6 Years of Blogging?! Time for a (Re)introduction to the Orangutan Librarian – Inspired by Bookstooge!

That’s right I’VE BEEN DOING THIS FOR SIX YEARS!!! THANK YOU to all you AMAZING PEOPLE who have stuck by me and WELCOME to everyone that’s new! To celebrate, I thought I’d do a post so you can all get to know me better. I was inspired by the Most Magnificent and Beneficent Bookstooge’s Introduction post last year- which will tell you everything you need to know about his holiness, the great purveyor of excellent reviews and eclectic posts. I *tip my hat to you sir*!

Now let’s jump into this…

Some quickies to start: I’m a girl and a primate and I work (full time!!) in a library. It was a long road getting there… but that’s another story. Oh and evidently I love dressing up for self-portraits 😉

I love to read (evidently) and tend to read 100-200 books a year.  My favourite books are mostly fantasy and classics- though thanks to blogging I’ll read pretty much anything these days (including things that I never thought I’d enjoy, like non fic, historical fic and contemporary). The one genre it seems I’ll never like is Horror. But it’s hard to pin these things down, since I’m a MASSIVE mood reader.

And in case you were wondering more about my bookish obsession, I have a degree in English Lit and Classics (I swear 95% of my personality is book related). Fun fact: coming to the end of my degree in 2015 was what finally pushed me to start blogging. I just knew there was going to be a literature-shaped hole in my life and needed to fill it pronto!

Like every other humanities graduate and book blogger, I’m also into fiction writing. So far, I’ve written 6 full manuscripts and shelved 3 of those. What remains is a trilogy about ambition… and we’ll have to see what becomes of that 😂 Right now, I’ve finally started working on something new (a YA retelling).

I do occasionally veer away from talking about books- sometimes I talk about what I’ve been upto lately and include some movie recommendations in my monthly wrap ups. Although, as I’ve recently confessed to having terrible taste in TV, I do wonder if you’re going to take those seriously 😉

As you might be able to tell from all the monkeys, I like painting. You can check that out on Instagram (where I haphazardly post).

In the last couple of years, I’ve also started practicing yoga and am insanely into it. My sister and I went to disco yoga- and it’s opened me up to this amazing form of exercise and stopped me being so frazzled!

Speaking of my sister, the Monkey Baby sometimes delights us all with her presence. Although, mostly you’ll have to find her on other platforms, doing her thing.

Oh and most importantly I love discussions- so the comment section is always open! Unless you’re writing something like “I want to chop you up and make monkey stew out of you”… actually I’ve freed some comments from spam that are almost as aggressive. So, be safe in the knowledge, you’ll always get free reign to speak your mind. It may be my blog, but I’m not queen bee, just queen monkey 😉

And that’s all for today! Hope you enjoyed that! Please (re)introduce yourself in the comments! 🙂


82 thoughts on “6 Years of Blogging?! Time for a (Re)introduction to the Orangutan Librarian – Inspired by Bookstooge!

  1. Check you out!! Congrats. You’re one of the first bloggers i started following almost four years ago… and it’s been worth every moment 🤣🤣
    Keep up the crazy antics and brilliant commentary!

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  2. 6 years a long time ! Congratulations ! I first came across your blog when you had around 2200 followers. Can’t believe how much you’ve grown.

    Also I didn’t know you write ! I hope we get to see more of that.

    Congrats again !

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  3. Happy Blogiversary! You were one of the first blogs I started following when I created my blog 3 ish years ago. I love your wit and your writing. It inspires me to do better when I write my reviews.

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  4. Congrats on 6 years of blogging! I’ve loved following your blog since finding it nearly 3 years ago when I started my blog, and I have to say your blog is one of my all-time faves!! Also disco yoga?? I enjoy yoga but didn’t know this existed?! I need to see if it’s something that happens near me too!🙂

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    1. Thank you!! Aww you’re so kind!! 💕 I’ve loved following your blog these past few years!! Haha yes it was this random thing they used to run in London before the pandemic… Hopefully it’ll come back one day 😂 and I’d definitely recommend trying it once- it was a laugh!

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  5. Well…how do you keep yourself into working like that? Me, a reader, not a voracious ― want to be one, though. I’m a slave to procrastination and addicted to killing time. Can I get a pinch of that banana knowledge?

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  6. Happy blogiversary!! I loved getting to know you a little more. I can’t remember when exactly I started following your blog but I know I’ve been following you for a while. I might have to steal this idea for my upcoming 5 year blogiversary in July. Hears to many many more years to come!! 🥳 🥂

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  7. Congrats Ma’am! That is a serious milestone and not to be sneezed at.

    And thanks for the really big shout out. While it can be fun for people to discover stuff about you as they interact with you, it really helps if they have a baseline from which to work. I try to re-post that every couple of years to give all the new followers a chance 🙂

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  8. Happy 6th blogiversary, that is a huge milestone!! I’ve been following the blogosphere waayy before I made my own blog,, and yours was one of the coolest and most unique I’ve ever encountered! Congratulations!

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  9. Congratulations on this amazing milestone! Not only because six years is pretty impressive, but also you’ve maintained consistently high standards on every post. It was much fun to learn about you though you still seem to be hiding behind a dark screen. Hope you’re celebrating in grand style!

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  10. “(I swear 95% of my personality is book related)”
    I love your blogging voice and your monkey gallery! Here’s to 6 more years and more!

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  11. Congratulations and best of luck with your writing. I started reading blogs again and I forgot how much I enjoyed reading them. Including yours. 😁 Where did the name come from? Orangutans are my favourite apes. I go see them every now and again in a sanctuary in Dorset. Beautiful place.

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    1. Thank you!! That’s really sweet of you ☺️ oh I can’t believe I didn’t include that in this post- what an oversight! It’s after a character in discworld called the Librarian (he’s an orangutan) and obvs I like orangutans too 😉 that’s lovely! ☺️


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