Books to Warm You Up This Winter

This post started accidentally- I was trying to come up with a list of wintry reads and I got really distracted by a fantasy book *with the exact opposite vibe*. And that made me think of how much I could do with getting wrapped up in some hot and cosy reads right now- and I’m sure many of you agree! These aren’t full-on summery books, but they could add a little spice to your reading this winter 😉 So now that you’re all warmed up, let’s jump into it! Starting with the book that inspired this post…

Crown of Feathers- this book is burned into my memory. It’s classic high fantasy, with great world building, plenty of magic and phoenixes (!!!) I just want to dive back into this story as soon as possible! If you need a bit of escapism and to get all fired up, then this is the book for you this January!

Echo North– by contrast, this wintry retelling does have a more wintry vibe. However, reading it recently gave me the warm fuzzies. I loved the way family aspect, the main character and lilting tone. And the book mirrors are *exactly* what I could do with right now!  

The Secret Countess– okay, okay, I’m mentioning this book for the millionth time, so I’ll be quick! Opening in Russia and with its fairy-tale-esque style, this book has a cool and cosy feel. After all, Ibbotson is the queen of heartwarming stories.

Sense and Sensibility– nothing says cosy to me more than Austen. And to me, this is one of the cosiest examples, with a beautiful sister relationship and romances, it’s perfect to run away with this season (and even mentioning it is making me want to reread it! 😉)

Little Women– I mean, sisterhood, character growth, romance, family, *Christmas*… if these don’t warm the cockles of your heart then maybe you should try the next book on the list…

Afterlife of Holly Chase– yes that’s right: a retelling of A Christmas Carol. And I know that it’s post-Christmas, but I think we could all still do with some of that joyous spirit! I’m confident that a story all about reforming Scrooges will do the trick!

I Capture the Castle– I have to admit, this is a book I’ve shared as a summery read before, but it actually starts when things are distinctly chillier. And the mix of seasons and romantic setting all warm me up inside… making it perfect for this list. (Also, for me, it has a strong note of nostalgia!)

The Secret Garden– this is another throwback I find super cosy! Featuring the change of seasons, this will remind you that spring and summer are always just around the corner!  

Unhoneymooners– steamy romance in a hot location- need I say more?! If you need an exotic getaway right now, then this enemies-to-lovers romance will hit the spot!

From Lukov with Love– heating things up even more, let’s talk about another rivals-to-romance book (with a distinctly colder setting). Thanks to its ice skating motif and cute love story, it’ll tick all the boxes if you need to feel chilled out and hot-and-bothered at the same time!

Heartstopper– and finally, I thought I’d end with a cutesy romance. You can’t go wrong with Heartstopper if you need something light and fluffy!

And that’s all I’ve got for now! Have you read any of these? Do you have any cool and cute reads to warm me up this winter? Let me know in the comments! 😊

43 thoughts on “Books to Warm You Up This Winter

  1. I have not read any of these. *blushes* I am currently reading the abridged version of The Gulag Archipelago, which is more heading in the other direction in terms of immersing oneself in the cold.

    I did recently finish a fantastic children’s book called Brave Ollie Possum, which in terms of cozy, side-splitting, and gross-out, cannot be beat. It features forest animals feasting on lasagna! Need I say more?

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  2. I love Echo North and no one besides me ever talked about Echo North, so I am really happy to see it here. It also gave me the warm fuzzies and fits the winter time perfectly. I am so excited for the author to release a new book this year!

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  3. Heartstopper certainly does such a good job of making me feel warm and fuzzy! Can’t wait for Volume 4! Unfortunately, Crown of Feathers, for me, burned out about a quarter of the way through. There was just too much infodumping for my taste.

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  4. I think I read Sense and Sensibility, but I can’t remember. The Secret Countess sounds good although I can’t stand pictures of people on the book covers. I don’t mind a profile or far-off and blurred, but full-on frontal (LOL!) bothers me. Thanks for the list. Here are a few books that I can see warming you up with verse, romance, or humor: The Brubury Tales by Frank Mundo, Biarritz-Villa Julia: French Summer Novels: The Dramatic Finale by Laurette Long, This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor by Adam Kay, and The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie.

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