occasionally, there are books I look at and think “why did I put that on here?”. A good example of this is Throne of Glass, back in 2015, because I only fell in love with it at book 3 (it’s possibly also tainted for me by later books). That said, this rarely happens, because competition is usually so fierce and (luckily) I read a lot of unbelievably amazing books!!

Sometimes, though, I would like to reshuffle the list a little. Such as in 2016 War and Peace should’ve ended up at #2 and Peculiar Children at #10. Also, in retrospect, I read so many *incredible* books in 2018, that I don’t know if I would keep the same order (Circe certainly seems like it should be higher… but then it had some really stiff competition!)

That said, so far my feelings about the number one pick haven’t changed! And on that note, I love that each year I’ve chosen a book from a different genre: non fic in 2015 (admittedly by accident cos I didn’t order that post on purpose), historical thriller in 2016 (or whatever genre Shadow of the Wind is being classed as today 😉), fantasy in 2017, classic in 2018, contemporary in 2019 (which was also an audiobook for a change!)… it’s a great mix!

(BTW my least favourites never change position- but the big difference is I don’t tend to go back to them, cos I like to forget those books existed!)

So there you go- that’s what I think when I go back and look at old top tens! Do you have this habit too? Do your opinions on the books you’ve included change or stay the same? Do you ever rethink the order? Let me know in the comments!

29 thoughts on “Lessons learned from looking back on 5 years of top tens… because hindsight is 2020!

  1. Lol! I love the title of this post.
    Umm, I only look back on those lists when I’m trying to remember something, like the title of a book or an author’s name or the reason I gave for including a book…stuff like that.

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  2. I like to look at my old top 10s too. Usually I’m not too upset with the order, but there are a few books that didn’t make the list that I would put on now. Mostly because I’ve since lost interest in books that were above them.

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  3. Interesting thinking! I never reread as I always try to explore more worlds, but sometimes if I’m bored and finished a book, I’ll look at a random chapter of an older book on my shelf and be nostalgic. I’ve only just now started to make lists of my yearly favorites, so I can’t remember my older tops. But I love your thoughts. This was such an interesting article to read <3. Let 2021 be better. XD

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  4. Aha… I don’t have top ten yet. I have one all-time favourite as of now. And since I haven’t revisited it in the past one year, I don’t really know where my feelings stand. The above covers are in my TBR and I look forward to reading all of them.

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  5. If I look back at an old ‘Top Reads’ list from years ago, I often would like to reorder the list. After a year or two I sometimes find that I’ve almost forgotten one or more of the titles while others stand out in my memory. The ones I remember WELL are the ones that should be moved to the top of the list.


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