My Most Anticipated Releases in 2021

YE GODS THERE ARE SO MANY RELEASES THIS YEAR!!! If you’ve been around a while, you’ll know I’m not in the habit of making these kinds of posts (I do occasionally try to keep my expectations in check 😉). But WOW I can’t help getting hyped up for *so many* of the releases this year! (and these are just the ones I/we know about!!)

Klara and the Sun– I mean, a release from one of the best authors on the planet?! Yes please!!

Any Way the Wind Blows- yasss!! Sorry, I’ll try to keep the screaming to a minimum, but YAAASSSS!! All I can do is squeal at the prospect of a new Baz/Simon adventure! Love the title as well- they’re just so on point for this series.

My Contrary Mary– another one I’ve been looking out for ever since it was announced years ago! As you may know, I’m just a teensy bit of a MASSIVE fan of My Lady Jane. Funny alternate history is just my jam and I need more of it in my life.

The Ivies– oh god I’m excited for this one. You may or may not know, I’ve been following Alexa Donne on Youtube for years. And I’ve been following along for the whole journey of this book- from idea to finished product! I’ve just been enthralled by the concept from day one- deadly competitive college admissions- sign me up! (Also, this is an author who knows her YA and her thrillers- so I have high hopes!)

Survive the Night– virtually every Riley Sager book is a winner for me. Absolute auto-buy. (Also happens to be one of the authors I discovered through Alexa Donne’s channel).

Heart Principle– loved the first two in this rom com series– how can I say no to more?!? I’ll be reading this on the principle that my heart needs another dose 😉

The Project– ever since Sadie, I’ve needed to read more Courtney Summers. I’ll just have to make sure my heart is ready.

Rule of Wolves– because, I mean, of course. Love Leigh Bardugo and the first one in this duology. Gonna need a hardback too.

Iron Raven– Julie Kagawa has another book coming out?? And it’s a continuation of the Iron Fey world? From Puck’s perspective? Well thank you universe!

The Chosen and the Beautiful– okay, yes, this is the only author on here that I haven’t read (reason being that as intrigued as I am by *so many* of those, I can’t truly say I have the same expectations for something I’ve no idea if I’ll like) HOWEVER I have never read a Gatsby retelling, I have never realised I needed a Gatsby retelling… I now know my life won’t be complete until I have read this. Also, adore the cover.

Tales From the Hinterland– okay this one’s technically already out- but I just know I’m going to have to read this book, since Hazel Wood is one of my favourite fantasy books.

And that’s all for now- I do have high hopes that a Red Rising book or a Sanderson sequel (or maybe some other exciting release) will be on the cards too… but we’ll have to wait and see!

For now, what’s your most anticipated release of 2021? Let me know in the comments!

25 thoughts on “My Most Anticipated Releases in 2021

  1. I’m looking forward to the paperback releases of The Strawberry Thief by Joanne Harris and Empire of Gold by SA Chakraborty. Hoping there will be a 3rd Bronte Mystery by Bella Ellis (Rowan Coleman) and another installment of The Invisible Library series as Genevieve Cogman seems to publish one a year.


  2. I imagine many of us have unrealistically high expectations to Klara and the Sun already, let’s hope it can live up to it! 😁 I haven’t heard of the others, but I am intrigued by the Gatsby retelling.


  3. I’m so excited for The Ivies! Also I want to read The Project and The Iron Raven. I havent read The Iron King series but loved Kagawa’s The Immortal Rules series so I want to read the original series first.


  4. *coughs into hand* The Strange Land, by myself, sequel to The Long Guest.

    Also, I’m interested to see what else Andrew Klavan will bring out this year, though I don’t know of any planned projects by name.

    I’ll read anything by graphic artist Nathan Hale. I hope he cranks out another book soon.

    And there’s a commentary with a fresh take on Revelation that I hope actually does come out so I can buy it.

    But that’s it. I guess I’m pretty hopeless about knowing about new releases before they are out. I just luck into so much of my reading.


  5. I´m very excited for The Project and Rule fo Wolves! Also want to read The Iron Raven, but kinda want to reread the series first haha!



  6. I feel so much like I’m still playing too much catch up on 2020 to have even looked at what’s due out! But so far so good on regaining my reading mojo, so I’ll take it 🙂


  7. I don’t really keep up on new releases but I see another Leigh Bardugo’s book. I’ve only read the Six of Crows series so it looks like I have some catching up to do.


  8. OK. You just blew a spanner in the works! haha, I didn’t know all and some of these titles are coming out soon. yes! yes to so much goodness… but damn, I’ll need to probably start sleeping less and reading more!


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