My Reading Stats for 2020 – A Bookish Overview

Not including DNFs!

Just like the rest of the year, everything about my stats is skew-whiff. I’m obviously happy that my average rating was so high and I had a very small number of low rated books. What I’m pretty baffled by, however, is how I read fewer books in genres I love- especially fantasy, which was down from my usual 1/3 to just a 1/4! I do think this was a blip (especially considering most of my favourites from 2020 were fantasy books). I also think that this could be a good thing– since varying the genres so much meant that I never got genre fatigue (and I guess I just stuck to high quality fantasy instead of just ploughing through a bunch I wasn’t really enjoying). Predictably I read fewer challenging books, including classics, however on the flipside, I read SO MANY non fiction this year (some of which was True Crime which I don’t normally go for). For some reason, when life was stranger than fiction, I ended up with a craving for real life (and I guess this makes more sense of my reduced number of fantasy reads: basically everything seems to be fantasy right now, so it makes no difference what genre I read!)

In terms of other stats, I’m sadly listening to fewer audiobooks (I really need to get on looking for a bigger list to dive into, because what I have listened to, I’ve really enjoyed!). However, most exciting of all, this year I decided to start checking out my library stats. Inspired by Pages Unbound post with their stats back in 2019, I decided to keep track of how many books I’d read were borrowed from a library. Last year it made up 43% and, remarkably, this year it was even more at 57%! On that note, because I know a lot of people aren’t aware of this, but libraries are still a-go in the middle of this pandemic! I know that across London, where I’m at, you can order books to collect and make use of ebooks (through Libby/Overdrive and Borrowbox). And the same goes for a lot of the UK and the US- definitely worth checking online to see what your library can offer you!

Okay PSA over- now let’s check out the rest of my stats:

There was a lot packed into this! I never would’ve guessed it was so short!! 

This was really the longest?! It didn’t feel it! It went by so fast! I suppose that’s the mark of a good book!

Sorry Booker Prize stans, not a fan of this.

Going to mention my favourite new author this year, because both her books- Ten Thousand doors of January and Once and Future Witches– cast a spell on me!

This is the year I finally learnt the meaning of “LIFE’S TOO SHORT!” I DNF’d a grand total of *11 books*!! That’s a new record for me- by quite a distance!

7- very happy with this! Especially since they were all a delight to reread!

The Hobbit- bit of a problem when I do rereads- cos I’m sure this has come up before.

Well I’m not happy about this being least popular, cos I enjoyed it! By the fabulous Fran Laniado- a lovely retelling of Beauty and the Beast- it’s well worth checking out!

Yeah this was underwhelming for me- but I don’t think it deserves the lowest rating!

Even if I’ve read fewer audiobooks, I did listened to some incredible ones. Holly Chase was *so much fun* to listen to and gave me wonderful Christmassy feelings 😀 I also really liked the Aurora Burning audiobook- it’s made me definitely want to continue the series that way! I also listened to the whole Diviners series on audiobook and that was a creepilicious delight!

And a new category…

Inheritance- I never would’ve discovered this if not for the library! I saw it being requested a few times and thought the story behind it was intriguing… so glad I picked it up! And highly recommend if you want to read a genealogical detective story!

And that’s a wrap! So how was your reading year? Have your ratings been good? Did you discover any brilliant books? Let me know in the comments!

21 thoughts on “My Reading Stats for 2020 – A Bookish Overview

  1. I did stats this year, and found that I seem to have spent nearly a full year reading Contemporary and Fantasy YA, but not much else! I need to expand a bit in 2021 I think. I ended up DNFing Girl, Woman, Other quite early on, there was something about it that just didn’t grab me.


  2. Looks like you’ve had a good reading year. With some great books on the list. There are a few I never got around to this year, so maybe I’ll pick them up in 2021. Hope 2021 is a great reading year for you!!! Happy Reading!!


  3. You read 201 books? You are a reading machine!!!! I did read more this year than normal as I had more time being stuck at home though! Hope 2021 is a great reading year for you 😁


  4. Hahahaa. I’m writing up my Year in Review post and my number of re-reads was over 40 this year 😀
    Big congrats on DNF’ing so many. DNF’ing is always a hard thing, so good job on getting in the habit. Life IS too short 🙂


  5. Great seeing your stats. I haven’t done mine yet, but mine will be a bit skewed too. I read more than I ever had in a while and went out of my comfort zone to read more romance.
    Wish I’d picked up more nonfiction too though.


  6. I really enjoyed Fran Laniado’s Beautiful as well; glad to see it get a mention here! 🙂 And my audiobook listening is way down this year too… but at least in my case I know why. It’s because I’m not driving 30 minutes each way for my commute to work right now…


  7. Yay, stats! You had so much greater variety of genres than I did, I love that you read more widely. I keep meaning to do that but then people keep writing more fantasy books–haha. 🙂


  8. Haha! That answers my question! Holy sh…! 201 books?!?! You’re amazing! 😂 I have serious book envy! Good idea about the stats regarding library books, will have to do this too since really most books I read are from the library – no way had I enough money to afford reading so many books. 😂 xxx


  9. I gave up on the Secret Barrister too – I borrowed it as an audiobook via the library but the narrator’s voice was so boring!!! It robbed the narrative of any interest. I see he has another one out now but I shall not be bothering


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