Awesome Audiobooks- Books That Need to be Heard!

Increasingly, I’m listening to more and more audiobooks. When I’m exercising, when I’m cooking, when I’m on my way to work, I can cram in some more reading time by cramming some headphones in my ears 😉 And best of all, audiobooks can often make the reading experience all the more thrilling! That’s why I decided to recommend some of my absolute favourite audiobooks for everyone that loves audiobooks already- and for everyone else who just needs a little nudge to get started!

Sadie– this is the story that switched me onto audiobooks. Poignant, pacy and heart-breaking, the main character’s voice resonates most strongly in the spoken word. And with the construct of a podcast woven into the structure, the audiobook works as the perfect medium. Ultimately, this opened my eyes to what audiobooks could be… and I’ve never looked back.

Daisy Jones and the Six– the audiobook is the way to go for this one. With the multiple narrators, all putting in powerful performances, this the best way to experience the story by far. Designed as the individual recordings of different band members, discussing the height of their fame in the 80s, this was a whole lotta rock n’ roll. And, sound being integral to the story, it doesn’t hurt that all the voice actors are easy on the ears. I virtually listened to this in one sitting.

The Salt Path– for me memoirs lend themselves really well to audiobooks- especially when read by the author. One of my most recent listens, I was blown away by the beautifully evocative writing and stunning settings along the coastal path. Hearing Winn’s struggles and revival in her warm voice was a powerful experience.

Becoming– again, I really enjoy listening to people tell their own stories. And this was obviously no exception. I really appreciated hearing Michele Obama’s life story in her own words- particularly, funnily enough, her time before she became First Lady.  

Where the Crawdads Sing– admittedly, I am including this because I just adored the story. But really, this was a pleasure in every way. And being read this book was utterly transporting.   

Wolf Hall– frankly I was intimidated to read Wolf Hall- which is why I picked up the audiobook. And not only did it help me get through this great tome, but the excellent voice actor made it thoroughly engaging. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. And despite its length, I barely noticed the time passing. Personally, I recommend this format if you’re on the fence about the series! (cos it’s damn good!!)

Code Name Verity– what a wonderful story to listen to. Read by two actresses, this historical narrative is in equal parts gripping and moving. The performances are perfect- down to the different accents and intonations. For me, it enhanced an already brilliant book. Just maybe try to listen at home (because you don’t want to get all teary-eyed while walking down the street like me 😉).

Diviners– you won’t believe how good this audiobook is until you have a listen. An EMMACULATE performance and an excitingly spooky tale, I got goosebumps listening. January LaVoy (one of my favourite voice actors) abso-positutely brings Libba Bray’s atmospheric series to life.   

The Afterlife of Holly Chase– and if you haven’t had enough of the dead, I definitely recommend this oddly-light-hearted romp through the afterlife. With a performance to die for, this Christmas Carol retelling is really worth a listen.

Aurora Burning– I wish I’d listened to the first one this way (one day I will). For now, I can HIGHLY recommend the audiobook version. Using a full cast, this definitely took off in an exhilarating direction and made you feel for everyone. I just can’t wait to listen to the finale this autumn!!

And that’s all I’ve got… for now! What about you? Do you enjoy audiobooks? Which are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below! I’m dying to hear your recommendations!

51 thoughts on “Awesome Audiobooks- Books That Need to be Heard!

  1. Sadie is one I heard is amazing. The format really lends itself to audio. I also heard great things about all the Kaufman/Kristoff books. Full cast and sound effects! I listened to Hand’s book, and oddly really enjoyed it. The audio saved that book for me, because I had DNFed the ebook. I was glad I gave the audio a try. I thought it was a clever retelling.

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  2. Becoming was my first ever audiobook! I also listened to daisy Jones (fabulous) and The Diviners (January LaVoy is extraordinary). Now….I know you have read the Huntress after reading my review. Could I recommend listening to The Rose Code? I swear you won’t be disappointed!

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  3. I really, really, really struggle with audiobooks, because I cannot focus on just the sound. I need something to see or do, but the latter can also be dangerous, where I focus on a task and don’t listen anymore. BUT since literally everyone I know who has listened to the audiobook of Daisy Jones has loved it, I got it for myself 🙂 hope I’ll like it.

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  4. I tried audiobooks when I changed jobs, drove to work and missed my morning read on the train. (In those days they were only available from the local library, aimed at the hard of hearing.) I found the reader didn’t read the book as I would have in my head. I found then (and find now with podcasts0 that if my eyes were free to do something else, I would miss a paragraph or two and lose the thread of the story.

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    1. Ah that’s completely understandable. I have to be honest, I think audiobooks have gotten better (especially now you can control the speed and try out if you like the narrator before buying) but I do get that they’re not everyone’s cup of tea!

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  6. I love audiobooks so much, and I agree with so many of your choices! I’ve been wanting to listen to Daisy Jones — I loved the book in print, and I’ve heard repeatedly that the audiobook is amazing. I loved Song of Achilles and Circe as audiobooks, to name but a couple!

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  7. I don’t normally listen to audiobooks but I’m currently listening to P&P alongside the book and it’s making the whole experience so much better! Definitely want to read more classics as audiobooks because it means it’s easier to follow and just more engaging. Becoming I read and loved but I’d definitely consider rereading as an audiobook!

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  8. Becoming was absolutely fabulous as an audio book. Another memoir I really enjoyed was Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson; it was a long book but had me hooked throughout.
    The narrator does make a big difference as does the genre. I find crime works well but literary fiction where it’s a very interior slow kind of story doesn’t

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  9. I love love love audiobooks as well. I find that for most people who claim not to like them, they’ve just never found the right speed to listen at or they’ve been turned off from them by a bad narrator. My favorite audiobooks of all time are the Carolyn McCormick versions of The Hunger Games trilogy. I’m sure the Tatiana Maslany versions are perfectly lovely, but I’ll take the originals. Very close to THG is Kate Mulgrew’s memoir Born with Teeth—talk about having your heart ripped out.

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    1. Ah yes I agree with you! It took me some time to get into them, but it was a game changer to realise about changing the speed and realising how good narrators can be! Oh that sounds great- I’ll have to reread THG that way- sounds like such a good way to experience the series! Oh brilliant- thanks for the recommendation!

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