Do I have terrible taste in TV and does it matter?

Well, the short answer is yes I probably do, but no it doesn’t matter.

You see, I’ve long come to the conclusion that I have weird taste when it comes to TV. If it looks bad, then I think “finally some good shit”. I just know there’s a higher chance I’ll enjoy it if it’s laughably awful. I like everything everyone seems to think is bad (eg Winx, Emily in Paris). Not because I think they’re masterpieces (I know they aren’t) but because I like my TV to be at the pinnacle of escapism… and bad shows often deliver that.

Good shows can offer some kind of commentary on the real world and most of the time I’m not here for that- sorry! For instance,I never made it through the likes of Breaking Bad, because I just didn’t want to watch 4 seasons of someone selling drugs and dying of cancer. I don’t like when TV is dark and depressing with no relief (or lacks dragons).

It doesn’t help that I have the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to the small screen. If it fails to grab my attention within the first 10 minutes, I’m gone. And I regularly quit TV shows after a season or two. This is partly because of limited time, but mostly because I used to waste time obsessively watching shows I hate (now, because I’m a creature of extremes, I’ve veered in the opposite direction).  

I’d like to say that this means I only watch TOP QUALITY shows that are worth my time… yet a lot of the time I seem to stick to the same awful stuff. I am happiest watching the shows that get no critical acclaim and that every reviewer on the internet resoundingly call “trash”. Now, there could be interesting reasons why the shows I like get overwhelmingly negative attention (they’re often ones aimed at a young, female audience) however, I won’t delude myself into thinking a lot of these are better than they are. Most of the time, the shows I’m addicted to simply aren’t very good.

And ultimately, it doesn’t matter. Because why should anyone suffer through something they’re not enjoying, even if it’s technically better quality? Of course, there are benefits to immersing yourself in something that stretches your mind, yet for me TV is about frivolous fun. For the time being, all I want to watch is light fluff where I can switch my mind off. For me, escapism is important and helps me relax. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Whether it’s TV or books or whatever else you use for entertainment, we can engage with whatever we like. It’s not going to hurt anyone if you only like fun, escapist stories. And it’s not going to ruin someone else’s day if you crave something a bit silly. Taste isn’t just subjective- it’s pretty damn harmless.

Does anyone else think like this? Do you sometimes question your own taste? Let me know in the comments!


23 thoughts on “Do I have terrible taste in TV and does it matter?

  1. I love a lot of shows that aren’t the be all end all of television masterpieces and I don’t give a damn haha when I do reviews, I try to make sure to give an objective view and include all sides that might bug viewers, so my reviews often seem worse than my enjoyment while watching was. But, I also just watch SO much, my friends didn’t dub me Queen of TV for no reason haha

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  2. Amen to “escapism is important”! I deal with “deep” philosophical, theological, and moral issues all day long as my job, so I don’t want to be beat over the head with a writer’s view of “life, the universe, and everything” when I’m trying to relax with a book, TV show, or movie. Sometimes I just want Miss Prism’s trite version of fiction: “The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what Fiction means.”

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  3. I feel you with the attention span of a goldfish. Next to that I have a weird taste (also in reading) in that it is fairly broad but also very specific. So far this year I only got invested in WandaVision and Lupin, pretty much everything else I gave up on after 1 or 2 episodes (or sat on my phone while the Husband watched it) 🙈 Also if episodes are longer than 40min, or there are more than 8 episodes, I already don’t really want to watch it anymore 🙃

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  4. I like light stuff sometimes, which, let’s face it, is probably not deemed “quality “. I don’t care though. I watch rom coms along with documentaries, read chick lit along with memoirs. And I’m ok with it…no guilt. Life is too short

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  5. There is nothing wrong with enjoying something that is considered corny or lame by other people! In fact, I bet those people are just ashamed to admit they want to have the carefree nature of enjoying a show regardless of the public opinion surrounding it! WATCH WINX AND BE PROUD OF IT!

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  6. A show has to REALLY grab me for me to watch more than 2 seasons. I’m on season 3 (I think) of the Mentalist via Prime and I feel like I’m wading through wet cement. I suspect I’ll just eventually abandon it. Gone are the days when I’ll hang around for 5 seasons of Lost :-/

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  7. I’m more of a movie person. TV show I just can not get into or commit to one. It doesn’t matter what type of show it is. Movies are usually an hour and a half of your time.

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  8. I think our taste in tv shows kind of align, bad taste maybe but sometimes that’s exactly just what we need.


  9. Hah, this is quite the interesting take. I never really thought about that — although I usually turn to videogames to escape, id say it would depend on my mood with TV shows. Love me some fluffy & feels animes, but I also like thoses « reality » show TV that shows real life 9-1-1 calls or real haunted stories.


  10. I watch a little bit of everything. I like silly things and I like serious things. For example, I DID finish all of Breaking Bad and loved it. But also…Emil in Paris amazing. I loved that show too. And my husband and I watch 90 Day Fiance every week. So, hey, we all have our tastes! It all depends on my mood.


  11. I think that much credit is given by critics to innovation in shows. People are always pushing the envelope–not always to good effect.

    I tend to be drawn to costume design, a story that goes somewhere, and good cinematography. Good dialog and humor helps too.

    Gritty tends to turn me off. Unless of course it’s Scandinavian. ❄️

    As for whether your taste is terrible, you answered your own question. Taste is an individual thing and therefore the opinion of others is beside the point. When taste rises to the level of group approbation, it becomes fashion. 😊


  12. Escapism for the win! I want to be entertained when I watch TV — and sometimes what’s considered “quality” I find pretentious or overly grim, and I just can’t. I quit Breaking Bad after 2 or 3 seasons (despite everyone saying it’s the best TV ever) because I just couldn’t stand the anxiety levels watching it… and I’m not sorry!


  13. The most recent non-anime series I was fascinated by was The Real Lives of Bollywood Lives because it’s such fun escapism/reality series so… I think I’m with you

    (Never watched Breaking Bad either! Too dark for me!)


  14. I can handle dark, but I can’t handle preachy. A show starts preaching, I’m gone.

    Recently I’ve been watching the Western show Longmire. My husband pointed out that it’s basically Lifetime TV with cowboy music. And he’s right! However, he is perfectly happy to watch it with me … 😀


  15. I don’t have a TV since more than 20 years and don’t miss it. I don’t have time for it and anyway leads only to secondary orality. Sometimes, when I’m staying at a hotel I turn it on. Most of the time it fails to grab my attention when it’s not a cartoon playing: something like Tom and Jerry or Woody Woodpecker. CNN comes second, but after more than a couple of minutes I get tired of their format that is designed for people with “the attention span of a goldfish”.


  16. Oh, I have the worst taste in everything, but you know what? I LOVE what I consume for media, and, at the end of the day, that’s literally the only thing that matters. Like you said, enjoying bad TV is actively harmless, and I just don’t understand why people get so up in arms about what other people are enjoying. Just all the gatekeeping about the dumbest things, and it drives me crazy.

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  17. 100% agree that escapism is so important for me!! And I also have the attention span of a goldfish – which is why I love sitcoms. Short, 20 minute episodes means I’m not distracted and I love just escaping to the lives of others. Currently watching Modern Family and loving it!!

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