The Restorative Power of Reading

In the past bizarre (and frequently terrible) year, reading has kept a lot of us going. Whether it’s through escapism or giving me much needed life advice, books have proven their power to keep us going. I know for myself books have been a great escape.

For me, opening a new book or even starting a fresh chapter has been like pressing the reset button. It doesn’t matter which head I’ve stepped into for the time being- it’s a relief to see the world through a different lens. Because books don’t just lower stress levels- they frequently act as a handy Guide Out of Hell. They may not be able to slay a dragon (try throwing one at its head and see how far it gets you) but they can offer some good tips 😉

Books are educational in a million different ways, teaching us everything from empathy to philosophy to practical skills… and beyond! It’s the one leveller we have left when it comes to education, because it’s still an affordable hobby (make use of your libraries people!!) A simple pen to paper can restore balance to a human mind. It can give our thoughts a moment of harmony.   

Reading is a refreshing pastime. It doesn’t simply take you away- it gives you plenty of souvenirs. Trinkets you carry around for years, maybe without even knowing it, until at last you look in your pocketses and there’s the one ring… Okay maybe not that last bit! Yet reading does remind me every time that when you discover a new story, there’s no knowing where you might end up.

And yes, this is an indulgent post to write about 😉 I’m sure it will not take much to have bookworms agreeing that reading is a wonderful hobby- but every so often we just need to celebrate reading for all that it is.

Do you agree? Has reading helped you in the last year? Share your thoughts in the comments!


49 thoughts on “The Restorative Power of Reading

  1. Reading has always helped me. Especially when I was making a huge career transition. And before that, when I couldn’t read for three years, almost, due to a career choice that I quite didn’t make… So yeah, reading is like my salvation.

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  2. Reading helps, when I have nothing else to do. I can’t read when I know that I have heaps of washing, cleaning, homework too do. But that’s mainly because I have a short light when I go to do the washing, cleaning and homework. So if I don’t it when that light comes on, it doesn’t get done, lol.

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  3. Reading has helped me a lot ever since I discovered my love for reading 5 or 6 years ago. It helped me recovering from stroke, unhappiness, gave purpose in life through blog and all other reasons you mentioned. It sure made huge difference in my life specially last year.

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  4. You know, I actually found it difficult to read at the beginning of pandemic-related cancellations and lock-downs, which is strange, because I LOVE to read. Once I got going again, I definitely found it to be a valuable escape, but it took me a couple months to get back into the groove of it.

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    1. I can actually understand that- at the beginning of the pandemic I was the same- but once I found my feet again, it was a joy, as ever 😊 I think maybe sometimes it’s hard to do the things you love when there’s too much going on!

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  5. Yes! The pandemic has sparked my love of reading. I didn’t realize how much I had read this past year until I walked into a bookstore and was like “oh that was good,” “oh I read that”and “and that one too! “

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  6. Definitely!! I fell back in love with reading during quarantine and it’s been amazing to find such a simple and fulfilling way of relaxing!! Nothing better than a good visit to the library ☺️

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  7. There’s nothing quite like getting lost between the pages of a good book! Some of the best friends to make, the biggest adventures to have, and the greatest loves of all.. are only found in these incredible stories.


  8. I must say that reading has been a lifeline my entire life, more than just this past year. Reading gives you the ability to escape, connect with your feelings or put words to things you couldn’t quite do yourself. Reading is a lifesaver.


  9. I’ve always been a reader, but didn’t do much of this past. The blog, and reading others’ blogs, took over. I guess I can count those as reading too. 😋


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